Sneak Peek 1 into Transcendent Level skwealthacademy Patron Opportunities Discussed this Past February 2020

Below is a summary of most of the February investment opportunities I discussed with transcendent level skwealthacademy patrons this past February, with a couple of the opportunities withheld from this post, as we are replaying them right now again for possible further big gains. So here is the bulk of most of the February opportunities I discussed below. This bulletin below was delivered in text to my transcendent level patrons:

“As all of you know, I’ve been waiting a while to discuss opening put options on Pacific Gas and Electric, and I stated that one should wait until after 20 February before considering this option. That date marked the date some news would arrive about its organizational restructure strategy to avoid bankruptcy. On that date, PG&E projected a massive turnaround and positive annual profits for 2020 of $454M after paying off nearly $25B in losses caused by its faulty equipment sparking massive California wildfires and massive loss of homes. However, one should realize a number of things. One, PG&E declared $1.7B in profits just 3-years ago, so even though $454M in projected profits is a massive turnaround it is still a massive decline in a multi-year profit trend. Secondly, they plan a secondary offering of $16B in stock to get back on their feet and profitable again, and issuing massive amounts of stock is always share price dilutive. Third, they plan to take on $38B in additional debt. Fourth, they face an uphill battle to get their restructuring plan blessed by the California governor by June of this year, because the governor doesn’t feel as though the company is shouldering enough financial responsibility for the massive damage it inflicted upon California residents.”

“All these factors do not make me optimistic about the future of PG&E, and if its share price, currently at $17.92 a share, rises just another dollar or so, then at this point, I think buying put options with expiration dates 3 to 6 months out at a strike price of $18.00 a share makes for a good speculation. However, if I think put options on this stock are a good speculation, I will make another video about this topic. With PG&E, you may also recall that I said that it “appeared” that we missed an opportunity to short it when the stock dropped by 6%+ but that despite this “missed” opportunity, I was confident that my call was still the right call. This also has played out according to my guidance as PG&E share prices rose into February 20 to 24th, exactly as I had feared.”

Updated Note: This is one opportunity I did not strongly endorse, but as you can see, I still inform my patrons of solid opportunities that exist, as PG&E stock promptly fell 66% in share price after this post!

“If we move on to NYSE: SLV, the silver ETF, you know that last week, when silver broke above the $18.50 an ounce mark, I discussed buying April call options on SLV at an out-of-the-money strike price of $18 a share at $0.34 or $34 a contract. That option closed that SAME DAY already up by 29.4% so again, make sure that at worst, you break even on this position, though I think that this possibly could return a high double-digit or possibly even triple-digit return to those with higher risk appetites.”

“Below with the gold chart, I mentioned numerous times over the past few weeks that once gold was able to clear the range of $1,550 to $1,565 an ounce that it would be free to rise substantially. This has come to fruition as I predicted.”

gold continuous contract technical chart analysis

Updated Note: There were two more stocks I discussed in the February bulletin delivered to my patrons that both yielded triple digit gains that I have omitted in this sneak peek because both stocks are back in play right now for potential very large gains. So let’s continue with the rest of the opportunities I discussed in February of this year via weekly video releases and exclusive articles delivered to my transcendent level patrons.

“And I’ve also discussed the GDX and HUI gold mining stocks ETFs, and specifically on 14 February, provided very specific levels for both of these ETFs that would launch these ETFs higher. I stated that if GDX closed above 27.67 later that day and the HUI closed at or above 221 later that day, that this event could launch much higher prices. Here are the charts for both of these ETFs below, according to the guidance I provided on 14 February.”

HUI gold bugs index technical chart analysis
GDX technical chart analysis

“Finally, when I discuss all opportunities on Patron, I don’t always tell you when specifically to exit an opportunity once they are up, since only you can determine when to do this based upon your risk tolerance, which differs for every person. However, as I state with everything, always limit your downside to limit your losses to your personal tolerance, and also always have exit strategies once profitable, which all of these opportunities I discussed are – so ensure that you never turn large profits into losses. And as always, nothing above qualifies as investment advice, but only my opinion about investment opportunities based upon my decades of experience. Do you own due diligence and assume responsibility for all outcomes of any of your ventures if you decide to act upon the discussion of my presented opportunities.”

“And today, 25 February, here is a quick update on what has happened with Boeing stock (NYSE:BA) since I discussed shorting this stock. Though I won’t return with commentary on when to close out other profitable positions on opportunities I’ve discussed, as everyone should have their own exit strategies and have experience trading if entering the opportunities I discuss, I will offer my opinion on this trade:”

Boeing technical chart analysis

Update Note: Boeing was actually a stock that I had suggested shorting twice in the course of the prior year, both of which yielded large double digit to triple digit gains. So the above was the third time I had discussed shorting this same stock for very significant short-term gains. As well, as you can see from all the discussed opportunities, very large gains materialized over very short holding periods, sometimes as short as just a few days. All opportunities were delivered via weekly videos and then at times, discussed further with exclusive published analysis on my news site accessible only through passwords provided to transcendent level skwealthacademy patrons.

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