the maalamalama mission

learn about the maalamalama mission and the skwealthacademy curriculum, designed to disrupt and revolutionize education and wealth preservation strategies, including the best gold and silver education courses in the world
the maalamalama mission

Welcome to a New Way of Thinking

The maalamalama mission is about disrupting and revolutionizing global wealth education and the societal constructs of success and wealth. Subscribe to our free wealth education newsletter by clicking here! At maalamalama,  we have designed 20 distinct skwealthacademy courses to identify and unwind blind acceptance of widely accepted concepts as “right” when they may not necessarily be so, rewire thought patterns to once-again be receptive to creativity and to new knowledge that challenges old ways of thinking, retrain minds to think divergently through dissemination of knowledge and the provision of educational tasks absent from every single traditional academic classroom today, including exercises, activities and applied learning, and not exams, and solidify understanding of the utility of the information provided in my courses in the real world, including the best ways to invest in gold and silver to preserve wealth during the global currency wars . Real world tasks, not examinations and mindless regurgitation of learned materials, whether learning investment tactics or critical thinking skills, are required to make learning fun again and to reinstate in us the limitless curiosity of a child. Most importantly, the maalamalama mission to provide education that will grant every one of my clients with a sense of purpose in life, and that will not only redirect my clients towards the pursuit of meaning in life over the singular pursuit of money, but also provide all the lessons required to preserve and grow wealth through the understanding of monetary and financial truths never taught inside any business academic classroom in any business program in the world.


A Holistic Definition of Wealth and Success

The maalamalama mission is about building a balanced equilibrium of mental, material and physical wealth is a very achievable goal, as all of us possessed this balanced definition of wealth in spades when we were young, but simply lost them as we became conditioned by belief systems rooted in false paradigms that funneled us all to walk through the same door that defined wealth and success solely in monetary terms.  In addition, for those of us that were not homeschooled, we all unfortunately were exposed to decades of academic classroom settings that reinforced societal constructs of compliant obedience that were deliberately designed to strip us of our individuality and encourage us to conform to a hive-like mentality.  I recall, when attending an Ivy League university, how deeply I was struck by the fact that so many of my peers seemed to have been shaped into indistinguishable clones, struck from the same cookie-cutter mold, by the time I graduated.

Consequently, achievability of the goals that I establish in my skwealthacademy courses does not mean that their achievement will be attained easily. They will not, and especially for those of you whose belief systems have been strongly shaped by your academic system experiences, achievability will require a good dose of struggle. However, everything that is worth something in life requires discipline, commitment and initial hard work. Though I love the movie “The Matrix”, one message with which I hugely disagree is that taking the red pill, an act that granted the protagonist of the film, Neo, the ability to perceive truth with clarity, will reveal that life is miserable. This message is just another iteration of the false “ignorance is bliss” motif spread throughout the world by those in power, as the zombies unwilling to struggle and think for themselves in that film remained happy. Instead, the exact opposite of this harmful message is true.


Be the Light and Do Good

The maalamalama mission is about being the light and doing good. After we understand that many of our belief systems are rooted in false paradigms, which the courses of my skwealthacademy teach, this enables us to break the chains of our self-limiting beliefs, to self-actualize, to embrace a more positive outlook on life, and to become much happier human beings that will pursue careers we love.  Today, a false message is widely promoted that you either have to sell-out to become rich or do something rooted in goodness but be poor. I believe that most people are inherently kind and good, that they will support businesses and pay fair value for a service or good that promotes similar ideals, and that they will not take advantage of people that offer services that help them achieve a better life, whether that service is knowledge or a product like delicious, fresh, organic food. If we bond together and support communities that build businesses that push society towards light instead of darkness, then we can eventually defeat the global push towards darkness, led by many of the world’s largest corporations today, that overwhelms many societies today.

Consequently, for my former colleagues that still remain in banking, paralyzed by the fear that they can’t do anything that is positive for humanity, I firmly believe this mindset is wrong. I believe that people all over the world would reward them for leaving an industry that harms humanity and for having the courage to start a new career in an industry that benefits humanity by providing them with financial support for this transition, even if that new industry was a restructured banking industry that served us instead of perpetually sought to enslave us. I’ve made the point on numerous prior occasions that there is nothing inherently “bad” with the banking industry, and that if it were an industry that re-focused on serving its clients, it could once again be an honorable industry that benefited humanity. The point at which banking became immoral is when the world’s richest men developed it in the darkness of secrecy as a platform to enrich themselves through deception and the promotion of unsound money called fiat currencies.


What is the Minimum Age for skwealthacademy?

The maalamalama mission does not discriminate against any race, religion, nationality or age. Many ask us if young children would be able to complete our courses, and we say YES! Our motto is to never restrict and confine a young child’s development, as frequently occurs in standard brick and mortar classrooms. When a child is held back in a classroom, that doesn’t mean he or she is dumber than his or her classmates, and when a child excels in a classroom, that doesn’t mean he or she is smarter than his or her classmates. All this means, is that relative to his or her peers, his or her brain works differently for that particular topic being studied, and such discrepancies in learning speed are not only normal, but present wonderful opportunities to utilize peer-to-peer learning experiences to enhance the education of all students. I am confident that even children as young as 10 can gain much from some of the classes in skwealthacademy, because I am not here to serve as the authoritative, infallible teacher at the head of the classroom, but rather to serve as a guide to help each individual unlock his or her bottomless well of curiosity.

At skwealthacademy, there are only two prerequisite courses, Why Finding Purpose Should Be Your Top Goal in Life, and Escaping the Life Defeating Concepts of Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias, for the entire academy curriculum, and one prerequisite course, Do Bankers Manipulate Gold and Silver Prices?, for all the courses specifically related to gold and silver.  For the former two courses, children as young as 10 can definitely complete them because a child is never too young to start the journey of finding one’s purpose in life as well as the journey of becoming a critical, intellectual thinker that will help one avoid many mistakes from succumbing to the “herd” mentality of society later in life.

The reasons I have required these three courses of my academy as requirements before completing all other courses are as follows. One, if we do not understand the principles of Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias fully, we may continue to be duped into believing false precepts and principles that may limit our ability to internalize new concepts and knowledge. Number two, though a course on finding life purpose may seem out of place to most for an education academy, I believe that it is a perfect fit. Why? Not only do traditional academic institutions fail miserably in providing real actionable steps for young adults to find their purpose in life, but since academic classrooms stress career over all else, many times young adults turn into mature adults, continue to conflate their careers for their purpose, and then when they retire, find a massive void in their life they cannot fill simply because they were so engrossed in their career to realized that their career was not their purpose. For example, this is why I developed a separate curriculum especially for professional athletes.

The pro sports skwealthacademy curriculum

The maalamalama mission will solve one of the greatest problems afflicting professional athletes today. Of course, everyone in life needs to find his or her purpose, not just athletes, but star professional athletes often suffer depression when the constant, unhealthy adoration and adulation of thousands of screaming fans abruptly disappears after retirement. Many athletes have severe difficulty to adjusting to life without the constant feedback loop of fame, but one way a professional athlete can prevent this unnecessary period of adjustment is to find purpose while one is still a professional athlete. If an athlete finds his or her purpose while still engaged in his or her professional career, then the transition into retirement can be seamless and easy and not require the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist as so many athletes require.

Secondly, because most professional athletes in the world’s largest leagues reside in the top paid demographic of their entire nation, vultures in the form of financial advisers often flock around them, and the vast majority of these athletes do not know the proper questions to ask of an adviser to determine if his or her adviser actually knows what he or she is doing or is just a vulture looking for a free meal. A few years ago, Sports Illustrated magazine estimated that 4 out of 5 NFL players go broke just 3 years into retirement in a profession in which the average salary is $2M a year. This shameful statistic alone is proof of the types of vultures that exist in the realm of professional sports agents and advisers. If most sports agents and advisers provided just average, not even good financial advice, this statistic would automatically be reduced to 1 in 5 versus 4 out of 5. In the presence of good financial advice, this stat would be 0 out of 5. In fact, in mid-2019, I know of at least one strategy that is near guaranteed to ensure that any athlete making $2M a year, even if their career only lasts 5-years, would be set for life, yet I am sure that less than 1 in a few thousand ever suggest it. Notice I said, near-guaranteed, because in the financial world, though I’m very confident in this strategy, there are no guarantees ever, so to make a 100% guarantee is an impossibility in a world in which this is not feasible.


Be More than Better Every Year. Be Extraordinary

The maalamalama mission is about being extraordinary. Every year, my New Year’s resolution is a simple one, and that is simply to be a better man than I was the previous year. My goal at skwealthacademy for each of our members is also the same, to ensure that you become a better person every year of your life. In order for me to be successful in my mission at skwealthacademy, I only ask for your dedication to the learning process before signing up for a single course. You will be the best determinant of how much success you extract from all of my courses, because I cannot force you to complete the exercises that accompany my courses that are required to transform your life. Consequently, I can guarantee that if you don’t put much effort into my Academy that you won’t get much out of it.

Conversely, I also can guarantee that the more effort you put into our Academy, the more rewards you will reap from it, and that this dedication will be life-transforming. Discipline is required for success so if you know you don’t have any discipline, my recommendation would be to either delay signing up for my courses until you are ready, or to only sign up for the course about seeking life purpose, which includes exercises to build discipline, to ensure that you have the proper discipline to succeed. However, I firmly believe that if you truly are committed to extracting the most possible goodwill and benefit for yourself, that you will find one to two hours every day to engage in our coursework on a consistent basis, as discipline requires consistency.

Choosing to complete coursework one day, then skipping two days, then completing work again on the fourth day, and skipping the fifth day is not discipline. Discipline without consistency is normal, and at skwealthacademy, I challenge you to be extraordinary. Furthermore, if you are well beyond your academic years, don’t worry. Learning is not a process that begins with the first day of pre-school and ends with the last day of high-school, university or a graduate-level program, but it is a never-ending process, no matter our age. As appropriate as my courses may be for an 18-year old, they will still be as equally appropriate for a 55-year old.

As I started creating this academy when I was still running my first company, I had to put in three to four hours of work after a full-day of work every day for years to research, develop and consummate all the materials you will find inside my academy. And after I closed my company to dedicate my time fulltime to the launch of this academy, I often worked 3, 4, 5 months in a row with zero vacation, often putting in 14+ hours a day, every day, in order to bring this academy to you. So during that time, in order to have any time for friends and to not turn into an out-of-shape 80 kg man, it was easy to understand that I had to exercise extreme discipline, not only in my use of time, but also in my diet and in my exercise regimen. Many people wonder why my maalamalama IG channel contains many posts of me exercising at 4AM and 5AM in the morning and ask me what these posts have to do with education. The late great reggae star Bob Marley once said, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” I believe that such circumstances are circumstance everyone should face at least once, if not multiple times in their lives, as they present an important rite of passage in the development of persistence, honor and character.

Since the time before sunrise was the only time of my day I had to exercise, that was the time I woke up to stay in shape, and the time of day I continue to wake up to exercise, so I can have the energy to go hard all day, every day, and still have a little bit of time left over for community with friends. In other words, I want people to understand that if I can do it, and much less discipline is required to complete my academy courses if you are working full-time right now, then certainly you can do it as well!


Ten Years in the Making. Join the Growing Maalamalama Global Community!

The maalamalama mission is about building a brighter future for the next generation of humanity. As it took several hours, every day for the last 10-years of my life to research, develop, and write all text materials and to record all audio materials, and for the last 18-months, an average of more than 12-hours a day nearly every day to finally bring skwealthacademy just weeks away from its launch, if you believe in our ideals, please continue to return to our blog to learn more about us in the coming weeks. I have been working by myself, non-stop, for the last 10 years to create the foundation for skwealthacademy. The next step in continuing to build out skwealthacademy in future years, after its launch, will be the development of peer-to-peer learning forums and platforms. In order to do this, I will re-invest the revenues I receive from member subscriptions into building out interactive peer-to-peer platforms that enable skwealthacademy members to learn not only from my courses, but to learn from one another. I actually have much bigger goals for these interactive peer-to-peer platforms that would provide much greater benefits to my members, but as I’m getting years ahead of myself right now, I am keeping those plans under wraps for now.  Depending on how much of this endeavor I can fund solely from generated revenues, I may also launch a fundraising campaign, if necessary to achieve this goal, so please periodically check back on my website for details, as if I launch a kickstarter campaign there to assist with Phase 2 of our dream, I will make the annoucement there.


What’s Your Superpower?

The maalamalama mission is about finding your superpower. In conclusion, I once heard someone ask the question, “If you could have any superpower, what superpower would you want?” My answer is simple: The ability to enable everyone to find and achieve their life purpose. I believe that this is even a better superpower than the ability to make everyone happy, as carefree, happy people, especially those that have inherited enormous sums of money from their families, can sometimes be unmotivated, lazy people. The ability to help everyone realize their fullest potential while here on planet Earth by finding their life purpose is the superpower I desire, and hope to fulfill, with the launch of skwealthacademy.

Lastly, it is said that you must ask to receive, so if any of the articles that I’ve written here or any of the videos I’ve uploaded on my new maaalmalama YouTube channel have resonated with you, please share my articles and videos with your friends and family and I would be grateful to those that subscribe and encourage friends and family to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You have no idea how much I would appreciate just this simple act. The larger a community we form together, the more people I will be able to assist, even in the form of scholarships to my academy, in the future. 

To download the comprehensive brochure describing all skwealthacademy coursework, please visit us at in future weeks, where a brochure describing our entire curricula will be uploaded. For access to higher level private content until we officially launch our website, please consider supporting us by becoming a patron at I am 100% reliant on patron donations to support my ability to continue posting free content on channels like this and our new maalamalama YouTube channel. Please bookmark our blog and return frequently for new content. In the meantime you may also follow us on IG at maalamalama and download free podcast episodes at


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