The Age of Spin in Everything

the age of spin and media failure to report truth

In a world in which every single topic is now spun mercilessly in distorted manners by the mass media in the age of spin, we have created the age of stupidity in which the ignorant slander the well-educated and the mob wins debates solely not based upon facts or truth, but based upon numbers and “might makes right” and hollow, transparent strawman arguments that others in the mob are too ignorant to identify as incorrect. Because the inmates have overrun the gulag and taken control, it is nearly impossible to convince the inmates of their own ignorance unless one appeals to a source they perceive as authoritative. For example, any educated introspection of the scientific evidence about the current epidemic in regard to mortality would prove that it has been one of the least dangerous epidemics of the 188 epidemics that have occurred in the last 2,000 years of human history but is being treated around the world in lockdown mandates disproportionately and completely unaligned with scientific knowledge as if it were one of the most dangerous. However, try to convince the masses of these scientific facts, and you’re likely to conjure up fair amounts of rage and unjustified anger.

For example, regarding the complete lack of scientific robustness of the PCR test as a diagnostic tool and massively high percentages of false positive tests documented in scientifically robust studies for any PCR test run above an 18 Ct (cycle threshold), national health organizations around the world completely ignored the science and recommended that tests be run at 28, 30 or even 35 Cts, Cts that completely invalidated all test results. Yet, the oligarchs presented scientifically non-robust test results riddled with “false positives” as “robust” and they used these “results” to conjure up fear and panic among the masses for the last year and a half. Furthermore, even when the most credible, authoritarian source about the PCR tests, the Nobel prize winning scientist that invented it, told the world that the PCR test was not a  viral infection diagnostic test, but merely a test to identify presence of viruses, the masses around the world still ignored this authoritative source, instead foolishly waiting for their appointed health spokesperson or politician to tell them the truth, which they never did. And in fact, even when national health organizations like the CDC quietly phased out the use of the PCR test because it was never a scientifically credible diagnostic tool, the mass media, beholden to the agenda of the oligarchs, never offered a mea culpa for promoting non-science as “science” and true scientific facts as “anti-science” since the very start of global lockdowns.

So many people are sadly incapable of formulating any well-educated opinion about any topic without being told what to believe by the authorities in charge, that today, thousands of people will roundly give thunderous applause on social media to a US judge that initially stripped a mother of custody of her child because the mother was unimmunized against the virus. This, despite the US Centers for Disease Control reporting the mortality rate of the virus, including all variatns, for children the same age as her child, as 0.001237% (332 deaths/26,838,244 infections, Such a mortality rate means that even were her child to become infected, he would have a 99.99876% rate of survival. Apparently, the judge thought this survival rate was too low and that the mother was endangering her child with her “irresponsible” behavior, and consequently felt that the mother’s disregard for her child’s own health deserved stripping the mother of her right to parent her own child. Of course, the CDC mortality and survival rates are sure to be inaccurate to some degree, because just as their assessment of the validity of the PCR test as a diagnostic tool was scientifically unsound, the definitions of infections and deaths they use to calculate mortality and survival rates are non-scientifically robust, a fact that anyone educated in scientific methodology can confirm (my academic degree is in neurobiology). Unfortunately, such widespread, systemic inability to separate fact from fiction, and embraced beliefs that even scientifically robust concepts are “anti-science” simply because journalists with no honor and integrity with no understanding of science spread such narratives, are now being regularly embraced across a diverse range of topics, including finance and economics. Let’s explore how an inability to spot non-educated views has permeated the realm of finance as well in part 2 of this article.

J. Kim

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