Most Gold and Silver Experts You Hear on Financial News Shows Have Very Little Understanding of How Gold and Silver Markets Function

Unfortunately, at times, it is definitely dangerous to our financial health to listen to the so-called gold and silver experts on financial news shows that merely parrot disinformation they have heard over the years about gold and silver. Rarely do the gold and silver experts that receive the most national media exposure every any analysis this is truly helpful and enlightening to us, the general public. For example, how many gold and silver experts on mainstream financial news shows have you heard speak of the decoupling of much higher, real physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices from their artificially established much lower future and spot prices? For me, it’s been none. And how many gold and silver experts on financial news shows have you heard explain how the four-time increase in under 30-days of initial margins/ maintenance margins on precious metal futures contracts into a collapsing stock market forces people with long futures positions to liquidate their positions, even if they wished to maintain their long positions? And how many of these same gold and silver experts have you heard discuss the massive contribution of this banker tactic to falling paper futures prices of precious metals? Again, the answers to both of these questions for me, has been a big fat zero.

Unfortunately, many “experts” on financial news shows have more in common with parrots than analysts, so to bring you the answers to the above questions, as perhaps the only analyst in the entire world that has regularly spoken about all the above issues, either on my news site or in previously released videos, I present the below video. Click here or the image below to watch.

gold and silver experts

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J. Kim

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