maalamalama Podcast #10: Free Your Mind

Welcome to maalamalama Podcast #10, Free Your Mind. For many of us, almost every single belief we hold about religion, politics, financial markets, war, law, morality was fed to us by another human being, and not something that we arrived upon from our own path of critical thought. This is not only an extremely dangerous methodology to form our belief systems, but an inherently flawed one that leaves every one of us open to being unduly influenced into believing false propositions as truths.  It has been said that the ignorance or denial of facts does not make the facts any less true. This happens with a startling level of frequency in the world of economics and finance and in discussions about financial markets, when State “official” statistics that are obviously manufactured lies to anyone that performs a simple analysis of how these statistics are derived are routinely accepted and reported by MSM (MainStream Media) analysts as “truth.” In reality, any economist or analyst that discusses State sponsored economic job growth, unemployment, GDP, housing start statistics in support of their “analysis” should be immediately discredited and embarrassed for doing so. And anyone that points out the fragility of the global banking system, US stock market, SE Asian real estate markets, yet still discusses these State-sponsored statistics as if they are credible should be immediately recognized as a disinformation agent that uses the common disinformation tactic of mixing lies with truth to gain credibility among the public masses.


In today’s podcast, Free Your Mind, JS Kim, the Managing Director of maalamalama, discusses the absurdity of the US iron-fisted means of handling FIFA fraud v. the kid glove means of handling banking fraud that is a thousand times worse, the dichotomy of the legal system that imprisons Martha Stewart for perjury but praises the perjury of Fed Reserve Chairmans Bernanke and Yellen’s narrative of “maximum employment” and “price stability”, and the absurdity of banking CEOs Jamie Dimon and Stuart Gulliver’s statements that their firm’s massive criminal behavior is isolated to a few “rogue bankers” even as Barclays traders acknowledge the systemic banking culture of thievery with declarations in trading chat rooms of “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”! We further discuss how the “obey and do as your told” meme of the financial world has bled into the music, consumerism, and entertainment worlds as well, and the steps we can take to ensure that we fall into the category of the “awakened” versus the category of the “still asleep.” So grab a cup of coffee, enjoy today’s podcast and free your mind.


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About the podcast author: JS Kim is the Founder and Managing Director of maalamalama, a fiercely independent education, research and consulting firm that promotes a return to sound money and raises the transparency of the financial world by continually exposing the truth. Sign up for our newsletter on our website and stay tuned for the launch of our online education program, SmartWealth Academy. In addition, check out JS Kim’s recent guest podcast appearance on Christopher Ryan’s Tangentially Speaking program here.

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