Soaring Commodity Prices Plus Global Lockdowns is a Formula for Apocalyptic Disaster

soaring food prices in 2021 will lead to mass starvation of biblical proportions

Soaring commodity prices and food prices along with continuing rolling global lockdowns, unlikely to end until 2023 at the earliest, that impede the ability of the hundreds of millions around the world that most desperately need to work to purchase food, are a lethal combination for creating mass hunger and starvation. Most sinister about these soaring food costs over just the last rolling twelve-months, is the fact that 24/7 coverage by the mainstream media about the delta variant of the virus has kept this significant information out of the media headlines and out of the consciousness of the masses.

If we observe the prices of the three food staples of the entire world, two of them, wheat and corn, have respectively soared more than 40% and nearly doubled in price, with only one of the world’s food staples, rice, actually lower in price from last July. However, the fact that the price of rice, a staple of daily food on the Asian and African continent, has dropped, does not mean rice is cheap. Rice dropped 9.6% yoy from last year while wheat and corn prices soared, because from 2019 to 2022, the price of rice soared more than 100%. Consequently, rice’s twelve-month rolling price drop is highly misleading as the price of wheat, maize and rice have all soared when compared to their prices from two to three years ago. In other words, even with rice’s yoy 9.6% price drop, its price is still 35% higher than prices just two-and-a-half years ago. Furthermore, with nitrate and phosphate fertilizers soaring more than 100% in price over the past-year, this will push the final costs of basic food staples to the end consumer well over 40% in price per year at current rates. In the developing world that consumes much more of a meat-based versus plant based diet, the cost of food has also soared with beef, lamb and poultry prices soaring 14.5% to 44.5%.  Even other staples, like coffee, that are considered a guilty pleasure versus a necessary daily staple, have soared more than 32% in price.

As my prior research has shown that these global lockdowns are much more finance-motivated lockdowns versus health based lockdowns, as you may learn about here, unfortunately, due to the mass media’s completely immoral lack of coverage of  ongoing rapidly growing mass global hunger, dozens of world leaders have literally avoided any scrutiny about the potential mass extinction consequences of their lockdown policies.  The World Food Programme has reported that, as a direct consequence of a year and half of continual lockdowns, 272 million people on planet Earth now suffer acute food insecurity. Another half year to year of lockdowns will drive tens of millions from this group from acute food insecurity into daily starvation and life-and-death struggles. As this group of 272 million people have seen their daily incomes cut by 80%, 90% and more, from the pre-lockdown level during the course of these financially motivated lockdowns, with consequent basic food staple prices increasing 40% and higher, it does not require a mathematical genius to understand that continuing lockdowns will push millions upon millions of people into starvation, one of the worst and most painful ways to die, as the body literally consumes itself.

Apparently, for hundreds of politicians around the world enforcing rolling lockdowns, the plight of hundreds of millions of acutely food insecure human beings is of zero concern as they continue life as normal in their protected gated communities and continue to flaunt the very lockdown mandates they impose upon us, dining out at fancy restaurants while quarantining us at home, at dinner parties that cost more than $300 a head with thousand dollar bottles of wine.  In the course of conducting my research to uncover the real reasons behind these ongoing global lockdowns that no longer even verge on cruel but have firmly crossed the creepy line into the territory of misanthropic, I’ve spoken to friends that reside in, or have visited, the few nations that remained almost completely open from lockdowns through the entirety of the last eighteen months, such as Sweden and Mexico. Though just anecdotal stories, these friends have relayed to me that the quality of life in nations that have remained largely unwilling to lockdown their citizens when compared to conditions in the rest of the locked down world is like night and day, and that when returning to nations in which draconian lockdown measures have been enforced, it was difficult to reconcile the fact that such drastically and dramatically different conditions of freedom and basic human rights could be imposed on the same planet.

Furthermore, it is unnecessary to speculate about the lockdowns having actually pushed the group of 272 million closer and closer to the cliff’s edge of famine with each passing day, week and month. The World Food Programme studied these conditions through the first half of this year and reported that ongoing lockdowns this year have already pushed 14 million people in 43 nations around the world off the cliff and into the “emergency” phase of food insecurity that is a mere step away from the type of famine that engages humans in a daily battle of life and death. As horrible as these statistics may be, there are still more than 800 million people around the world that go to sleep every single night with hunger pains as of July 2021. In addition, given the history of the World Bank to exploit crises to their advantage, with 415 million malnourished hungry citizens on the Asian continent and hundreds of millions more on the African continent at the current time, I fully expect their bank employees to travel to the nations that currently have the largest populations of hungry and suffering, i.e. Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, the DRC, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia, to meet with their corrupt ruling politicians to offer “bailout” loans in the billions of dollars that will enrich both of them, but impose punitive conditions of disbursement upon their hungry populations that will cripple their economies and strip them of their humanity for the next two decades.

Finally, if we look at the chart of base metals, precious metals, and energy related commodities in my soaring commodities bar graph, we will observe that they all soared yoy by 30%+ to more than 100% over the past year, with the exception of one commodity that seems to be immune from soaring commodity prices – gold. Yoy, gold has only increased about 6% while the prices of nearly every other commodity on planet Earth has skyrocketed. Of course, I’ve spoken about Central Banker and bullion bankers’ execution of artificial price suppression schemes regarding gold dozens of times in the past on my news site, and most recently, in my articles, The Making of a Gold Heist and Basel III Effects on Gold Prices v. the Truth. With gold having a lot of “catch up” to play with its commodity peers in terms of percentage gains in price, the next 12 to 24 months should be an interesting one for gold indeed.

J. Kim

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