The Real Reasons Behind Hollywood’s Anti-Piracy SOPA

I found this discussion between Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert regarding the real reasons behind Hollywood’s Anti-Piracy SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) fascinating and very much worth watching, complete with Max’s unique brand of humor and interesting use of a stuffed kitty to prove his point. Max and Stacy break down Hollywood’s Enron-like accounting methods to reveal their obscenely exaggerated statements regarding the harmful effects of online piracy on their bottom line and discuss how SOPA, if passed, will infringe upon internet speech and freedom and perhaps destroy the fundamental infrastructure of the internet that allows a free exchange of knowledge and ideas. For the reasons discussed in this video, I moved my investment blog from a US-based server to one based in Asia a couple of years ago to prevent the US gov’t from shutting down my blog in response to one of my articles about how the fraudulent global banking and monetary system truly operates. Doing this still may not be enough to protect my blog, however, as governments worldwide seek to pass their own “SOPA” legislation and follow suit. I’ve posted the video below for your enjoyment. A must watch for anyone working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and anyone that cares about internet freedom of speech.


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