The Death of Critical Thinking

 the death of critical thinking

The death of critical thought has been a slow and painful process but certainly one that is prevalent around the world today. One of the most difficult debates one can ever have with another person is to convince someone that he or she does not understand something that he or she firmly believes he or she understands. And such misguided delusions lead to delusional arguments:

“So, where did you go to school?”

Academic pedigree has nothing to do with critical thinking skills unless one attended a specialized school focused solely on critical thinking.

“What did you major in?”

Possession of an analytical major or even a science major degree does not necessarily mean one possesses strong critical thinking skills (i.e. Dr. Fauci of the WHO is a prime example of an uneducated person that has a medical degree, as he is an endless abyss of misinformation regarding things he has said about the current virus used to lockdown economies around the world, to once even stating that HIV transmission could happen through casual contact like touching the skin or shaking hands with an infected person.)

If you’re old enough to remember when HIV was a novel virus not yet well understood because the science behind it was still theoretical, millions of people were terrified of being around people that were infected with HIV, specifically due to charlatans like Fauci that spread false speculations about people potentially contracting HIV from infected people through casual contact with infected people. History will prove me to be 100% right about condemning Fauci for spreading as much misinformation about this current virus as he once did about HIV not because he has any interest in what in our best interests, but specifically because his misinformation helps solidify the agenda of the black hearted oligarchs for whom he works.

“You think you know more than Warren Buffet or Jamie Dimon?”

This argument is a fallacy of logic that equates material wealth with intellect, even though there is zero correlation between wealth and intellect; and finally, a fallacious argument we’ve heard repeated dozens of times within the past year, repeated by those that tend to be delusional about their intellect:

“You can’t argue with science. I’m quoting science so that’s a fact whereas your quoting an opinion.”

Any real scientist would laugh at this statement as every scientist, no matter the field of study, realizes that there is an immense amount of knowledge in their field that is theoretical, with no absolute evidence of its factual basis and that science is, and has always been an evolving field of knowledge, with theories previously believed to have been true constantly upgraded, transformed and sometimes even fully discredited as the research and knowledge about certain theories becomes greater over time. Consequently, the irony is that almost none of the talking heads we’ve seen in the mass media over the past twelve months that have used the “science argument” to falsely claim they were stating facts to try to discredit any narrative that opposed or provided dissent to their tyrannical lockdown efforts were actual scientists, but rather narcissists with inflated opinions of their intellect that failed to understand that as an evolutionary field of study, many scientific statements have to remain open to debate and dissent to arrive at truth, as many scientific statements only represent the prevailing opinion at the time that is subject to significant changes and updates in light of new and better information that may be discovered at a future time. Consequently, by appealing to “science” in their argument to shut down dissent, these narcissistic, and frankly, quite dumb, oligarchs, were shutting down the scientific process that would best lead to truth and instead, using a “science” argument to forward beliefs that only best served their interests.

Consequently, in this podcast, titled, “Answering this Question is Critical to Having a Good Financial Year,” the question I pose is to determine if you understand the methodology by which the test that is most widely used around the world to test for virus infections produces a positive test result. Most people do not understand and cannot properly explain this process. If you 100% understood how the PCR test is used to provide a positive viral infection result, you would have no doubt in your mind that all the infection data being reported is completely unscientific and 100% invalid. If you then wonder why I would equate an inability to understand an undeniable truth about the infection data being reported around the world to an inability to make smart decisions about investing, and believe there is no connection between the two, here is why there is absolutely a valid link between the two.

If one possesses the type of uncritical mind in which one can be led to unquestioningly embrace a false narrative that is created about this virus and then widely disseminated by mass media across the world, then one will undoubtedly embrace false narratives created by bankers and politicians created by the types of people that meet in Davos, Switzerland to direct global financial policy and believe all the misinformation they spread as well. One cannot have a critical mindset in finance and have an uncritical mindset when it comes to medicine, the virus and health issues. Either one possesses a critical mindset or one possesses a compliant obedient mindset that always blindly believes narratives spread by those in power and by so-called “authority” figures like Fauci.

For example, as an example of a financial lie embraced by the majority of people, even today, most people still falsely believe that if their boss gives them a 7% raise in annual salary, that given no change in spending habits from year to year, that this 7% raise in salary make them wealthier versus the prior year. In other words, because they cannot or will not question the 1.5% to 2% inflation rates constantly provided by the banking class as the actual inflation rates in many Western and European nations, even though these fake rates should be so obviously fake to the critical mind, they don’t understand how one’s quality of life and wealth can be constantly degrading even when they keep earning more and more money every subsequent year.

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