Prologue to the Real Reasons Behind the Global Pandemic Lockdown

Phase 1: Governments were inept and responded inadequately to the threat

This is a prologue to my two part series (the real reasons behind the global pandemic lockdown). I decided to make this short prologue for two reasons. Number one, for those that have been following my podcasts about this pandemic since last February, I want to emphasize that the upcoming podcasts do not conflict with my prior opinions about the pandemic, though it may seem like it at first if you decide to listen to these upcoming podcasts about this topic. As a further primer to the podcast I will be uploading within the next 7 days, I highly recommend that you view podcasts #60, #61 #64 and #65 at my skwealthacademy podcast channel if you want to have some type of background of where I’m coming from and where I’m heading with my commentary in the upcoming podcast about the real reasons for the global pandemic lockdown. In the global State reaction to this pandemic, nearly every government, communist or oligarchical, has reacted in startlingly similar and uniform fashion in locking down large parts of their population to this pandemic that seems to indicate a coordinated response perhaps at a higher level of oversight than government administrations, of which I discuss in this prologue.

Secondly, though my prologue commentary originates by connecting dots that often others never connect, I want to emphasize that there is still a massive difference in credibility between well-supported deduction and wild speculation. Though my reasons behind the global pandemic are based on unknowns, they are based upon well supported deductions and unfortunately necessarily have to be based upon unknowns, because the knowns are being hidden by governments worldwide.

Furthermore, in reading tweets with the hashtag #covid19 and #coronavirus this week, it is evident that many are still passing off unknowns as knowns,

This is a photo of President Johnson in 1968 about the time American deaths in Vietnam reached 40,000, the number of Americans dead so far from COVID-19.”

It does seem like madness that we are all in lockdown and understand why. Yet 105,000 people every week are flying into our airports and not getting checked… it doesn’t make any sense!!

Neither of these statements should be passed off as fact, but others have retweeted such unknown statements as if they were fact. For reasons I will explain in my podcast about this subject, just as all the numbers people pass off as deaths from flu in America are not correct. Secondly, we don’t understand why we are all in lockdown. Those that are obese, elderly and have a medical condition that compromises their immune system understand why they are in lockdown because it is known that the virus is most dangerous to them. However, since no government has been transparent about how many healthy people, under retirement age, that have no other ailments have thus far been infected and died, in fact, I would postulate the opposite. We have no idea, based upon what we have been told, why we are under lockdown and that is why I’m releasing a podcast with my theory, which has more to do with the fragility of the global financial system than the fragility of people’s immune systems.

Phase 2: The Cover Up

There is a lot about this lockdown that is being used to cover up for other bigger deficiencies happening in the world right now. For example, some have been using the pandemic for political purposes to demonize anything related to China, including all Chinese people, as being responsible for be punished the lack of transparency from the Chinese government that caused thousands of deaths from coronavirus in slow responding nations like America. These broad sweeping, irresponsible allegations have led to some brutal attacks on Chinese people in several nations around the world. Furthermore, as I stated, we don’t really know if the reported deaths from coronavirus data is accurate. Even though I’m aware of studies conducted by Stanford University and the University of Southern California that have estimated the real mortality rate of coronavirus at just 1-2 per 1,000, already there has been some pushback against that statistic, stating that such mortality rates, given the number of deaths attributed to coronavirus in New York City, would mean that the infection rate in NYC was near 100%. So quite honestly, because mortality rate figures have thus far been based upon estimate upon estimate upon estimate, we still really don’t know the truth about coronavirus infection rates and mortality rates. The real mortality rates may be sharply higher, or if the numbers of asymptomatic people are multiples higher than currently believed, the mortality rate may even be sharply lower than even 1-2 per 1,000. Finally, we don’t yet have enough accurate information, or at least governments have not released it to us if they have it, of how quickly this virus can mutate, so it is very possible that secondary minor mutations much deadlier than the most widespread virus exist.

Secondly, I’m fine with Bannon dumping on the Chinese government for their lack of transparency as anyone that has followed me for years knows that there is only one side I support – and that is not the Asian side because I’m Asian, not the American side because I’m American, and not the doctor side because I studied molecular biology and neurobiology in university. The only side I have always stood on  is the side of truth. If the current US President was a Korean-American and not Donald Trump and kept repeating unknowns about the pandemic as truth, I would call the President out and not be blindly loyal to unknown views simply because we shared the same race. So Bannon is correct in stating that China was not truthful about the number of infections and deaths in Wuhan from the jump. However, the lack of transparency of the Chinese government had nothing to do with the US government’s inadequate and inexcusable response as the truth about the coronavirus was well known all throughout Asia by early January, though I did not learn about the truth until early February. Furthermore, Bannon never once mentions the Chinese doctors and healthcare workers that were heroes and risked their lives by leaking the truth about the severity of the pandemic in December/ January to the world and risked being imprisoned by the Chinese government for doing so. In fact, some of them disappeared from all social media after doing so.

Consequently, in an age where access to information is instantaneous, whether the truth is leaking in China, Taiwan, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro or the barrios of East Los Angeles, anyone at a global leadership could have discovered the truth had he or she so desired, and it is inexcusable to use the Chinese government’s lack of transparency as the excuse for the lack of an adequate response by any nation’s “leader” that was slow to respond to stem the threat. Furthermore, even though many of the courageous Wuhan healthcare workers that leaked the truth spoke in Mandarin or Cantonese, every government leader in the world has translators at their beck and call to easily translate the truth that was being stated online. Simply put, the truth was out there for anyone that dug just a little bit, and not even by a lot. The little bit of digging I did enabled me to upload a podcast on 26 February, Podcast #61 when zero deaths had been reported in the US, in which I urged Western leaders to stop underestimating the seriousness of the pandemic. And I did this at a time that was still several weeks lagging behind when truth was first leaked in many Asian nations. Over the next few days, as I watched the news and continued to see Western leaders dismiss the pandemic as nothing serious, I uploaded a subsequent Podcast #65 and stated in the US, that specifically a major outbreak was going to be inevitable in New York City just to warn residents of New York, because at that point and time, with the inaction, the damage had already been set in motion.

Again, I was not the only one in the world stating this at the time. Likely dozens of others online were, and perhaps hundreds in China were doing so on Weibo, WeChat and other social media used primarily by Chinese citizens. The people and the State are not similar concepts, and often the State suppresses the right of the people, and for this reason, I find it extremely problematic when people uses crises for political expediency to further a specific political agenda they possess and not to further truth and clearer understanding of the situation. Furthermore, as I just proved beyond a shadow of doubt that some things were well established by the end of January, such as a high r knot of the virus, easy human transmission of the virus from infected to non-infected, and that Wuhan was grossly unprepared to deal with the rapid spread of the infection in the city, every single Western leader had access to information that should have made their response ten times better than the response in Wuhan. Though the Chinese government suppressed these facts, brave Chinese citizens and frontline healthcare workers and doctors had leaked all these facts.

The Grotesquely Failed Response

In fact, the response of Western leaders to this pandemic should have been ten times better than the response in Wuhan because they had the advantage of having information of what not to do if they didn’t want to suffer Wuhan like consequences and what they immediately needed to do if they wanted to prevent if. And almost every single leader in the West, from the PM in Italy, to the President of Mexico and the President of the United States opted to make the exact same mistakes made in the Hubei province, where Wuhan resides. Had Western government leaders acted in late January and early February with the proven effectiveness of social distancing and preventive measures like wearing medical grade face masks, not cloth masks that do not prevent the transmission of the virus, modeling studies have now shown that nations that suffered thousands of deaths likely could have limited the number of deaths to a few hundred or less if they took immediate firm action. The inadequacy of Western nation’s government responses should be firmly pinned on the inaction of Western leaders, not the deception of Chinese government officials. The inaction of Western leaders would be like being told that a massive tsunami killed millions of people on the East coast of Japan, being told there is five hours before the same will strike the West coast of America, and US leaders doing nothing with this information until after the tsunami struck the California coast.

So I wanted to make this quick primer to my upcoming podcast about the real reasons for the global pandemic lockdown to explain that my theory that the lockdown response to the pandemic is a test run for a greater much more restrictive lockdown that will be enforced when the global financial system starts to really breakdown for the first time in any of our live times. Had Central Bankers not intervened to artificially prop up the global financial system in 2008, it would have undoubtedly melted down back then, but Central Bankers prevented the nuclear meltdown by massive intervention. There are a number of reasons why massive intervention will fail to prevent the nuclear version of the global market meltdown this time around, however. In fact, you can read in my 2 March published article, “US Central Bankers Will Quickly Cut Interest Rates Now” in which I predicted that a US Fed Funds rate cut to zero was imminent. As we all know by now, just 13 days later, on 15 March, the US Central Bank cut rates, in an emergency cut, to zero. However, my much more important prediction was the one that actually preceded that one, published on my news site on 17 February 2020, read by very few people per my website stats, that the “Central Bankers’ Belief that Cutting Interest Rates is the Panacea for All Crises Will Eventually Fail.” I still stand by this prediction that cutting interest rates to zero will not be the cure all, even if they remain at zero or go negative for years-on-end, as was the case back in 2008. In fact, I explain in great detail in Part 2 of my article “The Biggest Undiscussed Risk in the Global Financial Market” the reasons why the Central Banker action of cutting interest rates to zero cannot have the efficacy today that they had in 2020 and why they are destined to fail this time around.

My belief that the global enforced lockdown has much more to do with being a trial run for more extreme measures that will be necessitated by a violent global financial market meltdown has at its source, very credible theories that I will discuss in greater depth in Podcast #85 and #86 (to be released within 7 to 10 days on my YouTube channel). Have the lockdown measures kept those most vulnerable safe from an infection more dangerous to them than the healthy? Of course. Was it necessary to apply lockdown measures to entire populations across the world and prevent healthy people from earning income to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families? In my opinion, absolutely not. That’s why segmented strategies for vulnerable versus non-vulnerable segments of populations would have been the much wiser quarantine measures to implement worldwide versus the execution of an all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all blanket strategy were States truly interested in implementing the best and safest solutions for everyone. For those of you that maybe thinking, that’s it? Your real reason behind the global pandemic lockdown is based on the fragility of the global financial system and not a global healthcare crisis? Well I already knew that! Remember, I stated this short article and below prologue was just a primer for my upcoming two-part podcast series that is more than an hour long. This is not just it. Those that are running the perception management game of this pandemic worldwide are much too clever to run a simple attention redirection game and use the pandemic to deflect our attention away from red flags in the global financial system that pop up seemingly every week, such as the 20 April drop of crude oil futures to negative $40 a barrel, the first time in history oil traded at a negative price. There is a greater hidden agenda behind this lockdown game that I have not discussed at all in this primer that I will discuss in skwealthacademy podcasts #85 and #86. Always remember that if you think you figured out what the people running the Big Show are doing with little effort, your answer is wrong. The people running the show always run a multi-level smoke and mirrors game that requires the connection of multiple dots and the consideration of multiple angles. And that is what I will discuss right here on my channel in just a few days. To listen to the entire prologue, click the image below.

the real reasons behind the global pandemic lockdown

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: It appears that I was a bit too hasty in my opinion about Steve Bannon in my commentary in the podcast prologue that I gleamed from listening to a couple of news segments in which he spoke in general terms about how China must be blamed for misinformation (with which I would agree as long as he was specifically naming the government and not extending blame to the entire Chinese population). Since I made this podcast, I discovered other interviews in which Bannon was VERY careful to pin the blame only on the Chinese government party leaders and NOT the Chinese people. However, my stance that the lack of transparency of the Chinese government should not have prevented Western governments from easily discovering the truth, dismissing this propaganda and responding appropriately still stands. Propaganda released from a foreign government, especially from a government known for its propaganda, is not an excuse that Western leaders can use to avoid all responsibility for their extremely poor management of the pandemic.

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