The Authenticity Delusion

One of the biggest branding narratives that has run like wildfire across marketing strategies is the need to be authentic, a push that has led to the rise of the Authenticity Delusion. The regression of civilization has created the Authenticity Delusion . To millennials, being authentic today means nothing more than a declaration of one’s beliefs and staying true to these beliefs. But what if our beliefs are delusional? Then being authentic merely means being loyal to delusion. The achievement of true authenticity requires years of introspection, self-awareness and a life-long journey of discovery and confirmation and cannot be acquired with a simple declaration of “Be Authentic!”

We have a very warped view of progression in society in that many of us assume a linear progression of civilization when very little in our universe is linear. Even man’s understanding of gravity as a linear force of acceleration of 9.81 m/s2  for centuries was proven as incorrect by Einstein’s in the early 1900s with his postulation of his theory of general relativity, in which he gravity not as a force of acceleration but rather a curvature in the fabric of the space time continuum. We also incorrectly assume that intellect in humanity has been a linear progression with every subsequent civilization more advanced than the prior one, simply because we fail to consider the limitless amount of other existing non-linear possibilities.

Furthermore, in regard to intellect, a lot of us mistakenly argue that intellect progresses with each generation as well, not necessarily in a linear manner but perhaps even in an exponential manner, as at first, this seems to be a reasonable argument when considering the progression of technology in our lives.  Humans have made technological progress from log cabins, simple wooden log bridges and model T ford cars to modern homes, architectural wonders like the Golden Gate bridge, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” home, and Pagani Huayras and Koenigsegg Regeras. We have progressed from megaphones, radios and rotary telephones to cell phones, wifi and iPhones. However this rapid progression in technology is not proof of a society that is growing more intelligent as a whole, as most technological progress widely adopted by society comes at the innovation of a few brilliant individuals. Thus, there is little correlation proven by technological advancements and general increasing intellect in humanity, especially if we also consider the greater good of society into the equation, as the constant deployment of scientists to the development of weapons of mass destruction would indicate a growing stupidity, rather than intellect, were we to factor social benefits into our equation.

Secondly, in the 1800s, the amount of social or physical influence one person could exert upon others was relatively limited to his sphere of physical movement, as the only means of communication was mostly in person other than the influence of a local paper. Consequently, if one were a murderous psychopath, one couldn’t easily steal from or kill anyone other than those with whom this psychopath came in direct physical contact. And even by the last 1940s, only a few thousand people in all of America owned televisions, so the television as a means of influencing mass thought still did not develop into a tool of mass mind control until decades later. And if one were a sociopath in the 1800s, again one’s sphere of mental influence was limited to the people with whom this sociopath had daily interactions. However, today, with the advent of the smart phone and the internet of everything (IOE), one person can easily influence what millions, and perhaps even billions of others believe. Thus, the fact that today billions are quite possibly under mind control by the few thousands of people that control all of global banking, global media and governance today represents a definite regression of progress in intellect, and definitely quite the opposite of the exponential progression of civilization many among us would claim is occurring.

We as human beings largely fall under two categories. Those that want to control others and those that don’t mind being controlled by others. And both desires have the same goal, to find order and comfort out of an often chaotic existence.  However, today we have a severe imbalance between those that want to control others and those that don’t mind being controlled by others, with the controllers far outnumbering the controlled. And this imbalance is going to continue in accordance with a progression of technology like social media platforms that continue to create a massive regression in intellect and civility among people. In fact, progression of technology has additionally allowed bankers to hide their practices within the arenas of dark pools, engage in HFT algorithmic trading, frontrun clients on stock trades, spoof people in markets by creating fake bids and pulling them to create vacuums of bids that lead to engineered collapses in commodity prices, quote stuffing and on and on. Consequently, great advancements in technology have manifested, but often are used by the controllers to manipulate and further exploit the controlled.

Unless we reverse this massive imbalance between the controllers and the controlled, which can only arise with a movement of great awareness and a desire for people to retake control over our thoughts, beliefs and our own lives, the dark economic spaces that will be created by continuing economic collapse will progress. Furthermore, these dark spaces that were not created from the coronavirus as the controllers want us to believe, but from the failed economic and monetary policies of Central Bankers, will continue to spread darkness over civilizations if, and only if, we do not stop its progression as we have the power to do. If we become more self-aware and retake control of their lives, then we can turn the dark economic spaces that are coming the rest of this year and the next into seeds of light that can spark a new intellectual renaissance.  It is entirely up to us which fork in the road we now take, as we will determine a future continued regression, or reversal and progression, of civilization. However, to even have the opportunity to take the correct fork, we must be conscious enough to realize we have choices because the controllers perpetually work to convince us that the lives we lead and the behaviors the vast majority of us exhibit are the only choices we have.

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The Authenticity Delusion

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