The Real Reason China is Demonized

The real reason China is demonized has nothing to do with protecting freedom around the world but everything to do with protecting the economic interests of empire. There likely will be many people that read this article that will be offended, but there are likely to be just as many people that will read this article that will nod their heads in agreement. As the saying goes, any time you stand up and speak truth, especially as it pertains to economic hegemony, dollar hegemony and political power, because the parasitic ruling class spends billions in resources every year brainwashing its citizens into adopt hive-mind, zero dissent from their controlling narrative belief systems, stating truths that oppose these narratives, by its very nature, will always draw the ire of many. In fact, in the critical thinking course I developed for my upcoming launch of my innovative, alternative MBA skwealthacademy curriculum, even though I marked the critical thinking course as a prerequisite course for all the other financial/wealth building courses (because believe it or not, a lack of critical thinking skills and an adoption of mass media narratives about the economy, money, and capital markets will cause one to make terrible decisions about finances), I warn at the very beginning of the course that one is about to embark upon a journey in which he or she will likely hear many things that offend them, because I use politics as a major platform in my course to sharpen critical thinking. Since we all know that most people are irrational when it comes to their political leanings, I use mass media narratives that were completely false but promoted by both political leaders and mass media distribution channels of various perspectives, all ensured to offend some people, no matter their political leanings, to deepen the critical thinking skills of anyone that takes this course. This course, of the 22 courses in my academy, was one of the very first I developed several years ago as I knew that a high level of critical thinking skills would be required for people to extract the optimal benefit from the rest of my academy courses, especially for those that may have already completed an MBA degree, as much of the knowledge in my course contradicts what students are taught inside the “hallowed” halls of elite MBA programs since it is the truth.

In any event, we all know people that can’t stand to have any of their beliefs challenged, the true mark of complete ignorance and a fool, as people that live inside echo chambers and surround themselves with “yes” men and women will have a learning curve that never progresses throughout life. Though initially, for those used to hearing people agree with our viewpoints all the time, because frankly, most of us pick our friends in this manner as most of us do not enjoy having friend challenge our views and beliefs during casual conversation but would rather have our friends respond to our views with affirmations, whether right or wrong, of “absolutely” and “no doubt”.  However, the most valuable person to our intellectual growth is always the dissenting voice. Even if the dissenting voice is wrong, this person will always remain the MVP for intellectual growth among a group of friends, because even in wrongful dissent, he or she still challenges others to intellectually defend their positions and to reach an understanding of how one came to embrace a belief, whereas being surrounded by people that always agree with us never necessitates a need for us to every contemplate if our beliefs were arrived at through robust testing and empirical experience or adopted by being force fed down our throats by parasitic politicians, bankers, corporate heads and media.

Of course, if a dissenting voice is able to convince us that the belief we hold is completely wrong, then this realization will lead to actual growth in our intellect, as the rational among us will then be compelled not to push back so aggressively the next time someone disagrees with us, having learned that a prior belief that we once held so strongly was wrong. Though there will always be people that stop listening, reading, or watching information them very moment they hear, read, or see something that disagrees with their own views, we need to realize that such an anti-intellectual behavior is the very reason the parasitic ruling class has so easily misled the majority of us into accepting our own imprisonment during their enforced economic lockdowns that were unnecessary given the reality of the mortality rates of the so-called pandemic, rates that included survival rates of 99.5% and higher for every single demographic in America, by admission of the US Centers for Disease Control, under the age of 70 years, with as high as possible guaranteed rates of survival when infected of 99.997% among all those under the age of 19,  which should be admissible in court as evidence in lawsuits against university boards that have suspended students for failing to socially distance and refusing to refund their tuitions, sometimes quite substantial at more than $36,000 a year. And to the non-thinking pods out there that will point to the mortality rate of 5.4% for those older than 70 years of age as “proof” that the virus is lethal, by the CDC’s own data as is clearly evident in this chart, the rate of death in the 60-69 and 70-79 age groups for the common flu were multiple times higher than the rate of death experienced in no- lockdown Sweden among the same age demographics, and still statistically significantly higher among the demographic of 80 years and older.

Furthermore, we know 100% that the mortality rate of 5.4% among 70 year-olds and older in the US has been distorted higher as many of these deaths include deaths that should have never been attributed to the virus, again by admission of the CDC that 94% of all patients that died from the virus in the US possessed, on average, 2.6 other co-morbidities that contributed to these deaths. Does this statistic mean that viral death numbers in the US should be reduced by 94% and that the real number of viral deaths is only 6% of the reported total? Anyone that has been used to thinking for themselves instead of just adopting the beliefs forwarded in news articles knows the answer to that question is no. Even if a patient had 1,2 or 3 other co-morbidities, they may have still lived if they had not contracted the virus, so the virus may still have been the primary cause of their death. But the very same is true of the common flu. Many elderly people have a number of co-morbidity symptoms that compromise their immune system and die from diseases like pneumonia and the flu that are non-lethal to a younger demographic. What we 100% can say, however from the above CDC admission of 94% of all reported viral death patients having possessed on average, 2.6 additional co-morbidities, is that the attributed 5.4% mortality rate for the demographic of 70 and older, the only demographic age group that looks bad, is not accurate and is in reality lower, and perhaps very significantly lower.

But back to the topic at hand. Those that so easily digested the media and politician narrative without vomiting their propaganda and only retaining scientific facts in their assessment of the alleged lethality of the virus are the very same demographic most likely to wholly ingest their narrative that China is the greatest threat to democracy, hook, line and sinker, when in reality, the true reason China is demonized is because it is the greatest threat to US and UK economic and dollar hegemony. If Singapore, instead of China were the greatest threat to US and UK economic hegemony, I am 100% positive that Singapore, not China, would be demonized in Western media 24/7.

More than eight years ago, I wrote a brief glossary so that people could understand the double speak of bankers and what they are truly saying, hidden inside their words, which you can reference here.  Just last month, on August 21st, in this article, I suggested that the then head of the Commodities Trading Desk at JP Morgan, Blythe Masters, as well as CEO Jamie Dimon, should be investigated for their very likely roles in gold spoofing, criminal acts for which four JP Morgan bankers along with bankers Michael Nowak, Christopher Jordan, Gregg Smith among many others had already been arrested, despite Blythe Masters’s public, on-the-record denial of her involvement with such malodorous and nefarious schemes, which you can watch here.  In the podcast below, I connect the dots between systemic imbedded banker criminality, pedophilic child trafficking rings, the compromise of top law enforcement agencies, the virus pandemic lockdowns, the great reset taking place and carried out by members of the World Economic Forum, and the narrative that China is the greatest threat to world freedom that is taking place now. All are intimately connected, though it may take some rewiring of the connections that already exist inside your brain to understand this.

If you live in a nation in which your beliefs about China (and Russia) have been shaped by your constant exposure to media, this WILL be a difficult podcast for you to get through. However, the mark of an intellectual and thinker is someone that does not flee at the first moment he/she hears a dissenting view to his/her own. If you make it through this podcast, I PROMISE you will understand much more about the plans of our global ruling class. Become a patron here and help launch my skwealthacademy by donating here.  There are extensive show notes associated with this podcast so just visit my yt channel to view all the listed shownotes that document all the discussed topics.

the real reason China is demonized by Western media

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