Food Prices Around the World Soar, But Inflation Remains…Incredibly Low?

no inflation while food prices soar

Food price indexes over the past rolling 12-months have been reported increasing at a healthy 4% clip, but US government and banking officials have still been reported 12-month rolling “official” inflation rates in the US at a comical and lowly 1.4%. Food price indexes over the past rolling 12-months have been reported increasing at a healthy 4% clip, but US government and banking officials have still been reported 12-month rolling “official” inflation rates in the US at a comical and lowly 1.4%. To refresh our memories, this is what happened with soaring food prices in 2010. Paul Risley, the United Nations World Food Program’s spokesman in Asia, reported that some of the 28 million “poorest of the poor” it fed could go hungry because the agency couldn’t afford to buy many of the world’s staple grains. In 2010, corn, the staple food of Central America and Mexico, also soared in price, and the US Department of Agriculture, revised its forecast for the US corn crop yield downwards by 12.6 million tonnes, or 3.9%, to 321.7 million tonnes. According to CBH Group’s wheat trading manager, Chris Brown, the USDA’s revision at that time was the largest monthly revision for corn crop supplies ever at that time. “Never before has the USDA moved the corn yield down by such an amount,” Mr. Brown said. Prices remained elevated for food in 2010 and in the years ahead but then plummeted back to normalcy in around 2013.

Fast forward to 2021 and food prices are starting to soar again. Within the past year, my patrons know that I advocated the purchase of the soybean ETF: SOYB back in August of 2020 when soybeans were still selling at about $8.50 a bushel to take advantage of coming soaring soybean prices, the reasons for which I had built the case for several months prior. Since then, in six months, soybean prices have soared to over $14 a bushel, and my suggested purchase back then of the Teucrium Soybean Fund (NYSE: SOYB) has soared more than 50% in price. Today, the price of food staples around the world, like rice, are nowhere near the disastrous price peaks of over $900 per metric ton experienced back in 2008. However, the price of rice around the world have still been steadily climbing since a low of about $350 per metric tonne in September of 2015. Since then, rice prices have climbed to about $500 per metric tonne in many Asian nations to start this year, representing a whopping 43% increase in price over the past five years. Consequently, even though the narrative of the ruling class controlled media has been that food prices have been dropping since April of 2020, which is true for many food staples, the fact is that over the last five years, most food prices are still trending strongly higher.

For example, over the last five years, in the US, beef prices have increased by 15.8%, shrimp by 16.6%, pork by 26.7% and Atlantic salmon by a whopping 36% (data drawn from  However, even as food prices soar, State and global bankers continue to comically report near non-existent rates of inflation. Apparently, their reported inflation data applies only to people that apparently have no need to eat for survival or perhaps are inflation projections for their AI robots that will replace most workers in the service industry, as robots truly do not have any food needs. Perhaps this is the reason the billionaires and leaders of the ruling class oligarchy at the World Economic Forum have written articles about how the “proles” need to start eating weeds and insects for sustenance, while they continue their wasteful eating habits consisting of menus of expensive meat and seafood to the point of gluttony while making zero concessions themselves.

In one of my most recent podcasts, I informed you of how WEF founder Klaus Shwab voiced his desire for humanity to own nothing by 2030 and predicted a future in which the “proles” would “be happy” to own absolutely nothing. In addition, these members of the global ruling class oligarchy, devoid of levels of compassion possessed by most normal human beings, script articles predicting our future with titles like “5 reasons we need to start nurturing – and eating – weeds” and “Good grub: Why we might be eating insects soon.”  In the former article, author Douglas Broom provides us with such sparkling insightful gems like “weeds can be nutritious and tasty, if we know which ones to pick” and “as the global population grows, they can be a reliable food source.” Of course, people like Broom and his ilk will never serve weeds to their families while strongly advocating for the “proles” to eat weeds. In both of these articles, the usage of the word “we” never include the authors, their families, or WEF members, but only refers to us.

Regarding reasons why we should start expressing gratitude, versus disgust, about finding insects in our food, the author of “why we might be eating insects soon”, Sean Fleming, writes, “per kilo of live weight, bugs emit less harmful gas than more mainstream farm animals. A cow, for example, produces 2.8 kg of greenhouse gas per kilo of live body weight. Insects, on the other hand, produce just 2 grams.” Eat insects instead of meat, Fleming declares, and we will save the world from global warming. To prepare us for an insect food industry that will triple in the next three years, according to market research firms, Fleming asks us, “As scarcity of resources and sustainability become increasingly important issues for food production and distribution, how long before you’re asking for insects in your food, rather than complaining if you find one?”

As I’ve discussed numerous times, most recently in my most recent article posted on my news site, if you believe everything the State is telling you about economic data, then most likely you will also fall victim to believing unwarranted information they also report about the “dangerous” nature of the global virus, and the fabricated explosion of new infection reports that relies on a completely unscientific diagnostic test to confirm infections. Again, for the sake of clarification, I want to be crystal clear in that I am not calling the PCR test an unscientific, non-science based test, because such an assertion would be wrong, but I am calling it for what it is – an unscientific diagnostic test when it comes to providing reliable, positive tests for infection of a specific virus.

Curiously enough, I was previously unaware that so many people online have been intent on “debunking” the truth about the PCR test yielding enormously high rates of false positives (the provision of positive tests for those that do not have the virus), a condition that obviously renders all results from PCR tests completely worthless. However, in response to my last article, when so many of my friends responded, “Oh no, the claims about the PCR test being completely unreliable have all been debunked” and “that was fake news”, I learned of the mountains of minions that have taken to posting online false narratives about the inefficacy and unreliability of the PCR test in providing positive infection data.

 I will likely post some clips soon of Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test, stating that the PCR test is completely unreliable as a diagnostic test on my news site. All of my friends that claimed the scientific unreliability of the PCR test has been debunked reached their false conclusions, not by finding the best source material to draw such a conclusion, but by listening to self-appointed “authorities” declarations that this worrisome true claim about the PCR test was false. In fact, none of my friends actually listened to any interviews with Kary Mullis, the PCR test inventor, that stated that the PCR test, as a diagnostic test for viruses, could be used in a manner to find whatever virus they wanted and was therefore completely unreliable as a diagnostic test. Consequently, it is completely irrelevant whether healthcare personnel, doctors, or administrators of health organizations have said that claims about the inaccuracy of the PCR test have been debunked. If they have all said so and completely ignored the warnings provided by Kary Mullis against using the PCR test to positively identify viral infections in patients, then their conclusions lack any credibility as well.

At a minimum, it should not only be extremely troubling that Kary Mullis stated that his PCR test should not be used to provide positive or false tests for viral infections, as is currently being deployed by the ruling class today, but it should also be extremely troubling that Mullis stated the ruling class-appointed authority about the virus, Fauci, “doesn’t know anything, really, about anything” when it comes to medicine and science, despite Fauci’s medical degree, and that he is just a figurehead to promote their dark agenda. Of course, in response to Mullis’s statement, as it destroys Fauci’s credibility, the oligarchs attempted to paint Mullis as a crazy person and Fauci as the brilliant one, when indeed Mullis was the brilliant Nobel Prize winning scientist, not Fauci.

As inevitably happens with the ruling class, when they cannot credibly debunk a truth that discredits their agenda (i.e., the inaccuracy and complete unreliability of the PCR test as a diagnostic tool for positive infection identification), they will always try to assassinate the character of the man that has exposed their charlatan nature. When I called out the banking oligarchs for their criminality in suppressing gold and silver prices in 2008 and 2009 and even reported proof of their criminal behavior to US regulatory agencies, I was met with mockery and dismissed as a conspiracy theorist, even though anyone but a fool now realizes that bankers criminally manipulated gold and silver prices downward for decades (due to their admissions in court of doing so since then). And when character assassination failed to shut me up, then my business was attacked and every company upon whom I depended to operate tried to bankrupt my business. But here I am today, still exposing their wickedness.

Consequently, the ruling class spokesmen have made many allegations about unrelated controversial statements given by Mullis in an attempt to posthumously discredit his statements about the inability of the PCR test to provide accurate diagnostic results for viral infections. Whether or not you agree or disagree with Mullis’s other controversial statements is completely irrelevant to the accuracy and indisputable nature of his issued statements regarding the test he invented – the PCR test – and anyone that dismisses an airtight argument given by someone because of other controversial statements offered by that same person is a complete non-intellectual. Why?

To begin, if you dispute anything the mass media claims or the ruling class claims, you have offered a controversial opinion, so unless you are a complete obedient serf of Statism, then you too have made a controversial statement in the past. Should this invalidate every credible statement you have ever made? Secondly, there is no one in the world that is infallible. So, even if a person expressed a belief in a statement that has since been proven false, which applies to basically every person in human history, to then invalidate everything else that person stated, included very well documented and evidence supported statements, again is a reflection of the low intellectual environment that the ruling class has created to successfully achieve adoption of their propaganda.

Likewise, so much false financial data reported by the State could be completely debunked if the person that believed such comically false data only went to the source of the data and researched the completely faulty methodology and data gathering procedures used to compile such data. However, I have yet to meet another person in my entire lifetime that dismissed the truth about nearly all key economic data being reported by the State as severely faulty that has also ever checked and verified the source of the data, i.e., the surveying and data collection methodologies.

If you don’t have the intelligence to question the lockdowns that accompany fake virus infection data supplied by inaccurate PCR tests, then perhaps you may be among those begging for insects and weeds on your dinner plate by 2023. As the truth escapes mass censorship and leaks out more frequently, and more and more people realize that “masking’ is unscientific in stopping the spread of viruses and realize that enforced involuntary lockdowns are more about totalitarian control and providing cover for the upcoming global economic implosion than about protecting humanity from a “deadly” virus that doesn’t exist, expect the lies about the virus to mutate as well. Even though all viruses experience antigenic drift, which is the reason, by and large, that flu vaccines are often completely ineffective for large parts of the population that opt to take it every year, the concept of “mutation” for the current virus is being sold to us as an unexpected, abnormal development to reinforce the origin story of its development as a biological weapon.

So don’t be surprised if soon, new mutating narratives are invented by the ruling class to accompany natural antigenic drift of the virus to claim that the virus has now mutated to become extremely dangerous to children or to teenagers and adults under 50 whereas before, the virus was only dangerous to those 60 to 70 years and older that also has a co-morbidity that also weakened their immune system. Furthermore, many of us expect every villain to be obvious, to look like Waingro from the Michal Mann film Heat, and do not realize that villains routinely come in all shapes and forms, including those that appear to be beneficent and harmless. For the rest of us, appeal to curiosity as an essential building block of our intellect and our ability to arrive at truth. Of course, since nearly everything we are taught in school, including at the graduate level in MBA programs, is false regarding not only economic statistics, but the mechanisms that control asset and capital market pricing, it is unsurprising that in order to understand even simple truths about such topics, many need to undergo deprogramming from the misinformation they were taught in school.

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