The Five Elements to Understanding the Truth About Everything

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Today we live in an age of universal deceit, and as 1984 author George Orwell stated, “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” I would amend that statement in regard to financial well-being to read, “In an age of universal deceit, not knowing the truth is a sure path to financial suicide”. Today, far too many people put all their faith in deceitful politicians and bankers to tell them the truth and consequently are dreadfully misinformed. Those that aren’t afraid of seeking out and understanding the truth will always be more successful in life than those that shun truth or are too afraid to confront the truth. The people in power in top government and banking positions ALL know the truth, so how can it be possibly be advantageous to us to know as little as possible about the breadth of knowledge that they possess? Yet, because the easiest path to take is the path of least resistance provided by the powers that be in their daily bread and circus act, this is exactly the path the majority of us unfortunately choose to take. It is the courageous ones that seek out the truth in the face of ridicule and the angry misinformed opposition of those ruled by emotions instead of facts that are the ones most likely to thrive in uncertain and increasingly risky economic times. One must take the time, if one is to survive these currency wars being enforced upon the world by global bankers, to understand the paradigms used to mislead us and then, learn how to parlay these disadvantages into our advantage. Learn to do this, and anyone can thrive even during disastrous economic times.

Here are three quick examples of the universal deceit of which I speak.

Patrick Rock, a close aid of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, of whom Cameron even stated “play[ed] an important role at Downing Street” was recently arrested on child-pornography related charges. What was Rock’s role at Downing Street? – ironically, to craft child porn prevention laws. In the political hemisphere, CNN reported headlines, “What can Obama do about Russia’s invasion of Crimea?” while other Western headlines blared “Ukraine says Russia sent 16,000 troops to Crimea.” These headlines run in direct opposition to the following facts:

In 1997, Russia & Ukraine signed a Partition Treaty that allowed the Russian Black Sea Fleet and up to 25,000 troops, 24 artillery systems with a caliber smaller than 100mm, 132 armored vehicles, and 22 military planes to remain in Crimea until 2017. This agreement was extended in 2010 until 2042.

Thus, any journalist that reports that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 16,000 troops is simply peddling propaganda and serving the same role as Patrick Rock, executing the exact opposite of what their pledged profession demands. Despite what opinions you may have regarding the Russia and US/EU/IMF conflict in Ukraine, to state that Russia has invaded Ukraine is as misleading as running a headline today stating that the US has just invaded Japan with 25,000 troops although the US is allowed 25,000 troops to occupy 14 separate military installations in Okinawa, Japan at the present time. Again, whether or not you agree with the presence of US troops in Okinawa is a completely different topic, as many Okinawans called for the departure of all US troops after 3 US military servicemen infamously raped a 12-year old Japanese girl repeatedly and left her for dead in 1995. However, as the agreements stand now, it would be just as misleading to call the 25,000 US troops present in Okinawa “an invasion of Japan” as it is to call the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine an “invasion of Ukraine”.

But today, politicians and bankers often say “to hell with the truth” in pursuit of their misanthropic agendas. After all, war is the ultimate racket that distracts people from the truth of a degrading global economic situation. In the US, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has been very vocally lauding the decline in US unemployment to 6.7% as she testified before US Congress in these exact words: “The unemployment rate has fallen nearly a percentage point since the middle of last year and 1-1/2 percentage points since the beginning of the current asset purchase program.” However, here is the truth about unemployment in the United States. There are about 243 million Americans of working age. At the beginning of 2014, there were 102.2 million Americans of working age that were not working. Does 102.2 divided by 243 yield an unemployment rate of 6.7%? Of course the unemployment rate depends upon the methodology used to calculate the unemployed, but dividing the number of out-of-job Americans by the number of Americans of working age seems like a fair way to derive this rate to me. And why does Martha Stewart go to jail for perjury for 5 months with an additional 2 years of supervision after her jail release, while the Chairwoman of the largest private bank in the United States can lie to US Congress with impunity? (Remember, Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to Federal Prosecutors and NOT for inside trading as many still wrongly believe.)

At the end of the day, only those that have the balance, the calmness and the wisdom to not be misled by their emotions and to see the truth will survive these currency wars. There are bound to be those that are blinded by their emotional allegiance to one of the above topics and therefore let their emotional allegiances cloud and obscure their judgment of simple facts. For those willing to tackle the truth head on, many of these people are not deterred or afraid of how gloomy this truth may be, and instead, knowledge of this truth only increases their resolve to take the necessary action right now. For this group, their future will be markedly more optimistic than those that continue to avoid the truth for reasons as varied as “taking the buried head in the sand approach” to “ignorance as a means to avoid the guilt of being part of the problem”. Those that have the courage to act upon the truth will flourish as these currency wars escalate while the rest will suffer great sorrows as a consequence of either their refusal to process the truth when presented with the truth or their fear of confronting truth. While the means of escapism are endless today, I tend to believe that the majority of people in the world know that their governments and bankers are lying to them about the “recovering economy” meme. Most know from direct experience or the witnessed suffering of family and friends that this meme is but a huge lie. However, equally crippling to their financial future is the inability to act in confronting this reality. Most do nothing and just hope that miraculously the economy will recover and things will get better, instead of learning as much as they can right now about what they must do to position themselves to flourish as the global economy worsens over the next few years.

Most continue to believe the commercial bankers’ lies about diversity being the key to wealth preservation and concentration being risky, even though a $1,000,000 investment in our Crisis Investment Opportunities portfolio since our launch in June, 2007 has outperformed a $1,000,000 investment in the diversified S&P 500 index by a whopping $597,258, despite the S&P 500’s phenomenal 29.6% yield and gold and silver’s woeful yields of -29% and -37% last year (a nearly $600,000 of additional yield in a tax-deferred account on an initial $1MM investment in our concentrated maalamalama portfolio over the diversification approach). So much for diversification being the wise strategy over an extended period of time (6-1/2 years). Sure as we just stated, last year was a terrible year for gold and silver investors. That is a fact. However, a more important fact is that those that get caught up in the minutiae of these global currency wars and that are unable to piece together the big picture are those that are eternally and easily distracted from realizing the truth by the one-year schemes conjured up by the very politicians and bankers they detest. Those that have the courage to tackle what will undoubtedly become even leaner economic times in future years around the world right now, as I urged people to do at the end of last year (All the Big Banks are Saying that Gold Will Crash in 2014, But That’s Not What Will Happen), and to learn about the truth right now, will be the only ones that flourish. Consider one of the many maalamalama Memberships today to help you understand the truth about what is going on today and to provide you with guidance on how to best positions your assets for growth during very limited but yet, outstanding opportunities. These windows of opportunity in 2014 will be very limited in our opinion, and require immediate quick decisions and aggressive action to position yourself correctly for future years.

Below, I present to you “The Five Elements to Understanding Truth About Everything”.  In this video, I have come up with five key elements of human nature that one must understand if one desires to really understand the truth about anything. I speak about each of these separate five elements at length. Please seek out this video on YouTube and read the provided video description on YouTube to gleam the most benefit from this video.

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