skwealthacademy Mid-Year Financial Review: What You Need to Know to Survive H2 2020

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In my mid-year financial review, I am going to review what I believe are the most important podcasts, out of the 107 I’ve published on my new skwealthacademy channel, of which you can find the full archive online at youtube, for the first half of this year. This is essential listening in order not to get bled out by the ruling parasitic class by the end of this year as is their sinister goal. Below I provide a brief synopsis of each of these essential podcasts, and the reasons why I believe they will be immensely useful to your wealth preservation strategies for the second half of this year. Though typically, in Presidential election years, the incumbent President is able to successfully manipulate Central Bankers to keep US stock markets afloat long enough to make a strong stock market a vital pillar of his re-election campaign, I believe that this typical pattern will not hold this year. Due to the economic destruction and pillaging of the global economy by the ruling parasitic class, and the likely false flag second Covid wave that will be used as an excuse to continue destroying the financial livelihoods of billions, as I’ve already explained the necessity of the continuation of this con game here, there is a high likelihood in my opinion, that for the first time in our lifetimes, an incumbent President will not have the benefit of a strong, or at least a stable stock market, as we progress into a Presidential election day. In fact, due to the incumbent President’s constant annoyance of the alphabet agencies, a stock market crash may even be artificially engineered in September/October to deflate the artificially engineered bubble that would all but destroy Donald Trump’s re-election bid. With that said, though it is abnormal and extremely rare for a global financial crisis to rear its ugly head prior to a US Presidential election date, in this case, preparation for the second phase of the global financial crisis of 2020 during the second half of this year is the only intelligent option.

skwealthacademy podcast #103, my review of season 4 of mr. robot

The reason I reviewed a TV show and why I have selected this podcast as an essential one for preparing for the financial collapse of H2 2020 was due to the numerous metaphors of the events depicted in that final season to real world events happening in 2020. In addition, the struggles of the protagonist, Elliot Alderson, to escape a world in which he was trapped and his failure to understand how to do so until the final two episodes of the show was a brilliant metaphor for the voluntary entrapment of the majority of the world’s population inside a world created by the parasitic class that offers no freedom to anyone that voluntarily remains inside of it.  Consequently, understanding the metaphors contained in season 4 of mr. robot are essential to understanding how to escape confinement in the real world as well.

skwealthacademy podcast #104, the power of showing up

In this episode, I provided numerous examples of the power of showing up that enable some to prevail while many others perish on the same playing field. By applying the act of consistency and showing up every day, one will learn first how to survive, and then how to thrive, important lessons when the second phase of the financial implosion is rendered upon us. The power of merely showing up every day when others do not have the intestinal fortitude to match such persistence remains an unrealized tool in the arsenal of survival for many.

skwealthacademy podcast #100, the power of creativity

Difficult times require imagination and creativity to flourish while others continue to flounder. Here, I provide concrete examples of creative approaches I’ve used in the past to get hired when everyone around me told me that either (1) no one would hire me for an industry position in which I had zero experience; or (2) the current economic environment was so bleak that no one could secure a job in such an environment. Despite these factors, with a little bit of creativity and utilizing the power of showing up, not only was I able to secure a job when everyone else said it was impossible, but I was able to secure the exact job I wanted more than just once.

skwealthacademy podcast #95, money is not what you think it is

If you don’t understand the idea of money, and how it is used to control, instead of liberate us, and why no sound money is in widespread use anywhere on planet Earth today, then it will be very hard for you to survive the financial implosion that is coming. Enough said.

skwealthacademy podcast #92: pandemic profits, a connection between pandemic lockdowns and wealth preservation for the 1%

If you truly are interested in knowing why there has been a global coordination of pandemic lockdowns and wealth preservation not for the 99% but only for the 1%, and why the mass media has been incessantly priming us for another prolonged global lockdown due to a “second wave” of infections, then listen to this podcast. If you can’t see the truth hidden in plain sight, then you will have very little chance of survival when the second phase of the global financial implosion manifests. In case you need a little extra help in understanding a situation this is crystal clear to anyone capable of independent thought, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a member of the parasitic political class, recently stated on camera that she only wants to hire people that vow allegiance to the new world order represented by the likes of Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, the CFR, the BIS, and more. To really understand the much more comprehensive plan of the ruling parasitic class to bankrupt us all so they can exert total control over us that is ongoing right now, also watch podcasts #85 and #86.

skwealthacademy podcast #88B: a simple pathway to truth

This podcast covers topics regarding how to become a better critical thinker. If you stay married to your beliefs and never challenge them as possibly being wrong with a willingness to consider opposition viewpoints, I guarantee you that your wealth preservation strategy for H2 2020 has more holes than Swiss cheese and will not hold up well after the second phase of the global financial system implosion starts.

skwealthacademy #84C: why a segmented pandemic strategy is 1000X smarter than a global blanket lockdown

I stated in February and March, and again in this podcast, that a segmented pandemic strategy was more than sufficient to stop the spread of the virus in a manner that would have protected the vulnerable while allowing all healthy people to continue life as normal. Now, finally in June, more and more medical doctors are endorsing the strategy I endorsed as the most reasonable and effective strategy to deploy, before heads of State decided to close all international borders to international travel and local politicians indefinitely closed the doors of millions of small businesses worldwide, effectively ensuring the financial ruin of billions. However, even now, we still don’t hear the voices of the medical doctors that endorse the strategy I proposed months ago on mass media, but you can only hear their declarations of a segmented strategy through independent media sources.

It is extremely disturbing that the vast majority of people today still rely 100% on mass media to shape their opinions about everything, including how they should comply with all State mandates given around the world in regard to the pandemic despite the fact that people in positions of authority like Dr. Fauci of the WHO have already been outed as releasing conflicting statements multiple times about the virus.  For those of you still relying on mass media as your go-to-source for how you should behave in retard to this ongoing pandemic, consider the following reality. Besides the mass media, I don’t know of any group in the entire world that do not want repugnant child sex traffickers to be imprisoned. If you believe that journalists that work for the mass media, with the exception of a few that you could count on one hand, desire justice to be meted out to repulsive child sex traffickers, then how do you explain their complete silence regarding Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, two people that deserve to rot in hell if the allegations about their role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring are true.

If your response was, “Who’s Sarah Kellen?” my response is, “Exactly.”  Consider that this is a journalistic apparatus that, because their masters are part of the parasitic class, refuse to expose and condemn the most repulsive human beings on planet earth. And then consider that the majority of us blindly believe that this group with zero moral compass, is not serving their masters’ agenda regarding reporting of the viral pandemic but has actually opted to tell us the truth? If you believe that a journalistic apparatus that is clearly compromised by its servitude to a parasitic class can then flip its view 180 degrees regarding another topic (the viral pandemic) and serve us with nothing but truths, then once again, with such poor critical thinking skills, you will be financially destroyed and completely unprepared for the second phase of this global financial implosion when it materializes.

If no one in the mass media stated that a “second wave” was coming, would anyone believe that a second serious wave of infections was coming? Of course not! Think for yourself. All of us are susceptible to falling for the mass media’s platitudes and falsehoods, especially if they push a narrative every day for months on end. I too have been guilty of falling for such rubbish in the past. However, in any matter in which I really desired to understand the truth instead of just answering “I don’t know” when questioned about a topic,  I eventually conducted my own research, which often has resulted in my views changing 180 degrees in the opposite direction. In fact, just watch my skwealthacademy podcast #107 in which I gladly admit that my first impression about a book I was reading was completely wrong after I researched the topic of the book further and identified the mistakes in my initial beliefs.

And finally…

skwealthacademy podcast #68: violent price divergences between real physical and paper gold (and silver) prices

Though I released this episode in mid-March, unsurprisingly everything in this episode still remains very relevant at the end of June.

And there you have it, a solid selection of information that should provide one with information necessary to form a cogent strategy to deal with the economic uncertainties that may manifest during H2 2020. For weekly investment tips, analysis and extra monthly bonus podcasts, become a skwealthacademy patron here. Click here to view a documentable, verifiable sample of the type of analysis you will receive as an skwealthacademy patron. Click the below image to watch a more comprehensive edition of the information in this article.

skwealthacademy mid year 2020 financial review

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