One Thing You Will Never Hear From the Mainstream Financial Media

Two days ago, gold and silver both had stellar days, with gold up higher nearly 3% and silver moving higher by more than 5%. But if you read the mainstream financial media you would never know because all of the financial mass media buried this news in a non-descript title far from their major financial headlines, despite the fact that you can literally count the times silver has risen by more than 5% in a single day on one hand over the last couple of years and the fact that gold only rises by 3% or more several days every year as well. So whenever gold and silver experience significant daily moves higher, why does the entire mainstream financial media respond with nothing but the silence of chirping crickets? On the contrary, the second gold and silver experience a sharp intra-day fall in price, the financial mass media immediately splashes their headlines with news that “Gold Plunges!” or “Silver Bull Market is Officially Over!”


The reason that the mass media is always deathly silent whenever gold and silver rebound from massive banking cartel raids and why they are all too eager to print news in bold, large headlines of falling gold and silver prices is that the global elite control all the mass media in this world. I have often sent bulletins to my paying subscribers of historical news about gold and silver printed in the largest financial media like Bloomberg, Reuters, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, etc. that were easy to prove as bold-faced lies with the benefit of hindsight.  And these stories were not dealing with predictions about gold and silver but they were actually regarding various and numerous stories reported as fact by the financial press when indeed they were lies. As an example, since this gold and silver Bull Run began in 2000, there have been many instances of journalists that wrote stories about countries reported to be selling their physical gold reserves although these incidents never happened or were never even planned. And these stories usually run on the front page of these various publications. However, when no selling emerges, there never is a retraction of the initial story or any apology issued regarding the lies contained in the original stories.


Thus, the mainstream financial media always will be slanted to deceive, lie and obfuscate the truth about gold and silver 100% of the time. And they will be inclined to also censor any positive news about gold and silver that would lift prices higher as well, unless it serves the plan of their banking puppet masters (more on this in just a bit).  If you can recall the mass media disseminating positive news about gold and silver in the bulls and dismiss this article for that reason, let me explain this propaganda technique by the mass media as well.  Since the banking elite owns all the mass media, they will never tell you when it is a good time to buy gold and silver, such as a few weeks back, when gold hit $1,179.40 an ounce and silver was close to $18 an ounce. Instead, if you can recall, back then, all the financial mas media happily printed was rubbish stories from banking shills and frauds like Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini about how gold was heading to a collapse well below $1000 an ounce and silver was heading below $15 an ounce. Since then gold and silver have rebounded as of yesterday respectively by 14.5% and 13.8% in just three weeks, massive moves for any commodity in a short time span.


Of course, the job of the financial mass media is to keep people believing that the safe havens are US stock markets, the USD, the Pound sterling, the Euro and the Yen and that gold and silver are not safe havens to store your wealth. Thus, you will never hear of rebounds in gold and silver from the mainstream financial press when they happen. When you will hear positive news from the mainstream financial press about gold and silver is after gold moves above $1,600 and silver moves above $35, or after they have rebounded enormously from banking cartel raids, and then are due for a pause in the upward trajectory.  Why does the financial press wait to tell you positive news about gold and silver at precisely the wrong time for anyone to buy?


They do so because the bankers own the media. Thus, in the past, bankers, through their media propaganda division, have always spread pro-gold, pro-silver stories at precisely the wrong time with the specific intent of suckering more longs into the market. They then immediately artificially and deviously engineer significant price drops so they can harvest all the new longs they have just suckered into entering the gold and silver markets for profits. Consequently,  when you hear pro-gold, pro-silver stories being generated in large numbers by the mainstream financial media, this is NOT the time to jump on the bandwagon, but instead, a time to be very cautious and wary. The mass media, along with many economic “professors” (and I use the term professor very loosely here as many in the economic field are unworthy of this moniker, Nobel Prize or not) merely serve as another arm of the global banking crime syndicate – their Ministry of Propaganda.  The most impactful discovery upon a person’s financial well-being that one can have, in my opinion, is to understand and realize that the financial mass media is just another division of the global banking crime syndicate. The job of the financial mass media and many prominent economic professors is not to disseminate truth about banking, money, gold and silver, but to disseminate lies and thus keep the masses ignorant and asleep.


For example, had the mass media splashed headlines about gold’s current 14.5% rise in price and silver’s current 13.8% rise all over their publications, news stations and the internet, then there would be much more curiosity among the world’s citizens regarding this rebound.  Consequently, people would have then discovered that several bullion banks have seen their physical gold and physical silver inventories literally collapse from various warehouses around the world and then properly deduced that the reason millions of ounces of gold and silver are being pulled from bank warehouses is that (1) people are withdrawing their assets from the banking system because they do not trust it; and (2) people are converting their unreliable, unsustainable paper gold and paper silver into real physical gold and physical silver.  If the mainstream media ever reported anything truthful about gold and silver markets, at the very minimum, people would have begun to question the mechanisms by which gold and silver prices were taken lower since this past April and consequently would have realized that massive fraud was involved. Thus, they would have properly concluded that such a rapid fall in paper prices of gold and silver for the past several months will have no effect on stopping the upward progression, and very significant upward progression in gold and silver prices. Furthermore, many would understand why the downside risk is low in gold and silver prices and the upside is huge and why we will see the development of significant spikes higher in the price of gold and silver assets sometime between now and the end of the year, despite any interim volatility that may happen.


However, in the 10 years I’ve been involved in the gold and silver markets, I continue to see the same pattern of negativity and misinformation from the financial mass media:


(1) Whenever, the bankers are manipulating gold and silver prices, the financial mass media concentrates 100% on building a negative message about gold and silver, and never focus on anything positive like the following. Gold started this bull run at $250 an ounce and is now at $1348.70. Silver started this bull run at $4 an ounce and is now at $20.59 an ounce. And regarding what the financial mass media has continually labelled as the most horribly performing gold and silver assets of all, gold and silver mining stocks, well, the HUI gold bugs mining index started this bull run at 35.31 and is now at 262.43, 643% higher than where it started this bull run 12 years ago. On the contrary if the US S&P 500 had matched the performance of the HUI gold bugs mining index, over this same time span, the S&P 500 would be at 9,318 today. Instead it is at a paltry 1,686, just slightly higher than then its 1,254 level at the end of 2000. With the massive amounts of negative press about gold and silver generated by global financial media, one would think gold, silver and mining stocks have been in a huge bear for the past 12 years and that today, gold was trading at $200, silver at $2 and the HUI at a level of less than 20.


(2) Those that ignore mainstream financial media and understand gold and silver prices and understand the reasons for its artificially-created volatility will continue to add more gold and silver assets during huge banker raids on prices at optimum times and always be fine in the long run.


(3) Those that listen to the financial mass media rubbish about gold and silver will remain too scared to deploy assets when the time is right to do so, as it has been for several weeks now, wait until huge upsurges happen again, and deploy their cash at nearly the perfect wrong time, accompanied by screaming headlines of the most bullish gold and silver stories generated by the financial mass media. This group will also always assume the wrong mindset when holding gold and silver assets, seeking huge returns in a 1-3 year time frame, instead of a more appropriate 3-5 year time frame.


(4) Lastly, we can be well assured that the financial mass media will erroneously report any interim weakness that occurs in gold and silver as “proof” that this current rise is just temporary and that gold is indeed heading to $900 or $850 an ounce.


For help in understanding these cycles and to tease out the truth about gold and silver from the mass media propaganda, consider our services at maalamalama.


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