Thanksgiving Food For Thought: The Misappropriation of Our Freedoms

Today, the ruling triumvirate consisting of the military-industrial complex, global bankers, and governments have misappropriated nearly every pillar of society from religion to politics, education, news media, banking & money, and the legal system in order to subjugate nations, destroy freedoms and control the mob rather than being used to liberate, inspire and provide function and utility to society as they should.

Without understanding how those in power have misappropriated the pillars that serve as the foundation of every modern society, one will never be able to understand what are the end goals of the banking class that is deliberately inflating massive real estate bubbles in Asia and massive stock market bubbles in the Western world.

Without further ado, I present to you below, “The Age of Deceit: The Misappropriation of Our Freedoms”


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