Viral Pandemics, Precious Metal Analysis and National Tragedies All Aptly Illustrate the Pervasive Mentality Responsible for the Decline of Intelligence in Western Civilization

why we believe we know what we don't know

In the past decade, a certain mentality responsible for the decline of intelligence in Western civilization has spread across the globe. This mentality is the confident assurance that we know what we don’t know to the point that we will ostracize and shame those that are far more reasonable and willing to admit that they don’t know to be sure that which can’t be known for sure.This is a maxim of human psychology that not only has been forwarded for centuries, but one that I have been able to witness myself in many different nations due to my entrepreneurial pursuits over the years that have yielded friends on every continent on planet Earth except Antarctica and in dozens of nations. This terrible lack of critical thinking and independent thought is not just displayed about emotional subjects like politics and religion but also in relatively neutral topics like astronomy and archeology.  Of course, some people will claim that all scientific subjects are not neutral, but also emotional, even astronomy and archeology, but the emotions about these subjects are not elicited about the uncertain philosophical questions of the topic itself as is often the case with politics and religion, but usually elicited by the ego of pundits in the subject matter, who due to enormous egos, are quick to mobilize and marginalize any compelling  opposition evidence to their own view simply due to their unwillingness to admit that  their viewpoint, one that may have publicly championed for decades, may be wrong.  

For example, well before it became consensus among astronomers that there are only eight planets in our solar system and not nine, because Pluto does not bear all the characteristics to qualify as a planet, some “rogue” astronomers had suggested that Pluto should not be considered as a planet. However, ask most astronomers, most teachers, most students, how many planets were in our solar system before internationally recognized astronomy organizations gave their official judgement that Pluto is not a planet, and all would have answered nine, simply to go with the flow of what they were told to believe. In reality, the same evidence that disqualified Pluto’s planetary status was given by the astronomers studying Pluto before it was “officially” dismissed as a planet as was provided when its planetary status was revoked, but in general, people were unwilling to state that Pluto should not be considered as a planet based upon existing evidence that proved their argument. They only were willing to do so when the majority of their peers, whether their peer group was other astronomers, teachers, students, or friends, were willing to do this.

The irony of my decision to use a graphic containing a quote about this subject matter is that most quotes repeated and attributed to famous people were never even stated by the people to whom they are attributed. Yet people attribute them to people that never said such things simply because the quotes have been attributed to them so many times in the past. I have no idea if Will Rogers actually said the above quote, so I post it with the disclaimer that my research for this article was much better spent about the subject material rather than researching the validity or fallacious quality of the attribution.

This same hive mind mentality, which is a trait of the weakest of the mentally weak, is one that has been clearly on display in regard to the various beliefs people hold about the covid1984 and what State “regulations” should be mandated to govern the behavior of citizens within domestic borders. In nations like Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Amsterdam in which credible scientists have stated that nature will find a way (i.e. the virus will find a way to spread no matter if one wears a mask or not) and that they have found no scientific evidence that would even suggest that wearing masks is an effective way to stop the spread of virus, they have stated that mask wearing is completely voluntary. In all these nations, you will hardly find anyone wearing a mask, not because the majority of citizens in these nations have performed research on their own and decided that there is no health risk to themselves from not wearing a mask, but simply due to observations of their peers’ behavior, they have decided that not wearing a mask is the “correct” response to the virus. Consequently, for most of the population, their correct behavioral response is one that was chosen to “fit in” with the herd, rather than one that was reached through a rigorous critical thinking process.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, with cops choking and beating civilians on the street simply for the “crime” of not wearing a mask in the United States and Australia (see this video  of nine Melbourne cops responding to a woman who was walking down the street without a mask, and the treatment of the cops, one of whom strangled the woman for her insolence, as if she were a serial killer), is the response of citizens in these nations, with plenty of incidents of citizens screaming at others for not wearing a mask, behavior which is applauded in these nations, but would be ridiculed in any of the previous nations I mentioned above. I’m quite certain that none of the people that scream at others for not wearing a mask in Australia and the United States have conducted a lick of research about what epidemiologists have to say about the efficacy of mask wearing in preventing the spread of covid1984. All of the top epidemiologists and infectious disease experts that work for the public health agencies of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Amsterdam have definitely stated that mask wearing is unnecessary because there is zero evidence that wearing a mask stops the spread of covid1984.

For those that say I’m succumbing to confirmation bias and cherry picking only the epidemiologists that state views that support my own, my rebuttal to this false statement is the following. No logical person would ever make such an accusation because unless you can read my thoughts, you have no idea why I formed the conclusions I formed. I formed my conclusion about the inefficacy and unnecessary mandates of face mask wearing after, not before, reading such epidemiological studies. Number two, one always has to consider the source of the information one chooses to believe, as not only doctors are honorable, honest, and ethical and certainly many doctors involved in promoting lockdowns have done so to gain political capital while turning their backs on the Hippocratic oath to help humanity that they swore to uphold. For example, Dr. Fauci of the WHO is one of the most quoted doctors by not only the mass media, but by people in nations all over the world as the reason why mask wearing, and now, face shields are necessary to stop transmission of covid1984.

Dr. Fauci has a history of exhibiting low intelligence and of repeatedly issuing lies about viral transmission. For example, in 1983, Dr. Fauci evoked unnecessary fear in billions of people around the world, when he stated, in light of zero scientific proof, that the HIV virus could be transmitted by “routine close contact” with anyone infected with HIV like shaking hands with an HIV infected person or being close to an HIV infected person that coughed. He also published these opinions in JAMA (a respected industry medical journal in the US called the Journal of the American Medical Association) to ensure the hysteria of his lies would have maximum impact. This is just one of a series of irresponsible false claims Dr. Fauci has made in the past based upon zero scientific evidence that could be discovered with five minutes of research.

Therefore, I logically dismiss any claims that contradict the top infectious disease experts and epidemiologists in Sweden, Amsterdam, Finland and Norway forwarded by any “doctor” like Dr. Fauci that possesses zero credibility due to a history of fallacious claims made about viruses. Furthermore, Dr. Fauci’s history of false claims is the worst type of propaganda that proves his low moral character. It’s not as if Dr. Fauci made such claims based upon the legitimate science that existed at the time, and further research disproved his false claims. In many instances, Dr. Fauci spread lies as if they were plausible facts with full knowledge that there was zero scientific evidence that supported his false claims. And unfortunately, in Australia and the United States, many members of the medical industry have been duped and misled by others in their field similar in nature to Dr. Fauci, that have issued false claims with no scientific evidence that have been embraced simply due to herd mentality. Well, at least there is a silver lining for dentists due to non-critical thinking obedient mask wearers. Dentists have been reporting that long-term patients of theirs with no prior dental history of gingivitis and gum problems, due to constant mask wearing, have been getting inflamed gums and cavities as well as suffering from foul smelling breath. Consequently, they’ve been receiving an influx of new appointments to solve these “mask mouth” problems.

This mentality of simply believing something because the majority of one’s peer group subscribes to these notions also has clearly invaded the financial world. Never was this distinction more clear than when I first moved to Asia and was shocked, having only been exposed to the “gold is not money”, “gold is a rock with zero value” narrative of the Americas, that nearly everyone in Asia either owns some physical gold or if they do not, at least, believes that gold is money. In fact, I have even spoken to people that would be considered to be poor and close to the poverty line through my travels in Asia that have such a distrust for fiat currency that they choosing to hold  what little savings they have in a few grams of gold rather than in fiat currency. Again, in Asia, even among those that hold the majority of their accumulated lifetime savings in gold, in speaking with some, it is clearly evident that their understanding of sound money principles and wealth preservation tenets are far from a desirable level, especially the level at which it should stand for someone holding  90% of their savings in gold. So once again, their correct decisions are more based upon the herd mentality of “everyone I know is behaving this way, this must be the proper way to behave”, rather than a true understanding of the real reasons that support their somewhat fortuitous, blind luck behavior.

For example, some of the worst analysis explaining the large drop in silver and gold spot prices that occurred on 11 August are routinely picked up and distributed by mass media, and therefore embraced by the majority of people as the truthful explanation behind the drops. On 11 August, 2020, from its recent high six days prior to the low spot price in Asian trading that day, spot gold plunged by 10.2% and spot silver, by  21.5%. Of course, the prices of physical gold and silver coins only dropped by a fraction of these percentage drops. Consequently, even the deep plunge in spot prices should have caused little concern for anyone holding the proper form of gold and silver. Nevertheless, these deep spot prices spurred numerous articles about the reasons for these deep spot price plunges, with nary a mention of the differing reality for physical precious metal holders and with nary a mention of banker manipulation of the paper gold and silver markets as responsible for the deep price plunge in paper markets. There was an extremely compelling reason for the price levels to which spot gold plunged to on 11 August if one studies price manipulation behavior of bankers of which I informed my patrons but was either completely missed or ignored by all traditional gold and silver analysts.

In fact, as I continue to keep my patrons informed of my opinions for where gold and silver prices are headed next, there are never primarily based upon any technical charting, but always primarily based upon my observations of banker price manipulation in these markets, and thus the reason why I am unaware of anyone in the world that has provide predictions regarding gold and silver price movements that have been more accurate than the ones I have provided to my patrons for the last 18 months.  Instead, I stumbled across at least half a dozen articles that provided the usual white noise with little value explanations for the large 11 August drops in spot silver and gold prices: the market was frothy, the market was highly overbought and a large correction was long “overdue”, silver was bound to sell off after moving so quickly and pushing up against heavy resistance at $30 per ounce, etc. It’s a simple exercise to prove every one of these explanations as textbook explanations that provide no insight into the real reasons behind the selloff. For example, heavy psychological resistance was thought to also exist for gold at its previous nominal (though non inflation adjusted) USD high of $2,000. So does psychological resistance only work for silver buyers and not gold buyers? Gold blew right through that psychological barrier of $2,000 a few days earlier as if it did not exist, so using this explanation for silver provides little value. Regarding the market being frothy and overbought, one can say that this applies to futures markets that sell billions of ounces of make believe silver and 5,000 ounce silver futures contracts that never settle in real physical silver. But what about real physical silver markets? If you asked 100 people you know including your friends, work colleagues, and family members and relatives, do you own more than 100 ounces of physical silver, I would imagine that no matter the nation in which this question was asked, that the percentage that answered yes would be far less than 1%. So how can an asset be overbought that still today, nearly nobody owns besides the parasitic ruling class?

Most of you have heard the saying that most people don’t know what they don’t know and that only the intelligent ones truly understand what they don’t know and therefore will heavily research a subject about which they don’t yet understand the facts before pushing their view onto others. Unfortunately, this segment of the population, due to the dumbing down process that has been achieved in our schooling system is so rare that it would not surprise me if this critical, analytical, fact based portion of society that exists is far less than one in a million (as it applies to the entire global population).  As horrific as this may sound, I am fully convinced that if a new nation was born and cut off from the rest of the world, and its leaders able to mold the beliefs of its citizens because only newborns with no exposure to the world’s beliefs were allowed to originally populate this nation (much as Pol Pot tried to accomplish in Cambodia by murdering anyone with glasses, that could read and that was educate to set the timeline of his nation’s knowledge back to ground zero), if the leaders stated that pedophilia was absolutely normal behavior and exhibited pedophilia to their citizens, that the rest of the citizens would adopt pedophilic behavior as normal simply by observing the behavior of their citizens, and scream at anyone that scolded them from engaging in such repugnant behavior.

Though we all know that this is true due to an abundance of psychological studies that prove that behavior exhibited by the majority becomes accepted by the majority, even if it is factually wrong and/or morally repugnant, we still seem to be unable to avoid engaging in such behaviors to our own detriment in the modern world.

For example, the Stanford Prison Experiment, the Milgram Experiment, the murder of Kitty Genovese are just a handful of the most infamous cases that demonstrate that the social need for acceptance overwhelms the desire to act morally. In more recent times, we can study the South Korean Sewol ferry disaster, in which 250 teenaged students drowned, to understand the massive level of compliance and obedience that has been programmed into society all over the world. It is known from recovered facetime videos and texts between students aboard the ferry and their parents, that a combination of observed cues from their fellow students and blind obedience to authority, following the instructions of their parents to “obey” a captain that mandated students remain in their cabins even as the cowardly captain fled the ship in a lifeboat, was directly responsible for the deaths of those 250 students. Consequently, we learned from this incidence, in which students told their parents that they could feel the ferry listing and sinking, and in many cases had their fates sealed by their parents that instructed them to obey the captain and not to leave their cabins, that even in situations where assuming the beliefs of the majority of one’s peer group will cause the loss of your own life, the peer pressure to break away from the majority belief is so strong that people would rather die than break from the group to save their own lives.  Had these students just broken from the group behavior they were witnessing, every single one of them, since rescue boats showed up promptly after the ferry sank, would have likely survived, with the worst outcome perhaps a bad case of hypothermia.

The Solution?

Unfortunately, the most well versed segment in the entire world are the 0.1% that constitute the parasitic ruling class and they are deploying this knowledge against us in convincing us to act like the Stasi in enforcing economic covid1984 lockdown measures against our fellow brothers and sisters, in convincing us to make the worst possible financial decisions that will lead to our own financial demise, and in convincing us to boil in our hatred against one another. What is the solution to avoid this very wrong path upon which the majority of people are taking their communities? Have civil conversations with your neighbors about these topics. Enforce a no yelling rule when having these conversations to ensure that facts and critical thinking, instead of emotions, will reign and that everyone will benefit from these conversations. Educate everyone you talk to about these topics. Though you may reach only 1 out of every 100 to whom you speak, people that learn that their prior beliefs were the exact opposite of the truth often become the best advocates of truth by telling everyone they know about their new knowledge. Get to know members in your community and direct neighborhood as the parasitic ruling class is about to unleash the Great Reset on us that will attempt to strip us of the few liberties we have left. If this happens, nobody will survive the Great Reset except those that have formed strong bonds of community, cooperate to help one another, and refuse to acquiesce to the psychologically and financially destructive self-isolation measures being enforced upon us at the current time.  

J. Kim

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