Will Russian Economic Sanctions Make Russia the Happiest Place on Earth?

Russian economic sanctions, part I: major global companies that have withdrawn or are shutting down business in Russia
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Russian economic sanctions, part II: Major global companies that have withdrawn from Russia or are closing operations in Russia due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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With war comes great hypocrisy.

Let’ talk about why current Russian economic sanctions may transform Russians into the most diet healthy, non-spied upon, least supportive of child and slave labor exploitative companies, most improved environmentally, least Hollywood propaganda and brainwashed, most mentally healthy and socially well-adjusted, and perhaps, only sound money considering citizen-base in the world! If these Russian economic sanctions last last for longer than a year (thought I doubt they will, because corporate CEOs will place profits above consciousness 100% of the time, even in regard to the type of proselytizing “fake” consciousness they’ve been demonstrating), the positive transformation of Russian society that will take place may be the most rapidly observed socially-conscious, health, and environmental positive- transformation ever witnessed in modern history. The hypocrisy of companies sanctioning Russia on declarations of moral integrity are absurd because many of these companies regularly:

(1) EXPLOIT the naivete of their consumer base to engage in deceptive marketing practices;

(2) EXPLOIT child labor, prison labor and slave labor in sourcing raw materials or manufacturing products;

(3) WREAK destruction on the environment and mental/physical health of global citizens; and/or

 (4) LEAVE massively negative social footprints in every corner of earth in which they operate

As they hide their own repugnant track record referenced above, which I discuss in detail in the above linked podcasts, let’s discuss why the hypocritical divestment decisions of corporate executives from Russia, often coupled with comical statements about morality being the driving force behind their corporate decisions to enforce economic sanctions upon all Russian citizens that have nothing to do with the war, may actually end up greatly rewarding the very Russian citizens their divestment actions are intended to “punish”. If only the rest of us could be so lucky to have these companies divest from our nations as well.

Even though the above two podcasts are part-satire (because I don’t believe the divestment behavior of these companies from these nations will be comprehensive enough or long enough in duration to actually result in massive positive transformational change in society), it is still worth exposing the massive hypocrisy of the repugnant corporate decisions of global corporate executives that live in glass houses throwing rocks at others.

P.S. Both podcasts are completely free and I have NOT published them behind a paywall. One merely needs to sign up for a free account on the Rokfin platform to watch them.

Shownotes for the above two podcasts are below:

Here is a list of many companies that have stated they will no longer conduct business in Ukraine because of “moral” reasons but that are comically deficient in moral business practices themselves, with references listed to the information I provided in the abov podcasts:

Estée Lauder and L’Oreal

  • Source the mineral micah from India, a nation notorious for child labor exploitation and unsafe working conditions in their micah mines

Article: https://bit.ly/3tj0vu8

Nike, Adidas

  • Notorious for use of sweatshops to manufacture their goods.

Article: https://bit.ly/3u2LcVw


  • Accused of outsourcing textile buying and manufactured clothing purchasing from exploitative sweatshops in Bangladesh and other SE Asian nations

Disposable fashion documentary, The True Cost: https://bit.ly/3u3GTsV

Walt Disney, Warner Brothers

  • Both studios have been accused of granting US alphabet agencies script doctoring rights and the ability to insert political propaganda into dozens of movies and TV shows they have distributed. Correction to podcast content: The propaganda film I meant to reference was “The Dictator”, not “Borat”, even though “Borat” certainly was a propaganda-driven comedy as well.

Source videos: https://bit.ly/34SY0Fq, https://bit.ly/3CNyI80;

Source article: https://bit.ly/3ifFppT

Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum

  • Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster

Article: https://lat.ms/3KPr0gp


  • Fraud in causing excessive battery drainage in iPhones

Article: https://bit.ly/3CVDnF1

  • Deception in commercials that tout iPhones respect of users’ privacy

Article: https://on.wsj.com/3IecrRT

Mastercard, Visa, American Express

  • All three companies unethically placed Russian tourists on a financial island by cutting them off from all money in their bank accounts

Articles: https://reut.rs/3qaZnXg, https://bit.ly/3MT8buG, https://bit.ly/3MXbvEZ

Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs

  • DB bankers admitted in court to spoofing and illegally suppressing gold and silver prices

Article: https://bit.ly/3CPEOF9

  • Goldman Sachs bankers deliberately sold MBS securities to clients they knew were being shorted by one of their business partners

Article: https://bit.ly/3KNhWZB


  • TikTok is just a waste of time and is full of fake gurus. No references needed to understand why TikTok’s ban is a benefit for Russian teens

McDonalds, Coca Cola, Pepsi, KFC, Papa Johns, Philip Morris

  • Coca Cola and Pepsi are essentially colored sugar water, and sugar is one of the worst things to consume in large amounts for your health. Watch the trailer for That Sugar Film documentary here: https://bit.ly/3MUAw3L.

Philip Morris produces 130 brands of cigarettes including Marlboro, Parliament, Virginia Slims, L&M, Lark, Merit, Muratti, Bond Street, Chesterfield, Next, and Red & White. I doubt PMI will cease selling every cigarette brand it distributes in Russia, but even if bans its top brands, that should help improve the collective health of Russians if just 10% of PMI cigarette smokers permanently quit.

Typically, food sold by fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Papa Johns contain high levels of saturated fats, like Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol, that significantly raisesrisk of heart disease and stroke by frequent consumers. Russians should be so lucky if all these companies permanently left their country, as an automatically better and more nutritious diet among fast-food eaters forced to consumer healthier foods and beverages, would immediately lower incidences of heart and cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and obesity.


  • Admitted to use of slave labor in sourcing seafood; Accused of exploitative and child labor practices in Coite d’Ivoire in sourcing chocolate for their products.

        Article: https://bit.ly/3ijdK7q


  • Leaked corporate documents revealed Boeing executives knew of fatal flaws in software installed in their 737 Max jets but sold them and certified them as “safe” anyway, knowing that they could crash and kill passengers. Two jets eventually crashed, killing all 346 passengers on board. The US Justice Department prosecuted Boeing for their crimes against humanity.

Article: https://bit.ly/3CWuVWc

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