skwealthacademy J. Kim’s February 2022 Bitcoin Price Prediction

skwealthacademy J. Kim's February 2022 bitcoin price prediction

A special skwealthacademy Editorial

On 15 February 2022, skwealthacademy’s J. Kim issued a bitcoin price prediction (as well as an ether price prediction) at precisely 6:53 PM EST. You may read the full article that contained this prediction here, but for the sake of brevity, I’ve posted the full prediction below:

“even though many in the bitcoin community (not sure if it’s the consensus opinion right now) have stated BTC is now on the path to much higher prices due to cash inflow statistics, by the factors I use to judge immediate term prices, with BTC at precisely $44,360.47 and ETH at $3,171.25 at 6:35PM EST I type this sentence and get set to publish this on my news site in just a few minutes, I’m observing conditions more predictive of a price reversal in the immediate term for both BTC and ETH (the next few days to weeks) than continued higher prices.”

What happened since Mr. Kim’s warning of an “immediate” price decline in both bitcoin and ether? BTC has fallen by an enormous 22.6% to a low of $34,337 and ETH has fallen by an even greater 27.5% to a low of $2,300 today over, as Mr. Kim predicted, a condensed, immediate time frame of just a few days. Though I’m not sure if any other BTC analysts in the cybersphere issued such a prescient warning of an immediate price reversal this past 15 February, perhaps it may be time to subscribe to J. Kim’s substack newsletter today, as it is still amazingly free at the current time. If you do so, you can even review his other past predictions, upon which you will discover that he has consistently issued specific asset price predictions (other than just in cryptocurrency regarding ether and bitcoin price predictions) that have come true time and time again.

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