Insider Trading 9/11…Unresolved, by Lars Schall

Below, please find a fascinating excerpt from the book “Mordanschlag 9/11. Eine kriminalistische Recherche zu Finanzen, Öl und Drogen” (“Assassination 9/11: A criminalistic research on finance, oil and drugs”, Schild Verlag publishing house), by my friend, German journalist Lars Schall. Mr. Schall has been kind enough to allow my to reprint this excerpt here via Scribd.

Is there any truth in the allegations that informed circles made profits in the financial markets in connection to the attacks of September 11, 2001? More than a decade later, the German financial journalist Lars Schall examines and sheds some light on this still unresolved and unanswered mystery.


Insider Trading 911..Unresolved, by Lars Schall

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