The Banking Cartel Bitcoin Management Perception Game Continues

the Central Banking cartel's bitcoin perception management game is strong
the Bitcoin Perception Management Game is in Full Effect!

With yesterday’s planned “leaked” statement from the banking cartel by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen regarding future US cryptocurrency regulations, the cartel’s bitcoin management perception game continues. I’ve spoken about the topic I’m writing about today endless times on my skwealthacademy Patreon platform to the point that all patrons that have been with me for at least a year should understand exactly how to interpret yesterday’s price shenanigans in crypto, gold and silver. In fact, I published another short article about this topic on my substack platform just about a week ago.

But for the skeptics out there that say my thesis that the Central Banking cabal uses crypto prices, BTC prices in particular, to suppress gold and silver prices, look at the near perfect alignment of price reversals in BTC, gold and silver yesterday, when gold was making a run towards $2,100 an ounce in futures markets which certainly was cause for concern for Central Bankers. There was a near perfect synchronization in price reversals, with BTC prices lifted higher and gold and silver prices slammed, but of course, to the BTC herd, this was only a “completely unrelated coincidence”, even though the more introspective and curious ones among us understand that very few “coincidences” exist in the world of finance when it comes to asset price behaviors and patterns, especially ones with repeated occurrences like the one below.

bitcoin prices managed by Janet Yellen's "leaked statements, 8 March 2022
Banking cartel coordinates attack on gold prices with BTC price pump
7 Mar 2022, Gold prices reversed strongly precisely one hour after the Central Banker manufactured BTC price pump
Banking cartel coordinates attack on silver prices with BTC price pump
7 Mar 2022, Silver prices reversed strongly precisely one hour after the Central Banker manufactured BTC price pump

And even though gold prices were slammed by more than $85 at the time I’m writing this article from a high of $2,070 to back below the all important $2,000 mark to $1,985, whether this slam grows into something much bigger (which is a possibility for both gold and silver), this depends on what other rabbits the Central Banking cabal pulls out of their magic hat in the immediate future (and they still have some more rabbits they can potentially pull out of their hat).

Why did crypto prices jump and gold/silver dump yesterday? The answer is simple and comical at the same time – the cartel frequently deploys the bitcoin perception management game to control rising gold and silver prices. The mass financial media reported that “US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s inadvertently published remarks” yesterday on the US Treasury Department website, prior to its scheduled release, that were conciliatory in nature towards pending cryptocurrency regulations.  Yellen later deleted these remarks, which is even more comical, as everyone knows, including Yellen herself, that her statement would immediately go viral after prematurely publishing it.

There literally was zero point in deleting her carefully coordinated and timed statement, and Yellen’s deletion of her “leaked” opinion should have been easily identified as a comical charade except for the most gullible of analysts. There is no such thing as “inadvertent” press leaks, as the Central Banking cartel carefully coordinates the timing of such remarks to achieve a certain purpose. Most likely, the cartel felt that gold prices were running away and moving too high and that if they waited until today, when Yellen was supposed to release her comments, that the process of knocking gold back down $2,000 an ounce would have been unnecessarily difficult.

It is self-evident (if you know the history of dozens of such coordinated BTC prices higher, gold/silver prices lower events that have occurred over the past few years) that the above charts are not just a “coincidence” as those analysts with zero understanding of manipulative Central Banker schemes, always ignorantly claim. So to the rescue, Yellen “leaked” this statement: “A presidential executive order on cryptocurrencies would ‘support responsible innovation’ as it coordinates U.S. policy across agencies…Under the executive order, Treasury will partner with interagency colleagues to produce a report on the future of money and payment systems,” Yellen added. So yes, the purpose of this statement was not to claw back major losses for BTC whales but to suppress gold and silver prices.

Furthermore, statements from one of the Winklevoss twins, Cameron Winklevoss, reveal that he took Yellen’s bait, hook, line and sinker. Winklevoss stated, “Based on remarks, crypto EO is positive and calls for coordinated and comprehensive approach to digital asset policy that will support responsible innovation…I applaud this constructive approach to thoughtful crypto regulation and look forward to working together with the various stakeholders to ensure that the US remains a leader in crypto.”

The above statement shows me that Winklevoss is either

(1) easily misled by propaganda and does not actually put in work to understand how coming regulations are truly going to affect future BTC prices; or

(2) willfully spreading propagand for self-serving motives against the best interests of the bitcoin community.

Could Yellen’s statements about crypto regulations propel BTC back to its recent November high of $69,000? Perhaps, but only as long as the Fed/US Treasury cartel uses words to influence asset prices in the absence of enacting any real policy.  Furthermore, as BTC’s enormous price volatility, even in the past 16-months has demonstrated, being correct in the short-term game is not where it’s at. One needs to be correct in the intermediate to long term game in cryptocurrencies to really make and keep profits. This charade will end when real policies are actually enacted.

To prove my point, follow this link to read the entirety of the cryptocurrency Executive Order, that combined with Yellen’s propaganda, resulted in about-faces for the price behavior of assets discussed above. For those interested in making investment decisions based upon reality versus propaganda, and in wholly understanding the bitcoin perception management game, reference my skwealthacademy patreon post on 9 February 2022 for an exposition of the most likely outcome of future US cryptocurrency regulations. You will discover why I stated that there literally were ZERO surprises in the text of Biden’s Executive Order and therefore, no reasons for the about faces in gold, silver and crypto other than a propaganda induced one.

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