Podcast #4: Gold & Silver Propaganda V. Truth

Today, we discuss how the conversion of mainstream news into outright propaganda  prevents us from seeing financial truth when it is staring us right in the face, especially when it comes to financial news surrounding gold and silver. We further discuss how to clearly identify such propaganda and the measures you can take to prevent being influenced by such propaganda. We discuss the clear cracks that are showing up in the global banking and monetary system as illustrated by the actions of bankers all around the world, despite their contrary narrative that economies are improving in the very nations where the majority of citizens’ standard of living is dramatically decreasing. Finally we discuss why conversion of increasingly valueless paper and digital fiat currencies into physical gold and physical silver will be a lifesaver for those willing to sort through all the propaganda of the mainstream financial news and arrive at the truth and reality.

gold & silver propaganda versus the truthClick on the above image and then click on the text “Watch this video on YouTube” to listen to the above podcast. To download the above podcast on your smartphone or ipod, visit https://www.apple.com/itunes/, log in to itunes and then search the itunes store for the “maalamalama podcast” which will contain all of our downloadable podcasts for free. To be informed of when we release future podcasts, merely subscribe to our YouTube channel here or subscribe to our podcast channel on itunes.

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