The Devastating Psychological, Physical And Financial Outcome of Covid19 Lockdowns, in 8 Minutes

For those that are still having a difficult time understanding the truth behind ongoing covid19 lockdowns, here is a very simple explanation in eight minutes that explains why the ruling class’s covid19 lockdowns, infect and death cycles, versus the virus itself, is responsible for the starvation of hundreds of millions of people, as well as the economic misery of millions of people around the world. There is a tremendously legitimate argument that the ruling class’s enforced covid19 lockdowns in nearly every nation in the world is creating the bulk of negative devastation inflicted by this current pandemic versus the harm inflicted by the virus itself upon humanity. If you cannot understand why the ruling class would want to inflict financial, psychological and physical pain deliberately upon humanity, then please reference the latter part of this podcast and this podcast.

Please distribute this video to everyone you know that is having difficulty understanding the truth about covid19 inspired economic lockdowns. In order to reinstate our freedom and liberty around the world, it is necessary to understand the motivation behind these global economic lockdowns as well as the truth about the mild severity of the virus itself that is being vastly distorted and grossly misreported by media around the world. Though both absolute number of deaths from covid19 as well as the rate of mortality have been decreasing for many months, the mass media has focused on numbers of infections around the world to spread fear among the global population. Rather, the economic devastation being reported around the world that includes heartbreaking examples of global hunger, rapidly growing numbers of people suffering from food insecurity and increasing rates of anxiety and suicide, are all a result of the politician-enforced covid19 lockdowns, and not consequences of the virus itself.

For example, in the United States, the media has reported among mass closures of universities and colleges due to the numbers of infections being reported in students on campus around the nation. However, the mass media has completely ignored the one statistic that is far more important for American to know in order to understand the mild danger presented by the actual covid19 virus and the completelely unnecessary severity of ongoing covid19 lockdowns – zero US student hospitalizations and zero deaths, despite thousands of infections.

economic and pandemic lockdown cycle

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J. Kim

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