The One Global Bubble We Cannot Allow to Pop (The Growing Global Suicide Epidemic)

Today there is an enormous global bubble that is riding the back of all the bloated stock market and real estate market bubbles that Central Banks are deliberately creating today – the poor mental health of society. In Greece, suicide rates rocketed 43% higher to the highest level ever from 2007 to 2011 due to the economic destruction that EU bankers and Goldman Sachs levied upon them. Last year, in Japan, an astonishing 30,000 people killed themselves and in India, more than 140,000 people killed themselves. Actually, we know that even these astonishingly high numbers can at times significantly under-report the real global epidemic of suicide as many suicides are never reported due to issues of family shame and guilt and are merely cover-up by families as accidental death. We know that the economic devastation that banks have wreaked upon society is always a primary contributing factor to the growth of the mental health/ suicide bubble, as manifested by 30% increased suicide rates in Japan during the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the near 30% increased suicide rates among 35-64 year-olds in the US in the decade that ended in 2010.

Unfortunately, this bubble of mental health is destined to go into overdrive soon as Central Banks complete the final stages of their deliberate plans to destroy economies and families worldwide. Consequently, it is imperative that we identify the other factors besides austerity measures and severe economic hardships that contribute to elevated suicide rates so we can address these issues now before it is too late. There is little doubt that poor mental health originates from constant exposure to the following:

(1) education systems designed to instill obedience and convergent thinking skills in children rather than to contribute to divergent thinking, foster creativity and build self-confidence;
(2) cultural systems that encourage bullying;
(3) poor parenting in which parents fail to build strong self-identities and a strong sense of self-worth in children and rather focus their children’s sense of worth on outside factors like material wealth and status;
(4) technology like smart phones that has caused a massive regression in our abilities to communicate effectively and develop strong emotional bonds with one another, and
(5) cultural values like status and consumerism that do little, if anything, to encourage strong independent minds capable of finding happiness without acquiescing to the mentality of the ruling mob.

So let’s take a closer look at the factors that have been contributing to the rapidly deteriorating mental health of society so that we can identify them when we see them, and all do our part to reverse this pattern when we can. The first part to stop this mental health bubble is to address the above factors and ensure that we take steps to address these problems. The second thing we can do is to ensure that people do not fall victim to the massive propaganda of those in power so that they take the appropriate steps now to ensure that their wealth is not stored in paper fiat currencies that will be destroyed when the Central Bank/commercial bank/ government ruling party executes the final stages of their paper currency destruction plan. Please click the below photo to listen to a more in-depth discussion of this growing, dangerous mental health bubble.

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