The Banker Purge Continues: Global Banking System Now Operating at DEFCON1

This past week, another JP Morgan banker jumped to his death from a JP Morgan banking office in Hong Kong. With the bodies piling up, we connect the dots in the below video between the mysterious sudden epidemic of high level global bankers committing “suicide” and their achievement of Herculean feats of profit. Ironically (or perhaps with deliberation), two high level JP Morgan bankers responsible for the oversight and integration of JP Morgan’s trading platform committed “suicide” right before JP Morgan reported a Jesus-like miracle feat of a perfect trading record of profits on every single day of equities trading in 2013, a mathematically impossible feat without the utilization of a criminal and manipulative proprietary trading software platform. Even of greater revelation is that CEO Jamie Dimon felt zero need to instruct his traders to deliberately lose money on several random days in 2013 to reduce the appearance of impropriety. Mr. Dimon’s arrogance in flaunting a perfect trading record in 2013 without experiencing A SINGLE DAY OF LOSSES further serves as a huge indictment of the criminality of US stock market regulators and lawmakers. Perhaps this is the reason why the two JPM bankers that could best prove criminal behavior behind JP Morgan’s perfect, miracle trading record in 2013 are now dead. If it smells like a banker purge, it probably is a banker purge.

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