The Real Reasons Behind the Global Pandemic Lockdown

real reasons behind global pandemic lockdown

The way leaders trick us is by telling us they hate what they embrace. They hate China’s iron fist rule but the “free world” adopted the exact same measures implemented by the Chinese government during their own versions of lockdown that they rolled out to “fight” the global pandemic. This is not a new tactic, but very few take the time to take a breath and identify that the tactics being implemented by their own governments are the ones their governments massively criticized perhaps just a few months prior. Ever since 911, using the PNAC (the Project for the New American Century) blueprint of using a crisis to forward an agenda much more rapidly than would be possible under non-crisis situations has also been in play worldwide. PNAC, run by US war hawks at the time, including former Ronald Reagan advisor Richard Perle, then US VP Dick Cheney, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Cheney’s chief of staff Lewis Libby, former Reagan Education Secretary William J Bennett, and Bush’s US Abassador to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, once stated in a formal published paper that “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” was needed to expedite the timeline of their agenda; otherwise execution of their desired agenda would be slow and painful.

When it comes to a crisis, the REAL answers to questions that arise from a crisis are NEVER the most readily apparent answers

In the US, one of the government’s first response to the pandemic threat was that it was not any worse than the flu. In China, the initial numbers reported by Chinese government officials about the number of people infected and dead from the infection were wrong, and Chinese government officials likely viewed the dispensing of false numbers for political expediency as an extension of the ongoing very cantankerous and hostile US China trade war. In other words, in war, history has informed us that all deception is fair, even deception about a health pandemic.  Therefore the fact that Chinese government officials may have viewed reporting about the pandemic through the lens of the trade war and thus used false data as a weapon in the trade war, should really not be shocking to anyone, especially State leaders that are supposed to be far better versed in the Art of War and the Art of Deception than their citizens. The very reason why so many people today have no idea that the strongest epidemiological evidence of the origin of the worst global pandemic in history, the Spanish flu, a pandemic that killed perhaps as many as 55 million people, pointed to  Haskell County, Kansas in the United States. And even though it’s now chic to blame the Chinese for everything and National Geographic has even revived a theory about the Spanish flu originating with Chinese laborers, the linked article above explains why the strongest epidemiological evidence of the origins of the Spanish Flu cannot be traced to Chinese laborers, as suggested by National Geographic, but to Americans.

If we analyze the reasons why the Spanish Flu is not known by its more proper name the American Flu, then we will clearly understand, while any deliberate misreporting of data regarding a pandemic is unacceptable, the motivations behind why it happens. The very reason this pandemic is not known as the American flu even though epidemiologists that studied the origins of this pandemic in depth have unilaterally concluded that it originated in the US, was because WWI was  ongoing at the time. Countries that suffered losses of soldiers from the American-originated pandemic suppressed accurate information about it for intelligence purposes. However, Spanish officials, who were neutral, non-participants in the war, reported the most accurate data about the pandemic of anyone at the time. Therefore, people falsely assumed that the virus originated in Spain because the most accurate data about it originated from Spain and falsely labeled it as the Spanish flu. Multiple nations weaponized false data about the Spanish flu during WWI in an attempt to gain an advantage over other nations and this will not be the last time that data is weaponized.   In the future, if another pandemic happens, sadly, I am positive that governments around the world will once again “weaponize” the data for political purposes.

The number of very anti-aggressive Chinese and blame China for the spread of the pandemic narratives that has been proliferating in the media in recent weeks, especially in Western nations, has at its core a political agenda. Again, for those have been following my commentary about this matter, you know that I stated in late February that the data originating from China about the pandemic was likely to be highly inaccurate, so I don’t oppose these claims. However, when the same people spouting anti-China rants become conveniently amnesic about the highly inaccurate fear-mongering data trumpeted by their own leaders, such as a possible 2.2 million deaths in America resulting from the pandemic forwarded by British epidemiologist Nicholas Kristoff or America’s own President,  Donald Trump, stating just a few weeks ago, that limiting the pandemic’s death toll to only 100,000 to 200,000 Americans would be a “very good job” on his behalf, then I have a problem with this type of deliberately imbalanced reporting that is a consequence of political expediency. The fact that so many commentators today hold their own nation’s leaders to completely different standards than foreign State leaders when it comes to truth and accuracy in reporting proves that politics and nationalism are still playing a massive role in the distorted manner in which coverage of this global pandemic continues. Furthermore, I maintain that it is impossible for such people engaging in nationalistic campaigns and using the pandemic for political capital to lift up their nation while degrading others to arrive at the real reasons behind the global pandemic lockdown. Why? As you will soon discover, understanding the real reasons behind the global pandemic lockdown requires looking at the situation through a neutral lens with no pre-determined conclusion as to who is right and who is wrong versus a nationalistic lens that blindly colors every decision made by one’s own leader as correct and the ones made by another nation’s leader as wrong.

The Fog of War

Truth is always a casualty of war. This fact birthed the term “the fog of war”. Chinese State officials may have hid the truth because they viewed it as a way to strike back in an ongoing trade war. Even so, there was still enormous negligence on behalf of many State leaders all over the world, as enough information was leaked from Wuhan about the truth by Chinese social media posters, that despite official State suppression of truth, truths about the severity and transmission of the virus was still very easy to discover. So in the end, politicians that blamed the Chinese government for their ineptitude in failing to contain the pandemic in their own nations were only scapegoating Chinese State officials for their own failure, as the truth was readily available for many weeks before most Western State leaders took any preventative measures. Consequently, the very first rationalization that the global pandemic lockdown was to protect the health of global citizens certainly seems to require one to suspend belief of massive evidence that exists that would contradict this “official” stated objective, as this objective would have been fairly easy to meet were it the real objective. Of course, one can simply chalk up the failures of governments worldwide to meet this objective simply due to negligence and arrogance versus malevolence, and this secondary theory, though more likely to be untrue, may be an alternate explanation.

A second assumption that has been circulating in the media regarding the real reasons behind the global pandemic lockdown is that the implemented lockdown is merely an excuse for the State to implement heightened surveillance measures under the guise of temporary necessity and then convert these “temporary” heightened measures into a perpetual state of permanence to more closely control citizens all around the world.  This is a little less obvious but still not the best answer in my opinion. Though State official have definitely parlayed the crisis into the implementation of heightened surveillance measures that are openly observable all around the world, with heightened police presence on the streets, increased checkpoints, and the necessity of using smartphone apps in some Asian nations to prove one remained infection free throughout the pandemic, and therefore, should “have the right”  to travel outside certain quarantine boundaries (i.e. as is currently taking place in Taiwan, China and S. Korea), I still do not believe that the main purpose of the global pandemic lockdown was simply to increase surveillance measures worldwide. Many State officials around the world have already been fulfilling this goal since 911, and the presence of a pandemic was not needed to do so. Remember, if the answer is obvious, it is not the answer, and this answer is an obvious one, not only readily deductible without much thought, but readily observable already.

Time to Dive Deeper

So, what are the real reasons behind this global pandemic lockdown? My belief is that the real reasons behind the global pandemic lockdown was a global coordinate effort to instill mass learned helplessness among the vast majority of populations worldwide. Learned helplessness? What is learned helplessness you may ask? Learned helplessness is a theory invented by psychologist Martin Seligman in which Dr. Seligman postulated that one could condition passive behavior in a test subject by exposing the subject repeatedly to aversive stimuli beyond the subject’s control. When the aversive stimuli was withdrawn, the subject then stopped exhibiting attempts to escape the aversive stimuli even after the subject had the ability to escape it. Thus, a conditioned state of learned helplessness emerged that made the subject exceedingly easy to control. Interestingly enough, the theory initially postulated that the test subject’s passivity resulted from the subject’s acceptance of his or her powerlessness. However, later studies revealed that a subject’s hopelessness did not result from his or her feeling of powerlessness but resulted from the combination of an exposure to aversive stimuli AND the lack of control over one’s situation.  Consequently, it should be easy to understand how our prolonged exposure to aversive stimuli (a viral pandemic that is exaggerated for its severity among healthy populations) combined with a lack of control over this situation (implemented lockdown measures for everyone that amounted to prolonged house arrest for billions around the world) will instill conditions of mass learned helplessness around the world. Again, my theory does not negate my earlier belief that the virus was serious and that measures needed to be taken promptly to prevent its spread and to protect the health of a nation’s citizens. You can simply view my podcast about how a segmentation strategy for immune-compromised, vulnerable versus healthy, non-vulnerable segments of society would have likely been successful in stopping the viral spread without unnecessarily ruining the financial livelihoods of millions, and perhaps billions, around the world.  In fact, given that the data we have about this viral pandemic is continuously improving, if a segmentation strategy is not implemented if a “second” or “third” wave of the pandemic hits, then we will know that much of what I have proposed about the purposes of the global lockdown are not theory, but much more probable to be fact. Thus, inducing a state of learned helplessness will undoubtedly be a much more effective means of controlling us in the future than just stripping us of our liberties because so few will understand what is even being done to us.

And though US policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski stated many years ago, “it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control”, Brzezinski’s statement about individual nations does not extrapolate to the world’s population. While it still remains true as a psychopathic leader can drop a nuclear bomb and easily kill millions versus trying to control millions that rebel against the State, I would argue, given my theory that the enforcement of a global lockdown was a preparation run for much greater conditions of global chaos that will arise from the second phase of global market meltdown, that the bankers that own and operate Central Banks have realized that it will be far easier to control billions of people versus killing billions.  In other words, the owners of Central Banks understand that the chaos that will be created by the second phase of the global market meltdown will far exceed any level of chaos experienced by this pandemic and that they must be able to enforce absolute control over society when this situation manifests.

In every crisis, the real answers to questions posed by a crisis have never been obvious. The reason I started skwealthacademy, which I will launch soon after global business resumes and I am able to actually accomplish what is necessary to launch my business, is because I firmly believe with all my heart that there is an education crisis in this world. And if you ask anyone what is the purpose of sending your kids to school, every parent will provide the obvious answer – so my kid can get an education. Again this is not the proper answer as the real answer always remains hidden from open sight. In fact, as anyone that has ever read history books about the founding of the US schooling system, which was then exported to the rest of the world, you know that it was modeled after the Prussian schooling system, as the architects of the American schooling system marveled at the high level of obedience instilled by the State upon young Prussian students. The goals of the Prussian schooling system were laid out as follows: 1) Obedient soldiers to the army; 2) Obedient workers for mines, factories, and farms; 3) Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their function; 4) Well-subordinated clerks for industry; 5) Citizens who think alike on most issues, and therefore will not question their pre-determined role in society or authority; and 6) National uniformity in thought, word, and deed. Now stop and think for a second and determine how many of these principles are carried out in your child’s schooling system, no matter if you reside in Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Canada, Ghana, Germany, or America, and you will quickly realize that this same model of schooling was spread throughout the world, with the only difference between the objectives of the schooling system in the early 19th century and today being an updating and retrofitting of some of the dated concepts back then to make them more applicable for changes in society that have happened since then.

More About Protecting the Benefactors of the Fraudulent Global Financial System than Protecting the Mental, Physical and Financial Wealth of Citizens

Finally, let’s discuss my theory of the global pandemic lockdown being a devious measure to spread the learned helplessness virus among as many global citizens as possible to prepare for a far worse and chaotic future that will be ushered in by systemic collapses in our Ponzi scheme global financial and banking system. Quite honestly, I find it remarkable that bankers and politicians could operate such a multi-layered, Ponzi-schemed, parasitic global financial and banking system designed to suck the lifeblood out of us while feeding them for so long without collapse. The fact that they were able to run this clearly inequitable, unfair system for so long merely reveals that they have executed their perception management game against us magnificently well. As a deft continuation of this perception management game, I am fairly certain that they will end the global pandemic lockdown before riots emerge in first world countries. For example, some militias in America have taken to the streets to demand that their governors reopen the economy to end the financial suffering of their state residents. Well before a single shot is fired between these militias and State police, governors will reopen their state economies because it is far too soon to allow such chaos to ensue as the lockdown game was only a test run for far worse chaos ahead.  Consequently the plan is likely to only allow the economic lockdown to persist up to the point that may trigger a small minority of defiant to riot and fight back, but to end the economic lockdown before this precipitates. I’m fairly certain that the powers that be – the military industrial, banking, political three-headed monster – desire to reserve some of their unspent political capital for when the real pandemic – the complete global financial market meltdown – hits.

If you cannot see that there is a much larger global plan at play in the global lockdown and that its execution was not a plan executed on a nation by nation basis, then you have not been looking at this situation any further than the surface level narratives forwarded by the mass media. I have been consistent in this message from the very start of this pandemic, even predicting months ago that the pandemic would be used as a scapegoat for the economic recession that was going to happen this year, with or without the presence of a pandemic. The Economic Policy Institute has estimated that 50M Americans have lost their jobs during the last six weeks and Gallup Surveys revealed countless tens of millions additional working Americans have been adversely financially affected during this lockdown.  China, Australia and Germany have all reported “official” unemployment rates at more than 5% (which means real unemployment figures are likely over 15%, i.e. the US reports “official” unemployment at 4.4% while Shadowstats, which uses a far more accurate compilation method, reports a 22.9% March unemployment rate). And most unacceptable of all, tens of millions are increasingly facing starvation in India, with hundreds of millions around the world facing similar fates due to State implemented lockdown measures. These factors alone should make it abundantly clear that State officials around the world have created unnecessary dire economic conditions around the world that will obscure the true causes of the much more devastating phase of the global financial market meltdown that has yet to come. Again, Central Banker policies of excess, waste, creating massive additional monetary supply while constricting M2 monetary velocity and causing it to plunge just to uphold the wealth of the richest 1% of the world to the grave detriment of the remaining 99% was the true reason the first phase of the global financial market meltdown precipitated during Q1 2020, not the viral pandemic. And when the second phase hits, it appears as though the lockdown measures will have created such economic devastation of epic proportions that the viral pandemic will again be blamed by State leaders and Central Bankers as the reason for the second phase of the global market meltdown, even though such claims will be patently false.

plunging M2 velocity

The beauty of the global viral pandemic for the architects of the lockdown is that this is a faceless, undefinable enemy, much like is the case with the war on terror, and therefore can be extended in perpetuity, to be rolled out again and again and again for political expediency, like during the second phase of the global financial meltdown, as an excuse to keep everyone from revolting from the collapse of a supremely unjust, global financial Ponzi scheme that succeeded in transferring the wealth of the bottom 99% to the top 1%. For anyone that wants to pay the 1% a “visit” during the economic chaos that will result from the collapse of structural elements of the global financial system, just as protestors in Beirut paid a visit to the Central Bank of Lebanon last year, as seen in this video, when access to their own savings and cash was unjustly squeezed to a trickle, then just roll out another phase of the pandemic to keep the 1% safe and everyone else in lockdown. Lastly, if you believe that the severity of the pandemic in Lombardy, Italy was definitely attributable just to its high 2019 estimated 22.6% of its population being of age 65 or older, consider all the videos we can find online of young Americans during spring break at southern Florida beaches like Clearwater, where the estimated population of age 65 or older was 21.9%. Of course, Clearwater’s population only has a population a tiny fraction of the region of Lombardy in Italy, but still, why did we not hear of the same percentages of the population being infected in Florida beach cities that typically are full of retired Americans and have much higher percentages of elderly populations similar to Lombardy, when young college Americans packed these beach cities and practiced no precautions to stop the spread of the virus? I am not proposing that my theory in my podcast about possible other reasons that just an elderly population in Lombardy contributed to a much higher than normal mortality rate there, but only that an investigation into a matter I raise that is peculiar to the Lombardy region should happen, and it has not. For a more detailed podcast about this same topic, please click the image below:

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