A Quick Performance Review of skwealthacademy Investment Suggestions from January/ February

Here is a quick performance review of skwealthacademy investment suggestions, for those considering becoming skwealthacademy patrons, of the type of exclusive patron only content you will receive, through a discussion of calls I made publicly right here on this news site. On 30 January 2020 and 6 February 2020, I published two articles you can read here and here, in which I specifically discussed fourteen stocks that were solid risk/reward candidates to establish short positions on these exact dates. Below, you can see the stock price on the date that I suggested establishing put options on these stocks, and the low stock price established just weeks after these dates. Every single stock that I heavily suggested shorting tanked but one, which rose higher from my specified date, and which all experienced traders would have then exited once their maximum exit strategy percentage loss was hit. For the other thirteen stocks, nearly all of them started falling immediately, yielding enormous double digit percentage losses within weeks, which translated into enormous triple digit yields in the underlying put options established on these stocks on the dates I suggested.

performance review of skwealthacademy investment suggestions in 2020

Regarding financial analysis, skwealthacademy patrons receive, at the $5 a month level, I provide much more complex life changing analysis to my patrons than the above. While the above performance review of skwealthacademy investment suggestions was great, and 93% of the individual stocks I discussed publicly returned enormous gains, the above fourteen opportunities I discussed here on my news site several months ago is great for the provision of quick income that may pay for a family holiday. In fact, I still discuss such opportunities from time to time with my patrons, as one of my patrons sent me a quick message last month regarding one such patron only disclosed opportunity, and he stated that the opportunity “paid for [his patron fees] for the next several hundred years.” Though I’m sure this patron was being hyperbolic in his statement, it meant that he made a quick hefty profit from my patron only content.

However, I believe that most of my patrons are also very interested in the deep more meaningful analysis that will make or break their financial life in the coming years, and I ensure that my patrons receive this big picture analysis, which I update every week for my transcendent level, and higher level patrons. Lastly, I understand that there are those that may believe that there is some bluster to my claims that my academy will be like no other school of financial and wealth topics in the world today, as is understandable given over-bloated marketing claims made all the time in today’s world of marketing. Hopefully, the above performance, which can be confirmed by reading my two linked articles above in which I suggested opening up put options on the fourteen stocks above, will help convince you that my claims are sincere. For a decade, I researched topics of wealth and money that are not taught in any school in the world today. I spent an additional decade developing all materials and extremely unique exercises to bridge the gap between knowledge and application for all twenty courses of my skwealthacademy to ensure that they are indeed unlike the curriculum of not just any business school in the world today, but also unlike the the curriculum of any school of any type in the world. So stop by at patreon.com/skwealthacademy and learn how you can start receiving exclusive patron only content that will exceed the value of even the above performance! As my hope is to build a global community that places integrity, honor, and leaving a positive legacy over material wealth, the value of my information does not solely lie in how it can enrich you financially, but in my opinion, lies more so in how it can enrich your entire life in a holistic manner.

J. Kim

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