Recent skwealthacademy Investment Tips that Returned Massive Stock Profits

skwealthacademy patron only investment tips return massive profits in just three weeks

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an skwealthacademy patron, but have been on the fence about doing so, perhaps this article will shed some light on the high value of patron only content provided to skwealthacademy patrons, even at the nominal $5 a month level. This link connects to a patron only article in which I provided 13 separate investment opportunities on 29 April at specific price points. I discussed 13 specific stocks/ option strategies to purchase at specific price points (of course, as this is a patron only post, it is password protected, but I will discuss in this article how all 13 of my specific suggestions fared). Here is how all thirteen strategies fared, of which 9 were actionable, 7 of which were profitable, and 4 of which returned massive stock profits between 42% and 222% returns. For my patrons that followed my guidance in that article for the four suggested put option strategies, three of the four stocks moved lower immediately after my suggested entry price. Consequently, one option should have been closed out at healthy double digit gains, while one, per my enclosed guidance not to allow any profitable positions turn into losses, should have been closed out at a worst case break even scenario. The third put option should still be open as of 21 May and sitting on solid double digit gains right now with the possibility for extended profits moving forward.  Only one put option strategy moved into losses immediately after my suggestion, so that one should have been closed out with small losses, but was the only one that yielded clear losses.

Four stocks that I discussed never moved into the trading range I discussed as ideal so are still opportunities being tracked as of the current time. Of the remaining five stocks I discussed opening long positions and provided specific buy prices that in my opinion, were solid buy prices, here are the returns from 29 April to 21 May: +50.3%, +41.8%, +42.9%, +222.4% (up from a 114% gain on 29 April), and +12.7%. The worst performing stock was one that gained +12.7%.  Finally, there was another stock that I had suggested call option strategies for two times, with both resulting in gains over 100%, that I discussed briefly again. I mentioned that this stock could possibly be played a third time for another triple-digit gain in the future, though I did not provide a specific stock price at which to purchase it. However, I suggested experienced traders should keep an eye out for such an opportunity. That particular stock, had one bought it on 6 May, just a few days later, increased 250% in share price from 6 May to 21 May. However, had one purchased the underlying call option as I had suggested the first two times I discussed this opportunity, one would have easily tripled the 250% profit one would have received by simply purchasing the underlying stock for perhaps the largest gain one would receive all year this year, as it is hard imagining executing another strategy that is going to return more than a 700% to 750% gain in just a couple of weeks.

As all my suggestions were documented and more than 100 patrons had access to it, all returns are verifiable for every single opportunity I discussed in this patron only article dated 29 April 2020. Furthermore, if you believe that such massive stock profits in such a short window of time were only possible by taking massive risks, the fact that I discussed 13 specific investment opportunities of which 9 were actionable, and 7 of them returned solid to massive profits debunks the possibility that they could have been risky opportunities. If all were risky opportunities, a 10% success rate would be decent, or closer to 1 out of 9 being successful would be the expected success rate, not 7 out of 9 as was the case. As my patrons know, I often explain to them that I just don’t pull investment opportunities I discuss with them out of the air. Often it takes months, and sometimes a minimum of six months of tracking them daily before I determine that the opportunities fit the low-risk, high-reward profile I seek. At this particular time, I had been tracking over 20 opportunities, but only identified 13 of them as low-risk, high-reward and discussed those 13 specific opportunities, of which nine were actionable. And such massive stock profits in about three weeks time are not bad for an investment of just $5 a month.

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J. Kim

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