skwealthacademy’s Financial News of the Horrific & Parasitic, Vol. 7, 31 Aug. – 4 Sept. 2020

Topics covered in Issue 7 of skwealthacademy’s Financial News of the Horrific and Parasitic include Elon Musk’s neuralink project, the reasons covid morbidity rates of black Americans and Brazilians are higher than national averages, the new geopolitical alliance the US is forming with India, Japan, and Australia to exert more monetary influence over the Asia-Pacific region, the continuing decimation of the global bee population that nobody seems to care about anymore, though bees pollinate 90% of our food, how Indian PM Modi’s economic lockdown is succeeding in stealing the physical gold stacks of his countrymen, despite the abject failure of his first attempt through his gold demonetization gold bond plan (of which I warned all Indians to stay clear of this malicious plan here), the critical strategic mistake made by the management of Australian gold mining company Resolute Mining, and why the global economic lockdowns have introduced enormous risk for gold mining companies operating in Mexico, though not for the reasons that you likely believe. In addition, though many Indian citizens are selling physical gold heirlooms held in their families for decades and also gold gifted to them as wedding present to survive during PM Modi’s tyrannical lockdown measures that have prevented millions from working, Indians should note that their are firms in India that lend money against physical gold, which is likely a better solution for cash-strapped citizens as gold’s price will resume climbing higher before year’s end.

I forgot to mention, in the video podcast below, the huge story of Aussie Premier Dan Andrew’s anointing himself as king of Victoria this week, including sending state police to arrest pregnant woman Zoe Lee inside her home for expressing dissent to his draconian lockdowns on Facebook. For those interested, these are the words expressed by Ms. Lee that have become worthy of arrest in King Andrew’s kingdom, as I believe it is important for everyone that has not yet read the post that led to her arrest to read the below.

I also find it curious that the post is marked “private”, yet Victorian state police were still able to read the post, even though they were undoubtedly not among the people to whom the message was distributed. Consequently, does anyone out there know how the police got wind of Zoe Lee’s private group message? Did someone in her group rat her out to the police for a cash reward? If someone knows, I would be interested to learn the answer. Additionally, note that Ms. Buhler actually supports premier Dan Andrew’s talking points of social distancing and wearing face masks, despite zero scientific evidence that wearing face masks is an effective means of preventing viral transmission in the general population. Consequently, I suppose her call to “stand for human rights” and her declaration that Australia is a “free country” was the “illegal” inciteful speech that led Victorian police to deem her a threat to her community and for Assistant Police Commissioner Luke Cornelius to voice his support for the legitmacy of Zoe Lee’s arrest.

skwealthacademy financial news, volume 7
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skwealthacademy Financial News of the Horrific and Parasitic, Vol. 7, shownotes:

Tyrant Australian Premier Dan Andrews Declares Himself King of Victoria

Australian TV station Sky News Condemns Premier Dan Andrews’s censorship of dissent to his draconian lockdown policies as a “national day of shame”

Is there any real scientific progress in Elon Musk’s neuralink?

Why virus mortality rates are so high among black Americans and Brazilians

The new geopolitical alliance among the US with Japan, Australia, and India

Monsanto’s roundup pesticide continues to decimate the global bee population

If you don’t succeed at first, try again. How Indian PM Modi’s first attempt to steal physical gold from his citizens failed, but why his second attempt is succeeding

Indians, don’t sell your physical gold for needed cash during the economic lockdowns. Borrow money against it instead

Why investing in gold mining companies with primary operations in Mexico is likely to get risky

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