The End of Individualism and Free Choice, as Explained by Mr. Robot Season 4

life is binary, mr. robot

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead) Mr. Robot Season 4 provided brilliant social commentary on the engineered disappearance of individualism and free choice among the citizens of Planet Earth by the ruling parasitic class. Consistent with the disassociative identity disorder suffered by its main protagonist, Elliot Alderson, whose multiple personalities populated the TV show in the form of multiple distinct characters, the creator and writers of the USA TV show Mr. Robot Season 4 provided brilliant social commentary about the manufactured creation of a hive mind-like society that is happening all around the world today, whether in India, Canada, America, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Peru, Lebanon, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mexico, Ghana, Egypt or Brazil. I’ve never before reviewed a television show in fifteen years of running my financial news site, or in twelve years of running my defunct, retired demonetized YouTube channel and my new YouTube channel. So why now? I felt compelled to review the season ending Season 4 of Mr. Robot because it was the most brilliant singular season of any TV show I’ve ever watched (though I watch television very sparingly). Furthermore, given my background as a former Private Wealth Manager at a big corporate bank and at a Wall Street firm, I feel that I can offer a different perspective of the deep social commentary offered in Mr. Robot’s final season. For contextual purpose, I resigned from both of those positions well over a decade ago not only to become an entrepreneur, but also out of disgust from the realization that the corporate culture of the global finance industry was not very different from the Evil Corp global conglomerate depicted on the show Mr. Robot.

In any event, I explore, in my review of Season 4 of Mr. Robot, three major themes that ran throughout that season:

(1) Our proclivity to migrate towards the global hive mind and away from personal responsibility and accountability and higher expression of the individual self.

Our  refusal to engage the limitless life options available to us that allows for full expression of our potential and a the achievement of a meaningful, purposeful life in favor of widespread systemic embracing of the hive mind, limited outlook on life artificially created and engineered for us by the parasitic class. I liken our refusal to engage the options that free us from the illusory world to the limitation of our vision, without any enhancement, to only 0.0035% of the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. However, in life, unlike our vision, our options do not have to be limited to the 5% bandwidth of options given to us by the parasitic class, as the other 95% of life’s options are available AND accessible to all of us. Unfortunately, the majority of us voluntarily elect to live from birth to at a minimum, retirement, and sometimes even to death, within the narrow bandwidth of options that the parasitic class has created and attempts to enclose us within.

(2) The three parallel universes, with differing rules, that already exist in our world today

The first one, the dark underbelly of the world, is occupied by perhaps a transient 1% of the world’s population, though likely controlled by a much smaller subset of 0.1% of the world’s richest, that due to the lack of moral principles that guide its denizens, we should avoid. In the show Mr. Robot, an all-powerful global organization called the Deus group, which was merely a proxy for the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission among others, dwelled in this universe. This universe is accessible only to a tiny part of the world’s population, but our non-access to this universe is not a problem, because no person of courage and honor would ever voluntarily want to dwell in this universe.

The second universe is the one of smoke and mirrors in which 98% of the world’s population reside, but it is an illusory world pre-engineered for us by the controlling parasitic class into which everyone is born, and very few escape. We, too, should never desire to dwell in this universe as it is a world that tricks us into believing that the vast majority of life’s options are unavailable to us when indeed, they are available.

The third parallel universe that exists today is the world of great life satisfaction, meaning and purpose that can only be accessed by leaving the managed illusory world where 98% of us dwell. As this universe is accessible and open to all of us, 99% of us should dwell there instead of in the universe we choose to dwell, but perhaps only 1% among us live in this enlightened universe.

(3) The Confusing Duality of Human Nature

All humans have a good side and a dark side. Most of us are able to suppress our dark side and stay on the right side of this equation, but a small percentage of the human population are attracted to the power, money and riches that crossing over to the dark side offers and fully engage their dark nature. This duality is in full display in Mr. Robot with the villain “White” Rose, who is the leader of the “Dark” Army. The parasitic class fully understands the duality of human nature as well, and is behind the push to eradicate all morality from our society and to replace the moral right/wrong paradigm with an amoral better/worse paradigm. If you think the conflicts we have witnessed worldwide in the first half of 2020 have been appalling, it’s difficult to predict the type of bloody conflicts we will have to endure if the transhumanists billionaires succeed in their wish to rid our world of the moral paradigm in favor of their amoral paradigm that they obscure behind the false premise of “learning”, as their real objective is to replace all religion with a narcissistic self-worship platform that assumes we are God and that we are the Creators of everything in this universe, including having the capacity to create immortality.

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Mr. Robot Season 4, Review and Analysis

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