Misanthropocene, the Age of Perpetual Warfare and Deception (And What to Expect in 2021)

misanthropocene, the era of perpetual warfare and deception

Strategies of the Era of Misanthropocene: Misdirection and Disinformation

We live in the era of misanthropocene, the age of perpetual warfare, greed, narcissism and deception, the age in which the very small ruling class turned its resources, power and money into harvesting the capital and labor of all other humans in this world. In today’s world, it seems as if the only thing the ruling class needs to do in order to convince an entire world to believe something is to publish it or state it on the favorite news outlet of the news consumer. For example, for Republicans, just voice a news story on Fox News and nearly all Republicans will believe it as true. For Democrats, just release a news story on MSNBC, even if it is the exact opposite take of the same story just presented on Fox News, and the vast majority of Democrats will uncritically accept it as true. It matters neither whether the version presented on Fox or MSNBC is true, or whether neither version is true. Just publish it, voice it, or spread it on social media platforms, and in a world of the blind, the one eyed man will always be able to manipulate its followers into believing anything.

Strategies Deployed in the Misanthropocene – Fake Economic Statistics

This week, the major financial platforms unapologetically published headlines that claimed “China’s Economy Plows On as World’s Only Growth Engine” and published reports of China’s year-over-year Q3 GDP 2020 growth rate of 4.9%. Bloomberg marveled at this feat amidst a tumultuous sea of tattered global economies and reported “China’s early and aggressive containment of the coronavirus has set the economy up for a faster rebound than any of its peers.” But how likely is this to be actually true? I would put the likelihood of China’s GDP growth rate at 4.9% in Q3 2020 yoy at less than one percent. Why? Because common sense tells us just as any Central Banker policy aimed at blowing bubbles to greater heights normally have a lag of a few quarters before showing up in the economy, that any rebound from strict lockdown measures is not going to happen in a parabolic manner but be more gradual over a few quarters. A 4.9% GDP growth rate in Q3, given a massive negative GDP growth rate of 6.8% in Q1 the prior quarter, would represent a parabolic rebound in GDP. The reported Q2 yoy GDP growth rate of +3.2% was likely fabricated as well. Secondly, we all know that every nation, not just China, artificially engineers key economic data to relay tales that the economy is much more robust than reality in order to keep citizens calm and to attract foreign investment. For example, the US routinely reports absurd employment data and GDP numbers that are in complete opposition to the reality of millions of jobs permanently lost during the lockdowns and growing numbers of Americans living at the edge of survival, including 40 million that cannot even afford to pay rent and live every day in fear of being evicted and becoming homeless. And though stories about American homelessness created by the global lockdowns dominate media because US mass media has the farthest global reach, circumstances are much more dire in poorer nations like Lebanon, Syria, Brazil, Cambodia, Laos, India, Indonesia and the Philippines just to name a few. Even though a Google search for growing homelessness in Asia specifically as a consequence of global economic lockdowns literally yielded zero relevant results among its first three page results, just because no one in the mass media or the people that design the Google search engine algorithm cares about this problem, this problem is most definitely afflicting the poorest nations in the world in a much more devastating manner than richer nations, with hundreds of millions of people that lived on the verge of poverty before the lockdowns almost certain to be on the verge of homelessness by now.

Strategies Deployed in the Misanthropocene – No Boundaries in the Agenda of the Ruling Class

So why would an American media company like Bloomberg do the bidding of the Chinese in releasing false rosy statistics that paint the Chinese economy in a much more positive light than is likely real? Because if they questioned the reality of such “official” Chinese data, they know that Americans would question the reality of similar “official” US data that is absurdly manipulated and false. In other words, call out the management perception game of a foreign State, even one that is currently engaged in economic war with you, and you have to be willing to shoot yourself in the foot as this will destroy the façade of the management perception game being played out within domestic borders.

Was the Severe China Lockdown Also Part of the Management Perception Game?

One theory I have never heard proposed about the totalitarian Wuhan lockdowns methods deployed by the Chinese State in which Westerners angrily condemned these responses to controlling the virus, was that perhaps these responses were not real and merely staged in order to provoke an equally severe reaction from Western nations in which Western politicians would shoot their economies in the foot and financially destroy their own citizens through unnecessary mandated lockdowns, all without a single bomb dropped or a single full metal jacket fired. For example, millions of Westerners watched videos uploaded to social media platforms of Chinese police drilling doors shut and inhumanely sealing allegedly infected people inside their homes to die in China and read stories relayed by numerous Chinese citizens and scientists fleeing China and obtaining asylum because the State censored and persecuted them for telling the “truth” about the virus. However, who actually corroborated these stories as valid with at least three independent sources on the ground, as any reputable journalism operation would do, before they were reported as truth in America and in Europe? Unfortunately, the answer is no one.

The same media outlets that were so eager to report the fake story of RussiaGate with zero evidence as truth to an audience hungry to devour such news as truthful were the same media outlets that jumped all over the above Wuhan stories regarding the lethality and severe health consequences of the virus. However, why did not anyone consider that the fact that the Chinese have certainly known about the near complete absence of any journalistic standards and ethics in most US media outlets today and that they may have exploited this lack of journalistic integrity to spread propaganda in the Americas and throughout the European continent about the severity of the virus as a form of psychological warfare that would eventually mutate through the mistakes of the host into economic warfare? Did Chinese operatives not understand that such rabid anti-Chinese sentiment that already existed around the world due to mass media persistently painting them as “evil” could be exploited for their own benefit?  Again, such a proposition is not excusing, by any means, the totalitarian silencing of opposition views within China, but merely suggesting that intelligent players in a game of economic warfare could figure out how to exploit such negative existing biased views to their advantage.

In fact, such a strategy would be the embodiment of concepts drawn straight from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, a plan so simplistic that it could have been devised by a high school student that had just finished an Eastern literature class.

Again, my doubts are not regarding whether or not these stories actually happened, but rather if they were staged, like the chemical gas attacks in Douma, Syria, as exposed by former OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) team leader and engineer Ian Henderson.  When Mr. Henderson came forward and stated there was zero evidence chemical weapons attacks happened in Douma but that in fact, compelling evidence existed that suggested that the gas attacks were staged and never happened, the United Nations censored his testimony even though the UN had relied on prior OPCW reports as “proof” of the chemical gas attacks to validate US and French bombing of Syria. What if China borrowed this same model, used by the West, to call for regime change in Syria, to wage psychological and economic war against the West? What if those scenes of Wuhan citizens being entombed alive inside their homes for being infected and of Chinese citizens claiming they were being persecuted and censored for telling the truth about the grave danger of the virus were merely staged and all State pansies deployed to stir up mass hysteria around the world? Certainly, since no one but top health officials in the Chinese government have no clue what the real numbers of viral infections, hospitalizations and deaths really are, it is incredulous to me that no one in the media has given any consideration to the possibility that perhaps, in an event of unconventional warfare, the entire crisis was a manufactured mindf*ck and Jedi mind trick of the highest accord?

Or if you want to extrapolate this speculation out one further parallel universe onward, perhaps some Western leaders are even in on the potential scam, and are using the cover provided to them by the Chinese State to execute economic lockdowns in their nations as an exercise to further a singular, global agenda of the ruling class. Recall that rule number one in the operatives of the ruling class is that there are no sovereign nations and no consideration for the existence of international boundaries when deploying their agenda. Their agenda is to be deployed across all regions of the world, rich and poor, black, brown, yellow, and white, and developed and developing. Regardless of whether or not they were actually real or staged in order to elicit a global response, the outcome was the same. National, regional and municipal politicians all around the world reacted with nearly equally totalitarian responses, and in the process, destroyed the financial livelihoods and security of millions of people within their nations.  One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from skeptics of the operational platform of the ruling class is the following: “What incentive would the ruling class have to destroy the livelihoods of people in their own nations? Will that not hurt them too?” The answer to the latter is a resounding, No. The answer to the former is that to begin, because we are dealing with people with no morals, do not try to understand their motives. You never well. However, their motives are to gain absolute control over the most valuable commodity on planet Earth – not diamonds, not oil, not water, not agriculture, and not even silver, platinum, and gold – but human beings. And while their allocation of human capital is an extremely inefficient model for sustainability of not only human life, but of all life on planet Earth, they are not interested in allocating human capital in an efficient, sustainable manner for everyone, but only for themselves.

Strategies Deployed in the Misanthropocene – The Proliferation of Unconventional Warfare and Unconventional Tradecraft

We all know that a large scale world war will never take the form of conventional warfare ever again. There are just too many other mechanisms by which to destroy human capital in other nations that exist today that do not involve the use of time, money, conventional munitions, and most of all, the loss of military lives to accomplish the same nefarious goals. If one can convince a nation to destroy itself through a management perception game, then this would be the preferred mechanism of warfare by any global power, whether China, Russia, France, Germany, the UK or the United States. In fact many people are completely oblivious to the fact that we are living through the greatest wartime era in history, an era I coined as the misanthropocene, simply because the vast majority of war being waged today is being waged through unconventional warfare, sometimes in secrecy and often times in complete view of everyone.

For example, economic wars are being waged against dozens of nations covertly through sanctions, which cut off critical supplies not to the ruling class of nations upon which sanctions are declared, but to the citizens of that nation, who then die as a result of these sanctions. For example, currently, the US has ongoing sanctions, many of which are quite severe and prevent essential goods necessary for survival from being imported, currently imposed upon these following nations: Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Belarus, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Cote d’Ivoire. Furthermore this list is partial and incomplete. As a consequence of these imposed economic sanctions, in every single one of these nations I just mentioned, the ruling class, even if they are totalitarian dictators, are not suffering. However, ordinary citizens, and sometimes thousands of them, have died and are dying, as a direct result of these sanctions. Why? Because the stated M.O. of economic sanctions is to crush the people of a nation into such misery that they will rise up against the current regime and overthrow them. Consequently the end goal of economic sanctions is to impose so much economic misery among the population that they are angered and incited enough to overthrow a regime that has fallen out of favor with the ruling class of the nation imposing the sanctions. And despite the deployment of such inhumane sanctions that are described as necessary to depose of an “evil dictator” but almost always deployed to overthrow a leader that is not granting open exploitation of its nation’s most valuable mineral resources, these actions still do not stop the largest unethical corporations from conducting business to extract valuable resources from these sanctioned nations.

For example, even though the US currently is deploying sanctions against the DRC, since illegally run, child labor-produced cobalt is a valuable export of the DRC, the US has not sanctioned companies like Tesla, Microsoft and Apple against doing business in the DRC, as is evident by a lawsuit filed against these tech giants for exploitation of child slave labor that resulted in multiple child deaths during the extraction of cobalt in the DRC from illegal mines.

Strategies Deployed in the Misanthropocene –  Civil War of the State Against its Citizens

In addition to dozens of wars being waged from an economic vantage that knowingly and deliberately target citizens for death, of which most people in the world are completely ignorant, civil wars between the State and its citizens are being waged all around the world in the form of these economic lockdowns that have robbed global citizens of their God-given right to travel freely about the world, and to work and earn enough income to feed themselves and their families. So for the first time in history, we have widespread civil wars being overtly waged between the State and citizens worldwide in addition to the unprecedented amount of covert economic wars being silently waged among nation States all around the world. Thirdly, we have overt trade wars being waged, such as the trade wars between the US and China and the US and Russia. Fourthly, we will soon have escalation of monetary wars waged between States and their citizens through the implementation of 100% digital currencies all around the world as a method of totalitarian control of the global citizens.

Strategies Deployed in the Misanthropocene –  the Deployment of Unconventional Tradecraft

During conventional warfare, tradecraft such as espionage, cryptography, enhanced interrogation, surveillance and so on is the most highly valued. While these tradecraft specialties are still valued, the progression and omnipresent nature of the IoT (Internet of Things) has created a much more valued tradecraft, hacking through the use of zero day exploits, a skillset that would never have been valued so highly just a few decades ago. Due to the interconnectedness of global finance and trade through the internet, silent wars and black ops conducted out-of-the-sight of global citizens and unreported by the mass media will continue to escalate along with unconventional warfare waged through cybersecurity attacks. For example, a zero day exploit that targets regional energy grids and shuts them down without warning will cause mass chaos overnight, with access to all money and financial services, clean water, public transportation, electricity and food except non-perishable food items with extended shelf lives to literally disappear overnight.

Furthermore, if executed by a highly skilled hacker, it will likely be very difficult to pinpoint the origin of such an attack and likely take months to find the source of the attack, thus making xenophobic fearmongering among the masses extremely easy to accomplish as rumors of a nation’s most hated “enemies” absorbing responsibility for such attacks even if the attack was a homegrown one. Such attacks may even originate within domestic borders as an escalation of the next stage of internal civil wars between the State and its own citizens. And even if the ruling class does not use this tradecraft to wage war against its own citizens, the opportunity for black hats to not enrich themselves by staging such attacks will offer far too rich of an opportunity for them to pass up. The IoT has made it inevitable that a wave of cybersecurity attacks, extremely disruptive to normal life will occur, whether staged or unstaged, as a result of bad players whether these bad players are the State or lone wolf black hats, and that those that refuse to address such issues now will struggle much more than those that are willing to recognize the means by which the next stages of compliance will be thrust upon us.

Understanding all of the above, it is extremely difficult to deny that we are currently undergoing the most elevated time of warfare in modern history right now, with escalation of unconventional warfare near guaranteed to intensify in coming years both inside domestic borders between the State and its people and across international boundaries between the nations determined to make physical gold an important part of its monetary system and those nations ideologically opposed to this policy, which is not as clear an East versus West demarcation as many may believe. For example, there is little doubt that despite the BRICS moniker indicative of an economic alliance among Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, that India has turned its back on this alliance through the leadership of Indian PM Narendra Modi and are clearly aligned with a continuing hegemonic pro-US currency platform at the current time, even if that has to come in the form of some type of Fedcoin or cryptodollar. In 2020, Iran would clearly be a more appropriate “I” in the BRICS alliance than India. In addition, in Asia, Japan and South Korea are clearly aligned with the US Central Bank and ECB monetary policy and not in favor of any type of gold-based, let along gold-backed monetary system in the future.

In the past, militaries, armies and navies, were necessary to wage war. Today, we have seen wars waged psychologically, economically, and through the Internet of Things (IoT) without a single munition dropped or bullet fired. Though many would view the current lockdowns as a result of biological warfare, psychological, not biological, warfare was ultimately responsible for the vast swaths of economic destruction achieved through economic strafing of citizens via global lockdowns. In every nation in the world, if we weigh the economic destruction caused by the virus versus the lockdowns, the lockdowns are the clear winner in more successfully achieving a path of economic destruction and misery over the virus. However, because convincing the world of the lethality of the virus was paramount to enforcing the global lockdowns, an exercise of mental compliance achieved through decades of compliance conditioning, (as I explain here in a 37-minute podcast titled, “How the Ruling Class Uses the Science Fallacy to Create Mass Compliance”, and is well worth listening to, in my humble opinion), I consider this latest stage of war as a psychological war rather than a biological one.

The Counterattack Solution to the Misanthropocene Era

Finally, since the next stage of warfare to be unleashed, after financial warfare, is likely to be cyberwarfare, or perhaps a simultaneous financial and cyberwarfare attack, what can we do to survive in these times of relentless warfare? To begin, I would recommend searching for a city or region with a very strong and competent government at the local level that did not impose any strong lockdowns even if they were imposed at the national level. Such local governments will maintain the best odds for continuing to do the right thing in the future in the face of strong opposition to their liberty preserving rule, as they are not ruled by non-thinking, sell-out politicians that cannot separate propaganda from science and that will fight on behalf of the rights of the people. It is clear to me that the vast majority of politicians live a lifestyle that remove them so far from the lives of the common citizen that they have zero ability to understand the trials and tribulations that literally billions of people are currently undergoing. Therefore to rely on the assistance of people that are so disconnected to the average struggle of the average person makes zero sense as a survival choice.

Consequently, start preparing, if you have not already been preparing, to ensure access to money, food, water and energy all through off-grid means as much as possible. While many people will say such preparations verge on the edge of paranoia, nothing I have witnessed for the last decade of my life suggests that dependence upon the State for survival is wise. In fact, just the opposite is true, and everything I have witnessed during the last decade reinforces the statement that former US President Ronald Reagan uttered on 12 August 1986: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” All of us directly witnessed this year the “help” from the State offered to use result in mandatory economic lockdowns worldwide that severely elevated numbers of suicides, mental health problems, and caused food and home insecurity to explode

for hundreds of millions of people this year. So, a rapid progression towards as much self-sufficiency is an absolute necessity  to neutralize the constant state of warfare being waged against us.

For those unwilling to prepare, ask yourself this question. Are you happy with the direction in which your nation is heading, politically, economically and spiritually? If the answer is “no”, then do you expect your neighbors to do all the heavy lifting for you without your participation? The birth of nations has always required a lot of heavy lifting, sacrifice and a tremendous work ethic to overcome the draconian policies of the oppressive ruling class. This time will be no different.

Despite the fact that we live in the era of Misanthropocene, this doesn’t mean that life will become infused with the perpetual hope-deficient bleakness of Cormac McCarthy’s apocalyptic novel, The Road, but simply that those that lean into self-sufficiency and into a practical blend of preparation and realism now will simply be much better equipped to handle the road ahead with minimal derailments. The only element more abundant on planet Earth than nitrogen is human resiliency. It is now time to exercise our resiliency to ensure that in future years, we are not just surviving, but that we are thriving, in contradiction to the best plans of the ruling class. Back in July 2019, I suggested to my patrons to lean very heavily into physical purchase of gold and silver when gold futures were trading at $1,180 an ounce and silver futures were trading at less than $14 an ounce, a warning that seemed perhaps as apocalyptic back then as my warnings in this article do now. Had I told 100 random strangers to do the same, they most likely would have sarcastically replied, “Why, is the world going to end soon?” But with the benefit of time and 20/20 hindsight, we now know that my guidance back then, as is the guidance I’m providing here, was far from apocalyptic but rather just a proper call based on realistic probabilities dismissed as conspiratorial by the ruling class.

We often conflate realism with fear mongering and some people may think my warnings are fear mongering instead of a call for action based upon realism. Real fear mongering, on the other hand, is a powerful tool utilized by the ruling class to put us in a perpetual state of inertia and to prevent us from acting in our own best interests. More importantly than the lockdown of our physical movements achieved by the ruling class this year is the imprisonment and successful lockdowns of our minds. Do not fall victim to fear. Real fear mongering is injecting non-scientific information about a virus being lethal to healthy people with strong immune systems into a daily news cycle for month after month after month until even intelligent people break down and accept their nonsense. Real fear mongering is spreading information as “scientific” from studies without revealing the methodology used to compile the data, which allows zero scientific and truthful comparison between the real danger of a current virus and a common flu virus. Virtually no one is intellectually compelled to study data collection methodologies, available here and here, to truly understand the robustness and validity of reported information. Consequently, even within the realm of fear mongering, the ruling class has always resorted to playing a management perception game among the people, understanding that the actual introduction of a deadly virus is completely unnecessary to lockdown the world’s population, but that only the constant promotion of fear of a relatively non-lethal virus to all people with healthy immune systems is necessary to achieve their goals.

Strategies of the Misanthropocene – Keep the Public Feeding at the Government Teat for Maximum Compliance

In order to move us all inside the boundaries of their managed perception game of mass compliance, the ruling class will eventually issue more stimulus checks, or perhaps even issue universal basic income (UBI), as this concept is securing politicians in South Korea massive popularity at the current time.  In other words, keep the masses dependent upon government handouts for survival, even if the presented solution was for a crisis that the State invented, and compliance rates can be dialed up to maximum levels. Of course, the UBI or stimulus checks will never be sufficient to replace income from lost jobs that were a consequence of these lockdowns, and will only be a fraction of our prior income for those that actually earned a living wage, but since it will be sufficient to keep us alive, most people will gladly comply to any further mandates in order to keep receiving their survival wages. So, the vast majority of us will remain perhaps not happy, but satisfied to obey the orders of tyrants while Rome burns and we watch millions around us starve to death in a real life horror show (as the poorest of the poor never receive these government handouts for lack of proper infrastructure to receive them), simply because we’ve been repeatedly conditioned since the 911 crisis and the 2008 global financial crisis to accept the crisis capitalism model implemented since then. This model is as follows – use a crisis, real or artificially created, to plunge the population into misery, wait until the masses clamor for government help, and then swoop in to offer measures disguised as help that are actually designed to maximize dependence upon the State for survival and that will build maximum compliance to future marching orders.

In fact, post 2020 US Presidential election, I would not be surprised if UBI is proposed in America as a “solution” to the economic lockdowns. We must all be smart enough to understand that anyone that accepts UBI as a long-term, instead of a temporary solution to his or her problems, will only be sinking further down the rabbit hole that transforms us from free men and women into a permanent ward of the State.  The simple solution to avoid being voluntarily placed in such a bleak situation is to work on increasing self-sufficiency every single day.

No Real Positive Change for Humanity Can Ever Happen at the Hands of Career Politicians

Finally those that believe a change in the national leadership, either at the Presidential or Prime Minister level in your nation, will shift the tide of war in your nation, no such fantasy will materialize. If there is no significant decline in the US stock markets that precedes the US Presidential election on 3 November 2020, then incumbent President Trump will likely win re-election in a surprise result in my opinion. However, if a significant decline of 10% or more materializes between now and the US Presidential election in the S&P 500 index, then such a development favors the challenger Biden winning. However, no matter who wins, the perpetual state of warfare will not subside.  

As a last minute psychological ploy, don’t be surprised if incumbent Trump issues an executive order to override the disastrous lockdown policies enforced at the State level. With tens of millions of American lives already having been ruined by these State lockdowns, Trump would build massive goodwill right before the election by issuing a federal mandate to legislate open economies and the end of economic lockdowns in all 50 states immediately prior to the election. In my opinion, the Trump administration’s biggest failure this year has been to allow each individual state to give their own marching orders regarding the handling of the virus and this has resulted in some Governors and Mayors seizing this opportunity to become self-appointed Kings and Queens of numerous regions in America and enriching themselves by crushing  the bones of their constituents. If I understand executive order powers correctly (and perhaps I don’t), then one swift pen stroke before the US election bell tolls could reverse all the absurdity of the lockdowns nationwide. If you happen to reside in any of the branded anti-China (a euphemism for anti-gold based monetary system) nations of Australia, New Zealand, the United States, England, South Korea, Japan, India and the United States, then I suggest moving a little bit more quickly than others in this race to become self-sufficient.

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