skwealthacademy’s Perfect Financial Storm Predictions and What’s Ahead

perfect financial storm of 2020

Thus far, the ups and downs of global financial markets have been playing out fairly closely to my predictions during the perfect financial storm that has materialized to begin this year, so let’s summarize my thoughts over the past several weeks before discussing my thoughts about the future (by the way, you can always read about my thoughts before anyone else by bookmarking my news site here). After observing and understanding the gravity of the coronavirus threat from being on the ground in Asia, I speculated in January if coronavirus would be “the black swan that pops the Bubble of Everything in 2020?” With global markets already a massive bubble as we began 2020, the development of a global pandemic only contributed to the development of a perfect financial storm. After more confirmation about the gravity of the coronavirus threat, and after becoming convinced on 6 February that it would spread to countries outside of China and form major outbreaks in other regions of the world, I speculated that “gold and silver prices [would] likely rise on coronavirus fears” and that the future “economic consequences” of the coronavirus pandemic were being “underreported”. Western mass media, after originally dismissing the coronavirus threat as having minimal to no impact upon the economies of Western nations, finally came around to realization of the truth in the past couple of weeks.

As the gravity of the coronavirus continued to build in Asia, where I am based, spreading from China to South Korea and Japan, but also likely to strongly spread in India, I had a few conversations with friends based in France, Canada and America, all of whom told me that no one in their countries was concerned about the risk of coronavirus becoming a serious threat to them. After these conversations, I released a video titled, “Why the West is Underestimating the Coronavirus Threat” before anyone had been reported as infected or dead in America from the virus. I provided the specific facts why I knew a nonchalant attitude toward the coronavirus threat to be the wrong reaction. Furthermore, in that video, I stated that after the 3,711 passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship were released on 19 February, with 542 reported as infected, that the numbers of infected passengers would explode after the passengers returned to their home nations as proper quarantine procedures of returning cruise ship passengers to their homelands were not followed, further exacerbating the perfect financial storm. As of today, 4 March, 2020, my prediction has come true, as the number of infected passengers has exploded from 542 to 706, with a strong probability that this number will continue to grow higher in coming weeks.

As the global economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic become more apparent to everyone else, I then stated on 17 February that Central Bankers will cut interest rates in response, but that cutting interest rates will fail to be the “panacea” that this behavior was in past years. And for anyone that missed that article, I wrote two additional ones this week to emphasize that a US Central Banker interest rate cut was imminent, publishing that “US Central Bankers Will Quickly Cut the Interest Rate Now” two days ago and reiterating that US Central Bankers were “stuck between a rock and a hard place” yesterday, speculating that they would cut interest rates by 0.75% as opposed to the expected 0.50% by 18 March, and pointing out that this behavior would have consequences the bankers hated, as “their solution to calming US stock markets will also reverse the price pullback in gold and silver prices.” About six hours after I published this statement, the US Central Bankers cut the Fed Funds rate by 0.50%, which leaves the interest rate open to further cuts in the coming weeks in my opinion, based upon how US stock markets react in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, just as I had predicted weeks before that cutting interest rates would no longer serve as a “panacea” for failing stock markets, though the US DJIA and US S&P 500 respectively immediately soared by and 160 points, by market close, the interest rate slash was already failing, with the Dow Jones giving up 1,167 of its enormous 1,378 point intraday gain and the S&P 500 losing all of its intraday gain but for 26.74 points by market close yesterday in New York. So what’s ahead? Not much that is good, unfortunately in my opinion. The Central Banker interest rate cut is like slapping a band-aid on a deep wound that requires 185 stitches to heal. Central Bankers created the economic mass that is falling apart now, with 12 consecutive years of monetary policy foolishness since the 2008 global financial crisis (that they also created) and simple interest rate cuts will be massively insufficient to solve the problem now. Furthermore, if you have subscribed  my skwealthacademy2 YouTube channel and watched the videos I created in which I discuss the facts versus disinformation about the coronavirus, then  you already know that the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are only going to grow larger in scope in future months as other major cities in the world will suffer serious outbreaks and many deaths from this pandemic due, not to the inability for the pandemic to be contained, but to the incompetence and nonchalance of State government officials in the manner in which they’ve handled this pandemic.

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Finally, I have included a chart of the US dollar below, as it is in real danger of suffering a rapid decline in purchasing power if it clearly breaks below the bottom trend line in the chart below.

US dollar on verge of crash?

J. Kim

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