Ten Critical Life Lessons I Learned During Eighteen Months of Lockdown

ten critical life lessons
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Today, I am going to discuss with you ten critical life lessons I learned during eighteen months of lockdown. As I stated previously, I am in the process of exfiltrating from where I’ve been trapped, due to extensive, insane travel lockdowns and restrictions that turned a two-week vacation into an unintended 18-month stay abroad. This process to do so, which has already included 16-hour cross-country car rides to arrive at the only operating airport from which I can depart (as no operating domestic flights are available to fly to my airport of departure), has turned a journey that could have been completed within one day under pre-lockdown conditions into a 144+ hour journey through four nations and six cities. In any event, I’ve had some content pre-recorded weeks ago scheduled for automatic release, one of which is named “10 Critical Life Lessons Learned from 18-Months of Lockdown” which has just been released this morning on my Rokfin channel.

Again, if you are not yet subscribed to my Rokfin channel, you may access all free content uploaded there simply by clicking the image at the top of this article and signing up for a free account. Since I rarely ever watch/read information distributed by mass media channels, I was completely unaware until recently that the oligarchs, through control of their mass media channels, have transformed clear cut, black and white issues of a factual nature, like long-term safety of novel drugs released during this lockdown, into partisan issues of a political nature. It is almost incomprehensible the level of stupidity that we must possess to fall victim to this partisan game in the United States or in any other nation – i.e. if you believe this,  then you must be a Republican or Conservative party member, and if you believe that,  then you must be a Liberal, Democrat, or Labor party member. Sometimes, the level of ignorance that has permeated society is incredibly depressing because such pervasive stupidity does not bode well for the future of humanity.

On the other hand, the number of people that are finally thinking for themselves is increasing against the majority tide of people that have to be ordered to believe something before they know what to believe. This development is highly encouraging. If we can return to a society that can unite and bond around facts and truth versus tribes and parties, this is the pathway toward a better future with more enlightened people. The oligarchs’ use of anger to divide us and keep us ignorant has never been executed at a higher level during any part of my lifetime than right now.  Furthermore, if we can return to a society that can think for ourselves, we will be able to easily identify the upside down world the oligarchs wish to create, necessary to populate every nation with obedient slaves, in which they consistently smear science as “anti-science” and consistently forward their own anti-science propaganda as “science that can never be questioned” without penalty of being labeled an extremist and a terrorist.

Any scientist would immediately understand the extreme danger such statements pose to our future freedoms, as the very basis of science is relentless questioning necessary to transform unknowns into knowns. The very fact that there are multiple enormous fields of study based upon theoretical sciences, like quantum physics, easily exposes the stupidity of the oligarch mandates to “Never question science that is based upon multiple unknowns”! If quantum physicists stated, “Anyone that questions our theories is questioning science”, then every single theory such as quantum coupling, string theory, etc.  would forever remain theoretical and never proven until the end of time. The “never question our opinion” mandates handed down by oligarchs regarding discussed science riddled with unknowns during the last 18 months are ushering us back into the Dark Ages.  The very fact that the oligarchs has presented science to us as an infallible field of study that should never be questioned should be comical to anyone with even a modest modicum of intellect.

In the meantime, to ensure you never lose touch with us in the future, (1) Bookmark my website, maalamalama.com/wordpress right now and (2) Remain subscribed to this newsletter. As well, as I expect to have regained my freedom within the next week, you may now download factsheets to my wealth Academy that has been 15 years in the making, as the indefinitely delayed by lockdown launch of my Academy should now be able to happen within the next three months. It is crucial that you take the above steps, because even if I am removed from every single platform of social media, you will always be able to find my content on my website (and in the next few months, at skwealthacademy.com as well).

It is imperative that we always exercise our brains and critical thinking skills at all times to stay lucid and cogent against the tsunami of propaganda that dominates mass media headlines these days. During these past eighteen months of lockdown, one of the ten critical life lessons I utilized that was key to my sanity was to always research all information about the lockdowns on my own, analyze them devoid of emotion to arrive at fact, and to never blindly believe what I was being told without performing my own research and applying my critical thinking framework to my research. Blindly following the masses will lead to more frequent states of heightened distrust, anger and division, while thinking for ourselves and exercising intellect will keep us united, strengthen cooperation in our local communities, insulate us from the negative effects of mass propaganda so omnipresent today, and  reverse the path we are headed on now away from relentless darkness and back into light.

J. Kim

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