How Tribal Affiliations Are Used to Tear Down Our Principles, Honor and Integrity | skwealthacademy podcast_001

In the inaugural skwealthAcademy podcast_001, I discuss how the wealthiest echelon of global political and banking & finance communities around the world use tribal affiliations imprinted into our DNA to weaken our resolve, our honor, our integrity and our principles in a manner that is not apparent to must of us. We must take the power back from them before they turn us against each other, which is the number one mind-control technique they use to ensure that most of us never realize the manipulated matrix in which they encourage us to live our lives, while they live outside of the same pillars and boundaries in which they have herded the rest of us. Though I discuss only life philosophy and critical thinking in this podcast, YouTube has once again flagged my video as “advertising unfriendly”, though there is no offensive content in this podcast, which ensures that thousands of my subscribers never receive notification of this podcast. Again, you may always directly check my YouTube channel every month to ensure you remain aware of when I upload new content, or check here on my blog as I tend to upload most new YouTube content here as well. Apparently the censors at Google and YouTube are unhappy with anyone that encourages people to exercise their critical thinking skills and to break free of their “comply, blindly obey, and do” narratives they heavily promote.

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If you watch and enjoy this video, please leave a comment in the comment section of the video on YouTube urging YouTube to stop censoring notification of videos as you would like to receive notification of new content from channels to which you have subscribed!

J. Kim

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