Less YouTube, More Snapchat, and Banker Wars on Cash and Gold.

As all of you that have been long-time readers of this blog know, we have several primary channels of distribution for all the news we distribute – our YouTube channel, our free newsletter (subscribe on our website), and this blog.


However, ever since Google bought out YouTube, YouTube has become increasingly hostile towards any distribution of any hard-hitting news about the systemic and rampant criminality of the commercial financial and banking industry. We’ve had numerous problems with censorship issues of our news over the past several years with both Google and YouTube, so we are going to migrate towards other channels of news distribution.


Consequently, we are going to give a new information distribution service, Snapchat, a try, as our more frequent and primary means of distributing information. We will still post YouTube videos on our smartknowledgeu YouTube channel, but we are going to start using Snapchat to distribute information on a more regular basis. To follow us on Snapchat, just add us by the username skwealthacademy. (which stands for SmartKnowledgeWealthAcademy), or just use the Snapchat app to scan the our snapcode below. The topics that we will address on Snapchat will also be of a broader nature than on our YouTube channel, with our definition of “wealth” to be far more inclusive than the societal, monetary accumulation definition, and to include the pursuit of happiness and the attainment of a sense of well-being and comprehensive rounded satisfaction with life.


We have not yet started snapchatting yet and will likely start snapchatting in the new year, but in case we have important news to distribute via snapchat, please make sure to add us today not to miss out on potentially important news.


In the meantime, if you have not yet subscribed to our smartknowledgeu YouTube channel and missed our last few very important releases, you may catch up with these two videos released in the past few weeks.  On 29 November, we reviewed the reasons why India PM Narendra Modi’s declared war on cash was really just a front for the bankers’ war on gold.


  click on image above to play video, first released 29 Nov 16


As soon as gold reversed from a high of $1,338 an ounce on the day of the US Presidential elections, we started employing hedges against deep drops in the prices of spot gold and spot silver when we identified the strong possibility of massive banker gold and silver price raids on the way. We closed out multiple hedges at 40%, 60% and 70%+ gains within the past few weeks so thus far, our hedges against deep gold and silver price drops have worked well.  A few weeks ago, in the midst of this raid, we warned of another significant banker raid that was coming with a video titled, “Post US Election Gold and Silver Raid Not Over Yet”. To understand the banker mission behind this raid, please click on the video below:


Post US Election Gold and Silver Raid Not Over Yetclick on above image to play, first released 6 Dec 16


Furthermore, we will review an article I wrote nearly five years ago in our next issue that predicted the major currency wars unfolding around the world today, and my revealed objectives back then of the criminal banking cartel’s war against cash, so stay tuned for our next newsletter. Finally, we wish everyone a healthy and peaceful holiday season and wish the best for you and your family during this holiday season.


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