The Lies of Davos, the Developing Global Food Crisis and Coming Mass Starvation

If you reference these commodity charts of soaring inflation I produced nearly a year ago, I illustrated that year over year, in mid-2021, corn had already nearly doubled in price and wheat had soared almost 40%, portending the developing global food crisis that is happening right now. This was well before any of the bankers started blaming Russia for soaring wheat and corn staples because of the Russia invasion of Ukraine at the end of February of this year. This should clearly show the absurd obscenity of the Central Banker narrative of blaming ongoing mass global starvation on the Russians. Over a year ago, I could not have been more explicit in explaining that Central Bankers’ massive devaluations of fiat currency purchasing power along with the establishments’ immoral covid lockdowns were the primary culprits, not those “evil” Russians, were responsible for “imped[ing] the ability of  hundreds of millions around the world that most desperately need to work to purchase food, [thus creating] a lethal combination [of] mass hunger and starvation.”

Furthermore, those incredibly naïve and ignorant masses that believe the banker-controlled mass media narratives that the Russians are to blame for mass starvation around the world have little to zero knowledge about the true price mechanisms of major food staples, and instead, believe the garbage they learned in their MBA business programs about this topic.  For example, most among us are unaware that global grain distribution is widely controlled in monopolistic fashion by just four companies – Archer-Daniels Midland, Bunge, Cargill, and Dreyfus – and due to this monopoly, that these companies can conspire to heavily influence the prices of the world’s major food staples.

In fact, all of these companies retain grain reserves that they could release to ease soaring prices and to help the starving, but for obvious reasons, safeguard and do not publicly disclose this information. Due to the sole purpose of global companies to maximize shareholder value, it behooves these companies to artificially push prices as high as possible at all times, even if such actions lead to mass starvation around the world. Since the data regarding their grain reserves remains unknown, I’m not claiming that these companies engage in this type of immoral behavior, but it’s quite obvious that they would maximize shareholder value by doing so, and doing so quite frequently.

It requires only a modicum of knowledge about industry wide practices to imagine that these four companies employ similar methodologies of  creating artificially higher food prices to the alleged methodologies employed by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs bankers in artificially driving aluminum prices higher before offloading them for massive profits. For many years, those companies that needed aluminum supply alleged that Wall Street bankers were artificially driving prices up by multiples of a free market price by hoarding aluminum in non-publicly disclosed warehouses and refusing to allow millions of tons of aluminum to enter the market. Other billionaires around the world have done the same with metals and grains, with China’s hoarding of aluminum and soybeans to artificially drive prices higher well documented. Of course, all behavior of this type is morally repugnant, but the mass media continuously compartmentalizes its judgment about such behavior by absolving all Westerners of such behavior while condemning all those in non-NATO nations that do the same. In other words, mass media journalists lack any moral compass and define their ethics by politics, not by what is right or wrong.

Eventually, such allegations, due to the secrecy of the Wall Street banker metals hoarding, morphed from unsubstantiated to proven, though the Western mass media still spun the evidence of such as “conspiracy theories.” For example, the average period of release from storage to market for aluminum increased a staggering 15 times, from 40 days to over 600 days, only after Goldman Sachs bankers bought the largest aluminum warehouses in Detroit, and deliberately tried to obfuscate their ownership of millions of tons of aluminum and their role in driving prices artificially sky high by moving aluminum from warehouse to warehouse without releasing any supply to the market.  

These facts, as facts matter little to mainstream financial reporters, still didn’t prevent Bloomberg reporters from completely dismissing the contribution of Goldman Sachs bankers to artificially sky high aluminum prices as “silly conspiracies”. Despite Goldman Sachs bankers’ refusal to release more than 8 million tons of aluminum with no attached warrants idly sitting in their warehouses as increasing demand and shrinking supply (artificially created) caused aluminum prices to soar, US financial journalists stated they could find zero evidence of any wrongdoing by US bankers. However, they were quick to demonize a Chinese billionaire (rightfully so) for replicating the exact same behavior, but only with about 1/5th the amount of aluminum stashed in Vietnam (approximately 1.5M tons).

As should be expected, the puppet propaganda Western media always give a pass to the same immoral practices deployed by home-grown CEOs like Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan), David Solomon (Goldman Sachs), David MacLennan (Cargill) and many others, even if strong evidence provides an easy pathway to condemnation of the widespread industry practice of putting profits, greed and riches over human lives.  In fact, the Western media often goes out of their way to absolve Western practitioners of any culpability or responsibility of such inexcusable behavior when another one of their colleagues uncovers such unsavory practices. For example, a Bloomberg reporter called Wall Street practices that mimicked those of a Chinese billionaire to artificially drive aluminum prices sky high, even though the volume of aluminum Wall Street deliberately withheld from the market dwarfed that which was withheld by the Chinese billionaire, “silly conspiracies”.

Similarly, while the mass financial media implies that only evil Asians and Russians engage in food profiteering and metal profiteering through practices of withholding surplus supplies to artificially drive prices higher before offloading them onto the market at undeserved profits, they continually refuse to acknowledge the primary roles that Western Central Bankers have played in driving food and all commodity prices higher while giving wide coverage to conspiratorial Davos accusations that the Russians are responsible for this developing apocalyptic situation.

The blatant stupidity of millions of people that blindly believe such easily provable false narratives never fails to amaze me, and serves as further indictment of the massive failures of the global institutional academic system that seemingly dumbs down young adults more than it succeeds in teaching them how to think critically. Bloomberg and other mass media outlets employ journalists that only possess interest in sparking more anger, fear and division in the world through careful curation of false narratives about who is responsible for soaring food prices and steeply rising costs of living that far outpace any COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) increases in income. They have not engaged in any honorable muckraking journalism in a long time, and instead, engage in persistent blatant biased and untruthful nationalistic cheerleading that successfully pits the suffering and victims against one another instead of uniting them against the true culprits of their artificially created misery.

Given that Russia and Ukraine account for approximately 25% of the world’s wheat exports, but that Ukraine only accounts for a paltry 7%, with Russia accounting for the lion’s share of that combined total at 18%, the combined figure is often deceitfully reported by the mass media to blame Russia for wheat shortages that contribute to rising wheat prices around the world. Clearly, Western sanctions against Russia wheat exports are responsible for any significant global wheat supply shortages that have contributed to the continuation of soaring global wheat prices started by Central Bankers prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but bankers aren’t going to print headlines that blame themselves for any global hunger crisis that is currently developing.

Furthermore, different regions source their grains from different areas of the world. Most Russian wheat is exported to African, Asian and Eastern European nations for whom NATO does not care. For example, in 2019, Egypt, Bangladesh and Turkey purchased half of all Russian wheat exports. Sad as this is to say, I hardly think than any of the military NATO apparatus loses a wink of sleep over the prospects of citizens in these nations starving to death/or going hungry due to soaring wheat prices caused by their sanctions against Russian wheat exports. Finally, though I have stated that Central Bankers’ destruction of fiat currency purchasing prices clearly are a primary contributor to our current worsening global hunger crisis and unaffordable food prices for the world’s poorest people, all the determinants that contribute to rising unaffordable food prices are never discussed by the mass media. Consequently, the majority of us are never granted an intelligent understanding of the complexity of this issue.

For example, a 2014 study about how agricultural grain crops are consumed (see the graphic above), concluded that barely half of all grain crops are distributed for human consumption, whereas 36% is used for animal feed to serve the massive demand for meat consumption in first world nations and 9% is used for the production of inefficient biofuels like ethanol and other industrial uses. Thus, inefficient and unethical political decisions also are a driving force behind the global hunger crisis we are facing today as well. The amount of grains, though it is just a small part of the pie, used to produce biofuels instead of feeding the world’s starving is mindboggling, especially since there are vastly more efficient and clean solutions like nuclear energy and liquid molten salt reactors fueled by thorium that are even more efficient than light water nuclear reactors (that comprise roughly 75% of all nuclear reactors) and far safer as well, as the risk of nuclear meltdown in thorium reactors is practically non-existent.

Yet, our government leaders keep pursuing idiotic, inefficient solutions that lead to millions of people starving to death like biofuels produced from grains that should be distributed for human consumption instead. And though the facts of this study are a few years old now, given the inefficient policies mandated by world governments, if anything about these facts have changed in 2022, my expectations would be for updates to the 2014 studies to show more waste and more stupidity regarding the breakdown of consumption of the world’s grain production, not an improvement.

At best, journalists employed by the mass media will report on solely the possibility of blatant metal price manipulation engaged by the titans of Wall Street, as if it is a unicorn that does not exist, rather than reporting truth about how Wall Street bankers manipulate commodity prices, and naming the bankers guilty of engaging in such practices in the process. Instead, they continually pen articles that absolve Wall Street bankers of their large role in soaring commodity prices by twisting and presenting outcomes that do not disprove their culpability and presenting them as “proof” to the public of zero guilt. For example, even though firms like JP Morgan, led by zero character men like Jamie Dimon, have been fined nearly a billion dollars in the past for manipulating gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices, and these fines are part of the public record for all journalists to see, when a corrupt US justice system with no integrity cleared Wall Street titans of any illegal wrongdoing in manipulating aluminum prices multiple times higher than would’ve been possible without manipulation behavior, though mountains of circumstantial evidence existed suggesting the opposite, Bloomberg journalists immediately stated the non-guilty verdict was “proof” that such manipulation accusations were just the slanderous libel of off-their-rocker, “silly” conspiracy theorists.  

The fact that these mass media journalists demonstrate 100% faith in a justice system that couldn’t even bring the biggest, repugnant, morally depraved pedophile in US history, Jeffrey Epstein, to justice, and refused to expose Epstein’s close and powerful confidants in the global banking industry like Jes Staley, Paul Morris, Charles Packer, Thomas Bower, Leon Black and dozens of others that were never exposed, is so comical that it shreds the boundaries of comedy. For example, Jes Staley was later reported as visiting Jeffrey Epstein regularly when Epstein was under house arrest after Epstein was convicted of pedophilia. But yet the mass media protected Staley for years to every degree possible in hiding this relationship until it literally became impossible to do so. Thus, this is why, when Elon Musk tweeted a graphic that among dragons, unicorns and T-Rexes, that a fourth item he will never witness in his lifetime is complete disclosure of the client list of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell (as surely it contains dozens of prominent politicians, bankers and likely some attendees of the 2022 Davos conference), I modified the graphic to include another item that none of us will ever witness in our lifetimes – honesty from the mass media regarding true causes of global inflation and mass global hunger.

To continue my condemnation of the shoddy, unethical reporting of the mass media, there literally was not a single journalist among them (or at least one of whom I was aware) that cared to report on the millions of brown and yellow people that starved to death, went to bed hungry every single night, and became severely malnourished as a direct result of draconian covid lockdowns that lasted two years. Though many people will be skeptical that millions of people can die without them knowing about it, millions die in wars all the time with billions among us being completely oblivious to these facts, and deaths from bombs and dropped munitions are far noisier events, more difficult to conceal, than silent deaths created by malnutrition and starvation.  

If just one journalist that worked for a media platform that reaches millions had the moral conscience to publicize this genocidal result of covid lockdowns, such publicity to the dire catastrophes caused by covid lockdowns would have more quickly exposed the zero scientific basis behind the most draconian covid lockdown policies enforced in Asia and the Pacific Rim region.  To understand the high likelihood of this being true, and the stupidity of believing something never happened because the mass media chooses not to elevate reporting on certain issues, think of the lack of awareness among the people with whom you converse every week regarding the thousands of humans, including many children, openly trafficked in a human slave trade in Libya right now, and the tens of thousands of children and hundreds of thousands of adults already murdered in the ongoing genocide in Yemen (which is being waged by the Saudis with US arms).

Of course, these horrors are not reported with the relentless deluge of mass media reporting about the Russia Ukraine (really NATO) conflict to engender chants of “I stand with Yemen” and “I stand with Libya”, even though the horrors being inflicted upon the citizens of these nations exceed any horrors that have happened in Ukraine. Because these horrors have Western origins (France in Libya, the US in Yemen), and are inflicted upon people that reside among the class of people considered as “useless” by mass media journalists, their horrific suffering in which children are being sold into slavery for a couple hundred dollars in Libya and in which children by the thousands are starving to death in Yemen,  is considered undeserving of the same media attention provided to Ukrainians.

So not only is the NATO and Davos created “Russians are responsible for soaring food prices that will starve millions” narrative completely untrue, I will reveal in an upcoming article why millions around the world are being primed by this same group of people for future non-functioning periods of electrical grids that will be the direct consequences of their actions taken in the darkest shadows out of view of the public eye. In fact, I don’t even think these people that are part of the MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex care if all 7.9 billion of us wake up to the real sources of our soaring food prices and mass global hunger because they are working on another mechanism of mass obedience and compliance that they will unleash upon us if they experience any manifested threat to their power to continue spreading lies and suffering around the world.

J. Kim

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