Take “The No Facebook, No SmartPhone Challenge” & Don’t Fear the Tiny Dot

Someone commented on my last article that no one was going to read the whole article because it was too long and that I needed to present my points visually instead. While I respectfully disagree with the premise that no one would read my last two articles just because they were a little bit lengthy in comparison with newspaper articles, I wholeheartedly agree that the use of visual mediums is often a more effective tool in conveying one’s message than the use of only words. Last week, I stumbled upon a YouTube video from LarkenRose called “The Tiny Dot” (thanks to a comment on one my videos) that explains how just a few people can easily control the actions of many. So I am presenting it below.



Secondly, the use of social media has been beneficial in many ways, allowing people to share ideas very quickly with strangers in far away lands. However, there are also some very definitive drawbacks to social media as well, including the granting to tyrannical governments of an instantaneous digital “footprint” that records a person’s thoughts and movements over many years. Furthermore, given the exploding popularity of the instant-gratification paradigm of social media, social media has also been very detrimental in many ways to our quality of life by decreasing our levels of patience and our socialization skills, while simultaneously increasing OCD-like behavior among many of us. Thus, I plead of you to “Take the No Facebook, No SmartPhone Challenge” with me. You just may discover that this challenge will greatly improve the quality of your life for a week. See you in a week!




About the author: JS Kim is the founder and Managing Director of maalamalama, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm that focuses on gold & silver as a means of resisting the tyranny of the global banking cartel and of restoring sound money that would lay the foundation for the reintroduction of sustainable, organic economic growth to the world. Follow him on twitter @skwealthacademy, & sign up for his free newsletter here.

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