Stop Self-Sabotaging the Most Important Choices in Life

most important choices in life

In life, too many among us self-sabotage the most important choices in life. Though our choices are really unlimited in many ways regarding the most important pathways of our lives, because we all are born into an expectation of using certain systems, most of us rule out most of our choices that provide us with freedom of choice before even considering them. It is said that the visible spectrum of light to the naked eye only comprises 0.0035% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum and I often become frustrated that humanity confines itself to this very narrow bandwidth of choices when it comes to education, knowledge, money, and career without ever considering the other 99.9965% of choices. It is not even that we consider the other 99.9965% of choices and rule them out as not for us but the fact that most of us never even consider their existence is the self-limiting behavior that is so frustrating.

We Self-Censor Our News Consumption

We have thousands of media outlets from which to consume news, but most of us only choose CNN, FOX, the WSJ, the New York Times, Twitter and Facebook as our news providers, allowing those that control these media outlets to very easily manipulate our beliefs about many topics and divert our beliefs away from reality, whether these formulated, manipulated beliefs are about wars, pandemics, financial news or politics.

We Self-Censor Our Monetary System Options

There are literally dozens of monetary systems available for our utilization but we all bow down to the one system into which we are born, the Central Banker fiat currency system (including non hard-asset backed cryptocurrencies), with zero consideration of any other system as possibly having much greater merits than the one to which we pledge obedience with zero consideration to the possibility that this very system is the system that allows the 0.1% of the wealthiest people in every nation to hoard 99% of its wealth. I have exposed, through a simple parable, how easy it is to understand why our fiat currency system is morally reprehensible, in my e-book, The Golden Gift, which you may download for free for a limited time on my news site here.

We Confine Our Education Pathway, Often to the Very Worst Choices

Regarding the pathway of education, again we have dozens of various methodologies to choose from in which to pursue education, but since we are all born into the singular paradigm that the State and oligarchs/industrialists have deemed as best for us, we all blindly send our children to these schools without even a second thought to whether or not our children are even receiving the proper knowledge they should be taught and if it is being delivered through a medium which inspires them the most. Knowledge that should be dispensed throughout a child and young adult’s educational career, like critical thinking skills, the history of sound money, applied mathematics (versus mathematics by rote memorization) are rarely taught. And all young adults, at one point in their educational lives, should learn how to identify plants that are edible versus those that are poisonous, how to eat a diet that provides proper nutrition for the development a healthy gut biome and a strong body, knowledge about daily exercise routines necessary to maintain a good quality of life into old age, and navigational skills that use the sun’s position during the day and the stars at night are just a few additional topics that should be requisite learning subjects for everyone . Had I not learned some of this ancient knowledge on my own, knowledge that has been largely discarded in school dumpsters today, I might still be wandering in the wilderness today as my knowledge of navigational skills literally saved my life one time years ago when I became lost while hiking solo deep in the redwood forests of California.  

But we’ve thrown ancient knowledge into the rubbish bin, so if we ever face a debilitating disease over the course of our lifetime, we don’t know how to cure it and perhaps unnecessarily struggle for years with finding a cure. The refusal to teach this knowledge in traditional educational pathways is the very reason oligarchs have resorted to trying to force vaccinations upon everyone when healthy nutrition and daily exercise would have likely been adequate to provide anyone under the age of 70 with a healthy enough immune system to find off the virus.

The Narrowing of Vision Upon Technology is Unhealthy as Well

And given the importance of technology in today’s business world, every business school in the entire world should teach students how bankers use technology to frontrun, quote stuff, pull bids, spoof, manipulate prices in futures markets, employ HFT algorithmic trading, and so on, to immorally game the global financial system and cheat clients. But of course, there are no business schools in the entire world that teach these topics.

We don’t even consider why every child and young adult is groomed in academic classrooms, regardless of talents or even interest, in the same subjects. And even regarding education topics that I believe should be a core subject, like mathematics, because math is a universal language, often such topics are taught in such insufferably dry and boring manners that rely on rote memorization instead of real world applications to the fields of robotics, AI, astronomy, engineering, sports, martial arts, music, and the design of the universe. This simple tweak in how information is taught would undoubtedly transform the study of mathematics into a far more fascinating field of study for nearly every single student. For example, in this short video, just skip to the 24:35 mark to view how I use physics to teach my MMA students how to properly defend against a spinning elbow strike.

Most Importantly, We Rule out the Best Options for a Better Global Sound and Equitable Monetary System

Now consider this scenario, because this scenario should make you question everything about your current existence  You are born on a remote island in an archipelago that is located in the middle of the ocean, much like the Hawaiian islands. Only you are one of only 500,000 people that live on this island with no other human inhabitants on any other of the neighboring islands. By the way, this is not such a far-fetched scenario as I have visited islands in the Andaman sea that are in close proximity to an island called North Sentinal island that houses a tribe of people believed to consist of 50 to 200 people that have never have extended contact with the outside world, and consequently, will attempt to kill anyone that tries to visit their island. 

In any event, because you live on this remote island, you have no wifi, no smartphones, no internet connection, and no use for social media, stock markets, modern technology and fiat currencies used by the rest of the world. However, with a population of half a million people, and with an island environment lucky to be teeming with large rainforests replete with many wild animals and rich in mineral resources like iron ore, nickel, cobalt, copper, timber, gold and silver, your small remote civilization, over a timespan of many decades, has learned how to grow and cultivate food, hunt for wild pigs and boars, and build modern homes and roads to connect the island citizens that are scattered across the large island. Furthermore, you live within a large enough society that has passed on knowledge through many generations of the island’s many medicinal plants, of engineering and architectural techniques that have been used to build modern homes, and of how to cull fish from the surrounding oceans and wild animals from the huge rainforests in a manner that does not deplete resources and allows the island’s natural resources to replenish at a rate that easily provides for all of its inhabitants.

So even though you have no contact with the outside world, you have a fairly modern society that includes schools, churches, engineers, architects, farmers, and teachers to fulfill all societal pillars necessary for a very decent and sustainable quality of life. And though you have no need for fiat currencies, you still having a need for money. And consequently, you have forged a system of using silver rounds imprinted with an islander’s crafted design that is extremely difficult to counterfeit, and everything in your island economic system is purchased with grams of silver. Over the years, a system has been worked out for payment in grams of silver to all skilled laborers for their work as well as a determined constant weight of silver grams required for payment of food items per kilo and for various services necessary for daily life.

These payments per services have remained constant for decades. Silver has no fiat currency price because everything needed for a good life is available on the island and there has never been a need to deviate from valuing silver by its weight instead of valuing silver in fiat currency prices as is done by the rest of the world’s inhabitants. And due to this understanding of silver’s true value versus the distorted one given the rest of the world by its bankers, there has been zero inflation for decades on end and nobody is worried about hoarding silver because an avocado or a fig may cost double its silver price in weight next year. Furthermore, even though silver has been crafted into silverware, decorative jewelry and pitchers for storing water, nobody ever has tried to melt their silver crafts down into monetary rounds because inflation simply doesn’t exist on your island as it has a sound monetary system.

And with public transportation systems that are free, nobody on your island is worried about keeping up with the joneses and having flashier material goods because they determine their self-worth by the things they own. The crazy thing about this scenario is that other than the internet, computers, televisions, smartphones, sports cars and brand name clothes, your self-contained, remote island life really offers everything anyone could want to establish the “good life”, including museums, awesome theater and music concerts, and frequent social events like big community luaus where everyone congregates for grand feasts to celebrate special occasions.

Furthermore, your education path, your career path, your monetary path and your life path literally has no resemblance to the majority taken by the rest of the outside world’s 7.9 billion people. And with that said, hopefully perhaps some of you finally may begin to realize that while most of us have not confined our vision and choices about the most important life pathways to a shockingly narrow pathway comparable to the 0.0035% of the visible sliver of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, that perhaps we still have confined our choices about extremely important pillars of life to just 5% to 10% of all possible choices without having ever considered the other 90% to 95% of options that exist.

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