Announcing the New “One Small Action, One Big Result” skwealthacademy Podcast Series

This is a quick announcement of a new monthly series of my podcast (available on podbean, iTunes and YouTube), starting this month, called “One Small Action, One Big Result”. In each of these monthly podcasts, I will describe a monthly small action you can take that will yield a big result in improving the quality of your life. In a world inundated with injustice, we have to be willing to fight for every centimeter of progress and humanity because it is clear that our world will be lost if we are unwilling to fight back.

One unfortunate but very deliberately created by-product of restrictions upon our abilities to freely move within our nations as well as across international borders for nearly a year now has been the internalization of a mindset of learned helplessness among the masses. This widespread institution of learned helplessness in society has also created people that easily give up on their dreams and desires to create better lives for themselves. Within the past twelve months, I have observed among dozens of people, the opposite of determination, resolve, discipline and perseverance – key ingredients in the creation of a successful life.

When confronted with a small obstacle, whether financial, a lack of resources, or a lack of access to a component needed to achieve a goal we may have, I’ve seen far too many people use the excuse of abnormal times (due to politician-enforced lockdown conditions) to simply then give up and postpone their dreams indefinitely. This is not the way any of us should react to push back in our lives. Instead, when we face push back that temporarily impedes the achievement of our goals, we need to dig our bunkers deeper and prepare for war against those that are attempting to prevent us from our God given rights of life and liberty.

As a preview to the types of topics I will be bringing you on a monthly basis, I leave you with the cries of freedom and humanity expressed by a young woman that has taken to the streets to fight totalitarian government officials in the nation of Myanmar.

one small action, one big result
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J. Kim

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