The REAL Squeeze is in Gold and Silver, NOT in Gamestop and AMC stock

the real short selling squeeze is in gold and silver, not in Gamestop and AMC stock
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The real squeeze is in gold and silver, not in Gamestock and AMC stock. Very few people realize this truth, so hopefully I can clarify this position with the posted podcast above and the brief narrative below.

There has been a lot of misinformation and possibly even deliberate disinformation circulating on the internet regarding the various short squeezes that developed over the past several trading days in silver and Gamestop and AMC stock that are now being unwound. I’m here to put to rest a lot of the widely distributed misinformation that has been making the rounds. As well, while I do support the Davids in their fight against the Goliaths, there is no doubt that some public figures have jumped on the bandwagon to parlay the high visibility of this fight into self-serving motivations. For example, it is absolutely absurd thatthe Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, has been able to ingratiate himself into the Reddit short selling squeeze movement, as he is the very embodiment of the type of unethical person of low character, as proven here, that the Redditors were so desperately trying to purge from the global financial system.

Above, I hope to set the record straight, including a detailed explanation of why understanding the end result of any organized short squeeze on the potential production of positive and transformative sustainable change in the global financial system is paramount to ongoing efforts. However, even if Redditors were able to successfully engineer the collapse of a couple of hedge funds that shorted GME and AMC shares, this result will bring no transformative positive change to the system, just as Goldman Sachs’s engineered short squeeze and collapse of oil hedge fund Semgroup likewise never transformed the landscape in a positive manner, the end goal is heavily misguided. Such actions would be paramount to cutting off two heads of Medusa only to have four heads grow back.

For this reason, I stronlgly believe that focus needs to be completely redirected and shifted. Efforts of a short squeeze that target specific stocks, while they have produced huge paydays for some people that truly understood market risk and thus, exited before the share prices of Gamestop and AMC shares collapsed from their obscenely bloated states this week, they will not produce any sustainable transformative positive systemic change over the long run. This is why the real squeeze is in gold and silver.

In addition, one can make the very valid point that Goldman Sachs’s targeting of Semgroup’s excessive short position of oil futures that led to their engineered short squeeze of oil prices and Semgroup’s eventual collapse, is in theory and principle, exactly the same as the artificially engineered short squeeze of Gamestop and AMC’s shares, with the only difference being the identity of those engineering the short squeeze, and the fact that Goldman succeeded while the Redditors will almost certainly fail, as historical precedence predicts failure, regardless if you or I wish for them to succeed (I explain this point in great detail in the above linked podcast).

A lot of this misinformation about the silver, GME and AMC short squeezes has originated from (a) a lack of understanding about true levels of market risk, (b) belief in knowledge learned in business school that deals with primarily theory that does not apply to understanding real asset price mechanisms in the real world, (3) a herd mentality that does not give any weight to a dissenting view and instead blocks a dissenting view, even when the dissenting view is truthful (as often happens on Reddit threads and social media platforms these days by uninformed or willfully deceitful moderators),  and (4) ignorance of plenty of historical precedent of far worse behavior displayed during the 2008 global financial crisis that has created loads of unfounded claims of “this has never happened before!”  

Finally, I explain in the above podcast, in which I set the record straight, the many reasons why the real squeeze is in gold and silver. If Redditors were outraged by the 140% short position of hedge funds against Gamestop shares, they should be outraged by the 5000% (in excess of 500 times) of traded silver ounces in New York silver futures markets and the excess of 100 times of traded gold ounces in New York gold futures markets almost every year in comparison to annual global gold and silver production, as my noble friends at GATA have tirelessly worked to expose over the years, as you may read about here. As I stated above, I have been studying, analyzing and writing about market manipulation for sixteen years, and I have listed many of the links to these articles in the podcast shownotes to the posted podcast above, some of which date back to 2013 but are still highly relevant today, for anyone that wishes to explore this subject further.

In the above podcast, I explain why executing a short squeeze against the shorts in the silver futures and gold futures markets, not by buying any silver or gold paper or derivative products, but by purchasing physical silver and gold every month, can bring about the real positive sustainable change to our global financial system that every citizen on planet Earth desires.

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