Pushback Against Lockdowns is Paved by Self-Reliance and Critical Thought

Successful pushback against lockdowns can only be paved by the road of self-reliance and critical thought. I would love to say that I was wrong when I posted this podcast about the ruling class milking the virus for all its worth in inflicting an endless cycle of lockdown, infect, fear and financial ruin. As I stated here, on 12 September a couple of months ago, I knew that the US Presidential election, and an (unofficial) Joe Biden win would not bring an immediate end to the lockdown cycles as many predicted, simply because, as had many others, I viewed the global lockdown mandates through the lens of the big picture and not a narrow nationalistic, country-specific view.

lockdown feedback loop
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I knew this because, as I stated below, the lockdown cycles being implemented across the world were not about protecting the health of people and for the “greater good of humanity” as the ruling class always falsely claims to convince unthinking pods to not only obey their orders, but to police their neighbors in the enforcement of their orders, but strictly about leveling up greater quantities of compliance among the masses so that when the sh*t really hits the fan when financial systems crumble, as they inevitably will at some point in the next couple of years, the masses will be compliant to martial law they impose to keep everyone in check and from rebelling against the chaos they have sown.

cycle of compliance to authority
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Even for those that have fallen victim to the compliance cycle I described above and completely have bought into the ruling class narrative about the fabricated danger of this virus that is basically the equivalent of a bad flu, any self-respecting human being would agree, at a minimum, that conducting research to determine own one’s conclusion about the danger of this virus and the efficacy of these lockdown measures is highly warranted rather than blindly complying with orders that may or may not make any sense whatsoever. And if this were done, perhaps over 90% of humanity would come to different conclusions than their current beliefs.

For example, the largest study conducted on the efficacy of mask wearing to prevent viral spread conducted in Denmark concluded there is no significant difference in the level of infection between mask wearers and those that don’t wear masks. Though this study only confirmed what other leading non-politically compromised virologists had already stated – that at best masks only slow down the spread of the virus but will never contain the spread, so the same amounts of people will be infected in the end, just at different timelines, and that most people that wear masks might as well not be wearing a mask at all because they buy off-the-shelf masks that are not custom fitted or filter out viruses, and constantly touch, pull down and pull up the masks when wearing them which vastly decreases their efficacy – most people, instead of reading and analyzing cold hard scientific facts, will cling to the portions of any article that validates their false confirmation biases. For example, people that reject facts, a psychological tendency that the ruling class has studied and deployed to their advantage in enforcing unnecessary lockdowns all over the world in 2020, is well known and described in this New Yorker article titled, Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds.

The irony of this article is that many people will read this article and for the rest of their lives, still be perpetually misled and misinformed through narratives distributed through the mass media by the ruling class, whether in regard to a pandemic that never existed, or in regard to their investment choices (gold, silver, soybeans, bitcoin, ethereum and so on). In fact, even though the intent of my most recent podcast about bitcoin was to simply educate bitcoin owners of the fact that they need to be wary of extreme price volatility as banking institutions increasingly trade in btc futures markets, as the ties of banker participation in all futures markets, whether gold, silver, oil, soybeans, etc. to price manipulation are historically undeniable, I am sure that my suggestion that bankers may use btc futures markets to not just elevate, but to slam btc prices in the future, because it is not information they want to hear, will down vote this podcast based not upon facts, but emotions. And it is our emotions that the ruling class manipulates to control us. Furthermore, even when I reveal that I have used my understanding of banker manipulation of asset prices in futures markets to accurately predict drops of $90 or more in gold prices this year in 2020 before they happened, and even though it was the introduction of the btc futures markets at the end of 2017 that enabled bankers to slam btc prices from $20,000 to $3,000 in less than a year, many btc owners will still reject these facts as validation for my argument that bankers will use btc futures markets in the future to introduce massive price volatility in btc prices. Again, they will just go their standbys of Mike Novogratz (whose Digital Global Assets company holds nearly $300M in btc as of November 2020) and ignore his wrong predictions of $40,000 btc by the end of 2018, 2019, and this year and simply believe his $60,000 btc price by the end of 2021 even though all of his predictions were likely motivated because of his massive ownership in btc himself (a practice known in the investment industry as “talking your book”).

Even though gold owners are susceptible to the same kind of emotional disconnect from critical thinking, it appears to me that the btc community has been invaded by a cult like mentality to even a greater degree than the gold community. Why do I state this? Well, I’ve observed very critically detached conclusions about gold and bitcoin prices in both communities, but my most interesting observations have been among owners of both assets. In a handful of examples, I’ve observed dual owners of these assets dismiss ridiculous predictions of gold to $10,000 by the end of _____ (insert any year in the blank as these predictions have been made every year for the past decade) and state that they will accumulate gold during pullbacks in price and not be swayed by the wild predictions of the “gurus” of the gold analysis community. However, this same logic does not apply to their btc holdings, and I witnessed some make horrible mistakes at the end of 2017 by doubling their btc holdings between $19,000 and $20,000 because they completely bought into the btc “guru” predictions that $20,000 was a pit stop to $40,000 by the end of 2018. Consequently, at a very minimum whether you love gold and don’t invest in btc, or you invest in btc and don’t invest in gold, or whether you own both assets, studying and understanding how you make decisions regarding the purchase price of both assets is essential to your future financial health.

Also in regard to claimed 90%+ efficacy rates of vaccines to the virus being claimed by various pharmaceutical companies racing to develop the first approved vaccine to win the lottery sweepstakes and claim their prize of multi-billions in revenue, I’ve been extremely skeptical. Again, even though I am not a medical doctor, I worked in healthcare for four years, I graduated with a degree in virology, I’ve conducted research published in US medical journals, and I’ve read multiple books about virology. Thus, my level of understanding of this topic is typically above average when compared to the regular person that is not a medical professional specializing in immunology and virology. Yet despite this, I’ve discovered people are going to believe whatever they want to believe and will insist their beliefs, confirmed by nothing, are better conclusions than my beliefs, backed by scientific facts. And even when I’ve made a point to expose our differences in levels of understanding about these topics by asking them to explain basic fundamental understanding about vaccines and vaccine efficacy, such as explaining the concept of antigenic drift, the different types of vaccines such as live attenuated vaccines, conjugate vaccines, inactive vaccines, and completely novel mRNA vaccines being developed for this virus, all of which effect efficacy rates, and they cannot, they will still revert to the authority of some health organization narrative, without considering that such a narrative could be political and not scientific.

Perhaps it is the blind compliance to authority that is the hardest for me to understand. In this podcast, I explained why blind compliance to authority cost hundreds of people their lives in various recent tragedies from the South Korean Sewol ferry sinking to the New Zealand White Island volcanic explosion, yet even an appeal to life and death as a reason to think for oneself is puzzlingly ineffective. Doctors, even if not politically bought, make mistakes all the time. There are literally thousands of examples in history where doctor’s made mistakes that were tragic and fatal. If this were not the case, then malpractice insurance would not exist. Many stories exist of doctors amputating the wrong limb (here and here), a simple mistake that could easily be avoided if doctors, during pre-operation work, simply marked the correct limb with a permanent ink X. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 7,000 to 9,000 patients die every year from being given the wrong medication or wrong dose of medication by a medical professional. I have experienced situations with a medical doctor in which a doctor prescribed to me a medication for a martial arts injury that could have caused death, because it had a fatal contraindication with another drug. Though I was not taking the other drug that together, with the prescribed one, could have resulted in death, the doctor never questioned me about this and the only reason I knew this is because I researched the drug on my own as I never trust doctors with my life, especially when prescribing a potent muscle relaxant (as was the case in this specific scenario). Some people call me paranoid for always double checking any medication prescribed to me by a doctor. I call this behavior the typical behavior that should be engaged by everyone. In the end, the only way we can overcome the type of obedience and compliance being enforced upon us in heavy waves this year is to become increasingly more self-reliant and also to consistently work on improving our critical thinking skills every year through active behavior.  One thing I can guarantee is that for anyone that does not actively seek to improve one’s critical thinking skills, since such skills are stripped from us at every level of schooling, from grade school to post-doctorate work, we can be guaranteed that despite any academic brilliance we may demonstrate, we will always be as dumb as a rock. Every one of us dies, but the few of us that choose to live choose self-reliance and critical thought over acceptance by the herd.

live free or die

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