The Dollar Crisis Investment Workshops Coming to the Los Angeles Area

November 23, 2007 – The coming dollar crisis, like the Asian Currency Crisis in 1997, and the U.S. Great Depression of 1929, will catch the overwhelming number of investors off guard and unprepared as it destroys wealth worldwide. However, during crises, there is always great opportunity. The less than 1% of the investment population who is savvy will build great fortunes during this time.

As with previous economic crises, governments always try their best to hide any brewing crisis. This is why seemingly rosy economic outlooks can seemingly turn desperate overnight.   Think of the month prior to the great depression when U.S. stock markets were at an all time high and unemployment, at less than 1%, was at an all time low. Then the bottom dropped out of the market.   How could great wealth and security literally be destroyed overnight and blindside so many investors?

The dollar crisis that has finally reached its tipping point has been developing for at least the past decade.   Learn not only how to preserve your wealth, but how to build great wealth when this crisis begins.   Learn more about the workshops in Los Angles and Orange County next month, December 10th and December 11th, 2007 regarding how to make a fortune from the coming dollar crisis.

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