The Most Important Bitcoin Podcast Ever

the most important bitcoin podcast ever
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I present to you the most important bitcoin podcast ever.

Today I am going to discuss the singular most important factor to BTC investment success that is also the most ignored and understudied factor among the cryptocurrency community – proper risk assessment. Fail to understand proper risk assessment and this is how massive profits quickly can vanish and turn into losses, as we observed in 2018 during the BTC crash from $20,000 to $3,000. Most BTC HODLers have never taken more than a few minutes to truly consider the real risk that comes with investing in BTC though many of this same subsector of the investement world will take the time to assess risk properly if investing in any other asset class, whether that asset class is precious metals, stocks, bonds, or real estate. This is truly the puzzling part of this equation, but as someone fully immersed in the BTC community explained to me, to be expected. Why? Well as a handful of people have explained to me over the years, the BTC community in general, tends to dismiss ownership and price risk as non-existent, even though these assessments are patently false, because most community members reinforce myths about btc, like (1) the only way to ban it is to shut down the world wide web, which can’t be done, and (2) there is no btc risk because by the end of this year, btc will rise to $250,000 and in a few years, is guaranteed to hit $1M per bitcoin.

Hearing such wrong assessments of risk all the time, some people have told me, is the very reason why btc community members tend to completely dismiss risk. And this is the precise reason why discussion of bitcoin risk is without doubt, the most important bitcoin podcast ever to which any bitcoin investor can listen. The above linked discussion is completely separate from the 50 minute patreon only podcast that fully analyzes multiple risk factors inherent when investing in BTC, including multiple risk factors that I HAVE NEVER heard one BTC investor ever discuss. This full podcast is available only on my skwealthacademy patreon platform to Benefactor level and higher members. The link to our patreon platform can be found below. If you have enjoyed the 16-years I have produced hundreds of podcast and thousands of articles for absolutely free, please consider helping keep my content free below through a donation to my gofundme account or by joining our patreon platform:

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