New maalamalama Vlog #13 and Podcast #14: Gold & Silver Price Pullback and Confirmation Bias?

Here are a couple of links below to maalamalama Vlog #13:  Get Ready for Another Banker Raid, and maalamalama Podcast #14: Confirmation Bias and Emotional Neutrality, that we’ve released in the past few days to bring you-up-to date with our opinions in the gold and silver sector. Please don’t let these last two opinion pieces of possible short-term gold and silver asset price movements overshadow the fact that we’ve consistently stated, not only in these two opinion pieces, but in statements earlier this year that we are bullish gold and bullish silver for 2016 after nearly five years of banker price suppression downward.





to listen to the above pieces, click on the image and then click on the link “Watch this video on YouTube”

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