Why the Death of Original Thought is Ushering in the New World Order

If there is a true pandemic afflicting the world today, it certainly is not the coronavirus. The true pandemic afflicting the world is the death of critical thought. In discussing the pandemic lockdown measures with friends, I’ve had one friend state an opinion that differs from the medical narrative being propelled by nearly every nation in the world to rationalize extreme economic lockdowns. Not one in a hundred, or one in several hundred, but one total. And with the exception of a few State leaders in Europe that ironically have had the greatest success in achieving extremely low mortality rates regarding the coronavirus, most State leaders have completely ignored adopting the most successful strategies in dealing with the coronavirus to adopt much more totalitarian measures  that have no scientific basis.

Even in nations that have had great success in keeping their societies relatively free and open in response to the virus, like Sweden, people that are worried about the virtually non-existent mask wearing behavior of their societies have expressed an absurd inability to make their own decisions.

Birgitta Wedel, a 63-year-old pensioner, told AFP she would have preferred if Sweden’s authorities recommended masks, at least on public transport. But she added that she would keep going without one unless there was a shift in official policy. “If they don’t… I will not wear it because nobody else does.”

This is the most absurd comment I have ever heard in response to her worries. Since it’s not illegal to wear a mask in Sweden, Birgitta should perform her own research, and if she believes she has any type of medical condition that makes her vulnerable to an adverse reaction to an infection, she should wear a mask, and not simply base her decisions from what “everyone else is doing” and what the “authorities tell her to do.” Making important decisions based on such a decision making paradigm is simply the behavior of someone that might as well be brain dead, because such a person that refuses to exercise free will and her own brain, and instead merely behaves exactly how she believes she is supposed to behave is no longer among the land of the living. Such a brain dead response is why we also receive endless media headlines about how covid19 is destroying hundreds of millions of jobs across planet Earth and will perhaps cause hundreds of millions of people to starve to death over the next 12 months, when in reality, it is the parasitic ruling class’s enforcement of economic lockdowns, not the virus itself that is destroying the financial livelihood of hundreds of millions of people.

Even when it comes to big pharma, there are almost no doctors anywhere on planet Earth willing to publicly criticize the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that effectively absolved all pharmaceutical companies of any responsibility and from the risk of being sued if they manufactured a vaccine that led to a child dying or suffering permanent disabilities as a result of being injected with a vaccine. In 2011, when a mother sued the US pharmaceutical company Wyeth (now Pfizer) for a vaccine administered to her child that greatly impaired her daughter’s quality of life, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”

This is the judgement of a coward that has zero interest in upholding justice for the people and only in protecting his corporate masters, as the moral flaws of his judgement are self-evident. Number one, Justice Scalia stated that Wyeth should be fully cleared of any responsibility for the affected child’s permanent and significant downgrade in the quality of her life that was a direct result of the vaccine she received due to the fact that “the vaccine was properly prepared and accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” Obviously, since the recipient of the vaccine had a severe adverse reaction, the vaccine was not properly prepared unless the severe adverse reaction was the desired outcome, and warnings contained with the vial packaging are irrelevant as refusal of the vaccine as a result of the warnings that something could go wrong is removed as an option when so many other aspects of the child’s life would have been affected by refusing the vaccine’s administration, such as the ability to attend school in America.

Secondly, imagine if the same indemnity from lawsuits for manufacturing a faulty product applied to any other industry. Why should an industry that manufactures products that the ruling class has deemed mandatory for every citizen born inside the imaginary borders of that nation be exempt from producing the highest quality, safest product possible? If logic prevailed, this would be the one industry out of all industries that should never be exempt from citizen filed lawsuits. Imagine a hypothetical scenario in which an electric car company manufactured cars under suspect quality control standards that resulted in 1 out of every 1000 cars sold possessing fatal electrical wiring problems that would eventually spark a fire that incapacitated all remote lock functionality, trap the driver inside, and burn him or her alive. Then imagine, just because the automobile manufacturer pointed out a disclaimer that explained this possibility in the owner’s manual, that every time this fatal incident happened and the surviving family members sued the company, the judge ruled against the citizens and for the corporation.

Or imagine another hypothetical scenario in which an adventure company ran a bungee jumping operation with a 1% mortality rate and issued a disclaimer in fine print that stated, “Due to recent revelations that the company from whom we purchased our bungee cords used less than acceptable standards in the manufacturing of our bungee cords, there is a 1% chance that the cord may snap, resulting in serious injury or death to the user.” And that disclaimer, even if unread by a client because it was hidden in a disclaimer that was eight pages long, resulted in someone dying, on average, once every 100 jumps. And every single time this happened, and the surviving family members of the person that died sued the company for wrongful death but was denied of any compensation by a judge that ruled since the risk was disclosed in the disclaimer, the bungee jumping adventure company was not liable and had every right to continue operating and causing the deaths of more unsuspecting customers? Essentially, this is the freedom pharmaceutical companies possess and I’ve never heard a single doctor in the media ever state that this abdication of responsibility is completely immoral and that if pharmaceutical companies were liable for creating crappy vaccines that ruined people’s lives and even occasionally called death, that such liability would logically create improved safety standards across the industry and lead to less cases in which children either suffered critically adverse reactions to vaccines that negatively and permanently impacted the quality of their remaining lives, or quite possibly even died.

Despite the simple logic of such arguments, I’ve never  heard one medical doctor state this position publicly for fear of the repercussions he or she would face by breaking rank with the herd. And the same simple logic and moral framework applies to all judges. There are literally thousands of judges that have handed down morally repugnant rulings that have elicited zero outrage from their robe wearing colleagues, simply because they are too afraid to do the morally right thing that will isolate them from the herd of their professional peers. And the absurdity of this fear of breaking from the beliefs of the herd is that the vast majority of people within the heard that hold a belief about a national or global issue have never even performed any independent research to confirm their belief, but simply embraced a belief handed down to them by an institution or person of some public prominence. In other words, the vast majority of people that embrace an incorrect belief literally have exercised zero effort to the determination of the belief they so dearly hold as right or wrong. Simple blind adoption of such beliefs is the primary reason why incorrect and immoral beliefs are overwhelmingly adopted by the masses to the point where the one in a million person willing to think for himself or herself is intimidated into silence and unwilling to express dissent. It is the perfect paradigm, created and deployed by the amoral parasitic ruling class to convince the very people they are trying to enslave to willingly eat their own.

And the desert of original thought does not just exist in politics and healthcare, but it also exists in finance and any other subject arena. Try to convince a bitcoin or gold enthusiast to state anything but what the most prominent bitcoin and gold TV personalities are stating and it will be like trying to squeeze blood from a stone, even if the narratives parroted by the enthusiasts are narratives provided by bitcoin and gold TV personalities that have been wrong in nearly every single prediction they have given for five years running. You will hear something like, “I don’t care that so and so has been embarrassingly wrong for three, four, five years running. This will be the year that bitcoin finally runs to $250,000 and gold runs to $10,000 as they’ve predicted for the last five years.” And by the way, when it became clear that BTC would not reach $1MM by the end of 2020, as promised by the infamous pledge of John McAfee to eat his own family jewels if it did not, he later admitted that it was all a scam to get convince skeptical people to buy some bitcoin to pump up the price of his own holdings and that, in his own words, “it worked”! And when people called him out for running a scam, he told those naïve people to “wake up” as he said only the dumbest people in the entire world would expect him to keep such an outrageous promise. This was an ironic statement from someone that admitted that his pledge indeed convinced some people that had been on the fence about bitcoin to finally buy some bitcoin by shouting “it worked”, and in another sentence, claiming that anyone that acted on his pledge would have to be incredibly stupid. Only in a society in which critical thought has completely disappeared could a person simultaneously call the very people he convinced to buy an asset based upon a scam he executed as incredibly stupid and still regularly secure appearances on mass media platforms to discuss the same topic.

In regard to ownership of physical gold as a wealth preservation strategy, over the past decade, I told at least thirty friends to buy physical gold and silver when spot gold and silver were at current year or multi-year lows, with my latest urging coming last year when spot gold was at $1,180 and spot silver was near $14. My call in gold turned out to be the multi-year bottom and though my bottom call in silver was a bit off, my two friends that listened to me within the past couple of years, thus far, still have made a killing in silver despite my failure to call its exact bottom. Out of the other twenty-eight friends or so that dismissed my guidance as the rants of a lunatic “prepper”, only a couple of them had valid reasons to not take my advice due to insufficient liquidity. However, all others that failed to take my guidance that literally would have increased the purchasing power of their savings by a minimum of 75% to well over 100% as of today included those that would not take the plunge because they believed the constant propaganda vomited by talking heads on mass media financial shows that holding physical gold was much “riskier” than holding AUD, USD, and CAD. Even when I explained to them that holding fiat currencies literally guarantees big losses in purchasing power because the real inflation rates are always multiples of the bogus “official” inflation rates forwarded by the State/banking cartel, while gold prices had multiplied against the fiat currencies in which they held their savings by four, five or six times, depending upon the year in which we had this conversation, they still could not understand that holding fiat currencies as a wealth preservation strategy was many times riskier than holding physical gold. In fact, at least in a couple of these instances, if the adult friend I was trying to convince had a nephew or niece present, I sometimes would explain in simpler terms to the ten or eleven year old child the exact same concept I explained to my friends. In 1 out of the 2 instances I did this, because I asked the child to explain the concept I just explained to them in their own words and one was able to do so successfully, my hit rate in explaining why gold was a much better preserver of wealth than fiat currencies was better in little children with adults, proving again that if you can explain concepts to young children before their minds have been polluted by the academic system, they are still capable of forming original thoughts and conclusions that will differ from what they are later ordered to believe in the course of their academic career.

The Solution

So what is the solution to this pandemic of zero original thought? Number one, drop out of school as constant conditioning to obey authority is the reason for the lack of intellect in society today. Self-educate instead of pursuing education through traditional academia, and not only will your intellect grow by leaps and bounds but you will save the quarter of million dollars that it costs to attend elite universities today. Besides, with the parasitic ruling class likely to use this virus, or a new virus, to continue the pandemic fear tactics for years to come, there is no more reason for celebrities to waste hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars bribing admission boards to admit their child, especially since the number one reason many millennials desire to attend organized academia, to become a social media influencer, may be crushed by self-isolation mandates designed to make people go insane. Consequently, whoever was the moron parent that allegedly tried to pay $6.5M to bribe his or her child into an “elite” US university, if you can’t find a better way to spend $6.5M to benefit your child’s future than on a bribe into universities that no longer even focus on education, then your child has no hope for living any type of meaningful life of purpose anyway. Number two, stop consorting with people that do not know what they do not know. Number two, stop consorting with people that do not know what they do not know. They are a constant drain on your energy and time and trying to convince them of truth will turn you into Sisyphus. Only people interested in learning the truth will ever actually arrive at the truth. If people don’t care about protecting their savings from being stolen through massive inflation built in to the global fiat currency system, do you think they will care about the move to 100% digital currency that will take away their freedom? Three, form a very close community of like-minded people that understand the war that is being waged not only on our intellect but also on our freedoms, and do not limit this community to those that are just in close physical proximity. Form these communities with people all over the world, as having the ability to shelter up in nations other than your own when the financial grid falls apart may very well be essential to survival.

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J. Kim

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