US Dollar Hyperinflation Used to Be a Long Shot. Not Anymore!

People always mistakenly believe that Central Bankers are solely responsible for creating hyperinflation but let’s consider if US dollar hyperinflation, as much as this concept used to be viewed as a long shot, is actually possible. Though widely believed that Central Bankers trigger hyperinflation, this belief is a fallacy. The US dollar’s purchasing power has already been devalued by nearly 99% since 1913, yet dollar hyperinflation has not happened yet. Why? If it hasn’t happened in more than 108 years yet as a direct consequence of continual purchasing power destruction by Central Bankers, it should be clear that the Feds won’t be responsible for triggering dollar hyperinflation if it occurs. All currency hyperinflation always requires one final action to cause the house of cards to come tumbling down, and that action is a complete rejection of the currency by the people in exchange for their labor or their produced goods and services. While Central Bankers create the foundation from which every historical hyperinflationary episode has been born, they are incapable of triggering hyperinflation, as that power solely lies in the hands of the people.

Hyperinflation is ushered in by the people’s rejection of unsound fiat currencies of the bankers. While continual purchasing power destruction of a currency can happen for more than a century, dollar hyperinflation cannot happen without the above trigger. For years, I held the opinion that US dollar hyperinflation was not possible simply because the probability of the two principles I believe to be necessary for hyperinflation to manifest among the masses had always been very low. What are these two principles?

(1) Our realization that, united, we wield enormous power in the global monetary system to shape its future direction, and

(2) Our realization that the US dollar is inherently unsound money

However the oligarchs may have bitten off more than they can chew with their imposed lockdowns of more than a year now that has, in my opinion, made the two conditions above increasingly irrelevant to create the trigger for US dollar hyperinflation. In the below podcast, I discuss the one ingredient that I had not considered until 2020, that can trigger US dollar hyperinflation absent the two conditions above – widespread economic desperation in America and across the globe. To listen to my full discussion on this topic, just click the image below.

US dollar hyperinflation

J. Kim

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