skwealthacademy gold, silver, platinum predictions coming true every day

skweatlhacademy gold, silver and platinum predictions are coming true

Here are just two examples of more of my skwealthacademy gold, silver, platinum predictions coming true that I have posted on this blog in recent weeks as well as on my maalamalama Instagram account. You may observe a couple of predictions I posted below that came true in a big way over the past few days. If you can’t read the “hidden” messages that I’ve highlighted with the red boxes because the type is too small, the first states “read the last paragraph of my ‘Divergence Between Gold and Silver Price Performance’ blog article.” The below is the prediction I published in this last paragraph:

“The ongoing ridiculous gold to silver price ratio of 88.5:1 (gold at $1,496 an ounce to silver’s $16.90 an ounce price) continues to lend support to my argument that silver, at sub-$17 an ounce prices, is an asset that should not be overlooked.”

You can find the link to that article, which I published on 20 August, here. The Instagram post reads “posted 6 days ago”, not 10 days ago, because I published the IG post several days after I published that particular article on my blog. Even if you didn’t read my blog article, the prediction I posted on my IG account was still plenty early to take full advantage of my predicted silver price outperformance over gold. Of course, by stating that silver “is an asset that should not be overlooked”, I was implying that silver’s coming price performance was going to surprise a lot of people. Below, you can observe silver price performance since I issued the above guidance.

skwealthacademy silver price prediction comes true
silver prices have soared since I warned the gold: silver price ratio was too far out of balance

In the second of my predictions I embedded within my Instagram posts, on 20 August, I wrote “longPLATonwklycloseabove865”, which means go long Platinum on a weekly close above 865, at a time when the platinum price was still below $865. And as soon as platinum moved past $870 or so earlier this week, and it was quite clear that platinum was going to close above $865 this week, as I predicted, this was the time to go long Platinum. Below you can see that as soon as my predicted event for a breakout in Platinum prices occurred, Platinum roared to as high as $940 in less than a few days, another example of many skwealthacademy gold, silver, platinum predictions coming true within the past few weeks.

skwealthacademy platinum price prediction comes true
platinum prices have soared, and followed my prediction since they broke the price I stated would send them higher

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J. Kim

5 thoughts on “skwealthacademy gold, silver, platinum predictions coming true every day

  1. I have critical thinking, cause I looked very closely to see if this guy was trying to sell us gold and silver stocks or amts. of it. –maybe thru him or his company.It is true that critical thinking is important,but separating yourself successfully from society is very difficult for we older people.–cause we may be very “retired”from work,jobs, and we have medicine and support systems we need. For example an older couple committed suicide because the wife had a bad disease,and couldn’t afford the medicine.–Supposedly this is a NEW THING’ NOT REALLY. Even the poor in America,have not been able to pay for medicine or food they needed,and have to substitute religion,prayers,street drugs and cheap substitutes even for FOOD THEY HAVE NO MONEY FOR.–I’m not going out tomorrow & buy a lot of costly gold and silver’you want silver?You know what jewelry makers do now?they buy old sets of jewelry,that aren’t selling(no one wants them) and melt them down to the original silver. Why buy expensive metals when the JEWELRY ITSELF IS CHEAPER TO MELT DOWN?THAT is critical thinking. YOU BETCHA! Hah.

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