maalamalama Discusses Gold & Silver Manipulation on the Keiser Report

Here’s the video of my original interview, recorded on Monday, February 27, 2012, about gold and silver price manipulation on the Keiser Report with Max Keiser. Regarding my comment on gold-shorts being “trapped”, I do believe that there will be times in the future when gold and silver shorts will be squeezed and that this action will force prices higher. However, data I had uncovered about Central Bank movements in the gold and silver market led me to disagree that they were trapped at the current time, and thus two days after this interview was recorded, my suspicions regarding a take down in gold and silver that I had raised were certainly verified as the cartel hit gold for more than $87 an ounce and silver for a whopping $2.20 an ounce on the last trading day of February. Still, I believe that it is highly unlikely that the bullion banks perpetually short gold and silver in the fraudulent markets will ever be subjected to a short squeeze in the manner that Goldman Sachs et al allegedly used insider trading information to squeeze hedge fund SemGroup‘s oil shorts in 2008 to drive oil prices to $150 a barrel in a very condensed period of time.


If bullion banks were taking the opposite side of the bet and were net long gold and silver and were trying to squeeze speculators that were short gold and silver for their own benefit, then I would agree that the shorts could be run over and stampeded over, as happened to SemGroup in 2008. However, because the bullion banks perpetually maintain positions that suppress the price of gold and silver, I don’t ever foresee them getting run over in a manner comparable to what happened to Semgroup. And if, oh joy, the bullion banks’ shorts against gold and silver were run over, I’m not necessarily sure that they would choose to add longs to counter the losses of their shorts. Given the precedent we have from the MF Global fiasco, I could even foresee the bullion banks just defaulting on their short obligations and turning to the regulators that continually aid and abet (SEC, CFTC, et al) them to wipe their debt clean. I sure hope that this would not be the case, but no future criminal act of the banking cartel will astound or surprise me anymore.


Despite the transparent Bullion Bank and Global Banking Cartel attacks executed against gold and silver futures and spot prices, always remember the following: Gold is Sound Money. Silver is Sound Money. The money Central Banks tell us is “money” is not. Sorry for the funny angle of my webcam during this interview!


About the author:
JS Kim is the Chief Investment Strategist of maalamalama, a fiercely independent investment research and consulting firm. To learn more about his flagship Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter, a newsletter that has returned a cumulative 202.22% from inception in 2007 until Jan 30, 2012, please click here.

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