The One Chart that Exposes Journalistic Repugnancy

April 2021 mortality and survival rates for corona, as reported by the US Centers for Disease Control

The chart above exposes journalistic repugnancy and I will spend the rest of this article explaining why,

I really should be able to let the chart above stand alone as is with zero commentary but since we clearly live in an Age of Degeneracy in the midst of a Pandemic of Stupidity, I will write a few clarifying paragraphs for the millions of people out there incapable of producing a single independent belief separate from the thoughts they are ordered to believe by the ruling oligarch class.

In the past, morally lost “journalists” like Bill McCarthy of have ranted against anyone that challenged the oligarch narrative about the extreme danger of the current virus that has inspired politically-charged global economic lockdowns, by writing an article in which he claimed he debunked widely circulating survival rates for the virus by age demographic in the United States that contradicted everything the mass media in America was stating about the virus’s danger and seriousness. As I don’t know why Bill McCarthy would take such a stance as I’ve never met the man, I can only speculate about his motivations to do so, whether it may be to receive a promotion and higher future pay by reinforcing a false oligarch narrative, or whether he may have a tacit order to do so. His motivation behind his actions is irrelevant to the fact that his actions are repugnant and immoral because it represents a complete shirking of duties as a journalist to determine the truth and report the truth to the people instead of degenerately choosing to deliberately mislead everyone.

How can I prove the above statements? In two words – Very easily. McCarthy reported in the linked article above that he spoke to two people that worked for the CDC and was informed  that the CDC produces no such viral survival statistics by age demographic, and upon hearing this, wrote an article stating that all circulating rates of survival that show almost no risk to anyone under the age of 65 was completely false. However, the fact that he never went to the source itself to “debunk” something he believed was untrue, displays intent. If you were arguing this case in a court of law, to prove intent, one would ask, if this journalist really wanted to know if the CDC produced data that would allow for the calculation of survival rates, what would you do as a human being with any common sense, and especially if you are an alleged trained journalist? The self-evident answer is the following: Visit the CDC’s website and search for any data that allows for the calculation of survival rates from infection by age demographic. If you do not do this, then you have proved successfully in a court of law, that there was zero intent to discover if the claimed survival statistics, provided by CDC data, were true or false.

I visited the CDC’s website. It took me all of ten minutes to find the CDC produced data that allowed me to calculate survival statistics by age demographic in two categories:

  • Survival statistics by age groups for all Americans that tested positive for the virus and were labelled as “infected”; and
  • Survival statistics by age groups for all Americans, both “infected” and non-infected.

In the chart above, I pulled all the data in yellow directly from the CDC website on 21 April 2021 that included number of deaths and number of infections (cases) by various age categories. From these statistics, even though the “infection/case” data points are very likely to be overestimated in my opinion, leading to skewed higher mortality rates and lower survival rates than reality would dictate, let’s just assume, for the sake of argument, that the data reported by the CDC is robust. Why would case data possibly be overestimating real numbers? PCR test inventor and Nobel prize winning scientist, Dr. Kary Mullis stated himself that while the most widely used test to diagnose virus cases is a scientific diagnostic test, but that it was never intended to diagnose viral infections, and in fact, it probably should not be used to diagnose viral infections because of how open its results are to misinterpretation.

Apparently, the inventor’s protests that the PCR test can provide tons of false data if the test results were misinterpreted and used to diagnose infections fell on deaf ears, as government officials all around the world interpreted Mullis’s PCR test results in precisely the manner in which he said they should not be used. There is no speculation here about the PCR tests in this article. I am simply presenting factual statements of Dr. Mullis’s discussion of how PRC test results should be interpreted and how global health organizations consistently dismissed Dr. Mullis’s warnings and interpreted PCR test results in direct opposition to how Dr. Mullis stated they must be used. If you wish to view a short video that explains Dr. Mullis’s protests that the use of his PCR test could yield wildly fake data about infections if test results were misinterpreted, here is a link for your viewing pleasure (Editor’s Note: Keep in mind when watching this video, that if you have any questions about the content, you should always refer back to the source, Dr. Kary Mullis. I have seen dozens of videos and dozens of articles, some written by medical doctors that directly contradict Dr. Mullis’s claims for how the results of his PCR test should be interpreted. Obviously the doctor that won the Nobel Prize in science for inventing the PCR test should be the referenced source at all times, not doctors claiming that they know how the PCR tests works better than the man that won a Nobel Prize for inventing it.)

Of course, in response Dr. Mullis’s stern warnings that governments would produce false data if they used his PCR test to diagnose infections, as its results should not be used to diagnose infections, bootlicking journalists came out of the woodwork to debunk this claim, and here is one such example of someone that claimed to “debunk” that Dr. Mullis ever stated this. The linked article is posted at a website titled, in great irony, If we look at what is stated, however, we see how devilish degenerate delusions are multiplied by mass media journalists through false debunkings that millions accept as true debunkings. The title of that linked article is “The inventor of the PCR test never said it wasn’t designed to detect infectious diseases.”

Hopefully, all of you have completed a third-grade level of education and are intelligent enough to spot the deception, but for the benefit of eight-year-old children that may be reading this article, the bootlicking “fact checker” changed a very important word in the alleged circulating claim from “diagnose” to “detect”. Dr. Mullis never said that the PCR test can’t be used to detect fragments of a specific viral genetic sequence in a human or other animal. This point was that detection of a specific genetic sequence of a virus does not translate into a diagnosis of an infection, and as such, test results should never be misinterpreted as such. But note that the fact checker skirts around the real issue at hand by deftly changing the word “diagnose” to “detect”.

Lastly, there are massive problems in how many times DNA fragments of the virus are being amplified in tests to label people as infected. Clearly people don’t understand the process as I’ve spoken to uneducated, misinformed, voracious mass media news consumers that insisted they were infected with the virus because of a positive test result even though they were completely asymptomatic. The administration of the test in an diagnostic manner is extremely disturbing and problematic for all the reasons I’ve already stated. Furthermore, in many cases, amplification of the found genetic sequence happened at such a high rate, that insignificant test results were being misreported as very significant results. In other words, to use a drug trafficking analogy, the misinterpretation of tiny amounts of virus uncovered by the PCR test is tantamount to handing down the same sentence to someone caught with 1/100 of a gram of cocaine as someone caught smuggling 1000kgs of cocaine with the clear intent of distribution. If a judge labelled both as drug traffickers that should be sentenced to death, how many among us would think this was a fair application of justice? Apparently, hundreds of millions of us would be fine with this application of justice as that is likely the amount worldwide that is fine with accepting the patently absurd manner in which State oligarchs are interpreting PCR test results to justify economic lockdowns and devastation. In other words, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have not a smidge of common sense.

In regard to this particular topic, again, the mass media has engaged in mass immoral deception, stating that all the claims of the PCR test yielding high rates of false positives are untrue, because in the claims of debunking false positives, immoral, spineless journalists once again alter the definition of false positives in an attempt to deceive us. The mass media has stated, in publishing literally hundreds of articles to debunk people’s correct beliefs, that false positive claims are false claims made by thousands of people that tested positive but were angry about being kept in long quarantines because they were completely asymptomatic, felt completely healthy, and suspected that they were labelled falsely as being infectious.

Debunkers would then check the type of test used to detect the virus in people claiming they were held in quarantine against their will due to a false positive infectious diagnosis, and claim that because the test they were administered was very robust in its viral detection process, there was no chance that any of these angry people could be the victim of a false-positive test. Again, this is not the problem claimed by anyone that truly understands the skullduggery of medical doctors, politicians and journalists all participating in the global fear mongering campaign. The problem is not in concern with a false positive in virus detection, but in that the detection of the virus is being misinterpreted to label millions of people worldwide as “infectious”, directly in opposition to how test results should be interpreted according to Dr. Mullis, especially in cases of only trace detections of the virus.

But back to the main point of this article. Thus far, I’ve established that the CDC definitely provides data points from which mortality rates from virus infection can be established, and thus, with the benefit of the use of 6-year old level mathematics, survival rates can be calculated. This proves McCarthy as reporting absolute lies to spread fear and marginalize actual scientific data that proves the very low risk of death from this virus, when infected, if under the age of 65. In the chart above, using kindergarten level mathematics again, I produced a second survival rate for all age demographics for each age demographic that included “infected” AND non-infected people. The blue survival percentages were percentages I calculated using the yellow-coded CDC provided data using kindergarten level mathematics. And they show for “infected” AND “non-infected’ people the survival rate is still over 99% until we venture into the over 85-years of age category. Guess what the average age of death is in America? The average life expectancy in 2021 for US men is 76.1 years of age and for women, is 81.1 years of age. So the average man and woman isn’t even expected to make it to age 85 or older in the United States. That said, an overall expected survival rate for all Americans, men and women, from the virus, between the ages of 75 and 84 years, of 99.2254%, is phenomenal.

This is why McCarthy is a certified moron by the very definition of the word, as is everyone else that is running around terrified of the virus that is under the age of 65 due, and running their mouths immorally engaging in fear mongering and thus, aiding the proliferation of unethical journalism. The best (though not most robust, in my opinion) data we have about the virus produced by the US CDC scientifically and mathematically relegates almost all risk from suffering serious health consequences from this virus to only age groups 65 years of age and higher, with little risk of dying for those younger than 65. Furthermore, if we consider not just the infected population but also the numbers of uninfected, even for those up to the age of 75, there is almost no risk of dying. And I truly believe that there is a possibility that the risk of dying is even less than the 99.9994% to 99.7705% survival rates of all age categories less than 75 years stated in my above chart for all members of those age groups, due to the overinflated number of cases AND overinflated number of deaths attributed to the virus.

Whether or not the last statement is true depends on whether the number of deaths or number of cases is the more overinflated statistic. If the number of deaths is more inflated than the number of cases than the survival rates would be even higher and the threat posed by the virus even less. However, if the number of cases were more overinflated than the number of deaths in which the primary cause of death was from the virus, and no other co-morbidities like stage 4 cancer and type 2 diabetes and obesity existed at the time of death, in which those particular cases of death most likely resulted from causes other than the virus, then the survival rates may be slightly lower than those provided in the above chart.

Regardless, there is no doubt that people like McCarthy that are unscientifically debunking valid claims are complete morons as are the people that blindly believe their falsely debunked claims. . Please note that all skwealthacademy articles are always posted on my content sites first before anywhere else, including loads of additional articles/podcasts only posted at my sites. Check out my news site here, my podcast site here and my YouTube channel here. You may also follow my podcast on iTunes here.

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What is the moral of the story? Simple. Don’t consume information written by morons, don’t blindly believe any information relayed to you by “journalists” that refuse to validate their claims with original source material, and don’t associate with morons.

There are plenty of people with solid morals and character in this world that will fight for justice and have not pandered to the bootlickers because they wish to be protected by them when the world goes up in a ball of flames as will metaphorically happen once the global financial system implodes as it is on the way to doing. These are the people with whom we should give our valuable time and with whom we need to form community. I’m fed up with morons that support the stripping of liberties and the continuation of such policies that have pushed 260 million people to the brink of starvation and perpetual food insecurity, compelled thousands of desperate parents to sell their children to child sex traffickers in developing nations for money to survive, plunged hundreds of millions from the middle class into borderline poverty, and hundreds of more millions from poverty into hand-wringing, inhumane poverty, and finally pushed countless millions more around the world into deep states of anxiety from enforced social distancing measures that are directly responsible for exploding rates of global suicide. If you feel that taking the time to understand the truth is a “waste of your time”, then I firmly place you among the ranks of the rancid, feintly-smelling-of-sulfur, immoral and stupid and I also hold you complicit and responsible for every single degenerate statistic I listed above that is a direct consequence, not of the virus, but of politically State enforced lockdowns. How mad am I? I think I would give the level of fury expressed by Jesus against the unclean moneychangers, when he overturned their tables of money and chased them out of the temple by way of the whip, a decent run for His money.

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  1. It would be very helpful if you provided screenshots along with the CDC links for the death/infection data you provided in your article chart.

    Also please list the actual publication date of your articles. The published 9 days ago, 29 days ago, 4 months ago, 8 months ago, a year ago etc practice is not very useful.

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