The Last Real Estate Market Bubble in Asia

Today, I discuss the last real estate market bubble in Asia in my podcast, episode 10, the factors that have fueled this bubble, and the factors that will pop it. In addition, I begin the podcast with a quick, fun astronomy lesson in honor of the recent aphelion on 6 July, when the earth’s orbit placed it the furthest distance from the sun at approximately 94.5 million miles away. And lastly I conclude today’s podcast with a brief discussion of the real weapons that will deployed next in these increasingly dangerous currency wars – cyberweapons.

Support us, become an skwealthacademy patron, and receive exclusive patron only content! Thus, far, patron only content includes an article about bitcoin’s future, what factors have led to bitcoin’s 70% drop in price from December of 2017, and a podcast about the telltale signs not being discussed that forecast the potential for serious turbulence in developed markets later in 2018. Discover why I believe the the last real estate market bubble that will finally crash at some point after 2019 is the Thailand real estate market bubble. There are definitive reasons why so many real estate market bubbles in Asia have already started to pop in 2019 but why the Thai real estate market still has not during the first half of 2019.  Unfortunately, as the saying goes, the larger and longer the bubble, the more devastating the fall. Here are warnings about the impending pop of the last real estate market bubble in Asia that you should not ignore if invested in this market.

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